A Shipment Full Of RTX GPUs Has Been Seized, Once Again!

As if chip shortage didn’t take its toll on acquiring video cards, criminals are making it a hell of a lot worse. According to EVGA product manager Jacob Freeman, thieves seized a truckload of Nvidia RTX GPUs while on their way to the Southern California distribution center, and it’s yet to know how many cards were stolen.

Every graphics card has a serial number, so attempting to register from stolen cards will not work. However, these GPUs will still work without the need for registrations, so not only looted graphics cards can fly under the radar, but people may be unaware of whether their GPUs were part of the heist or not.

The Hunt Is On For The Stolen RTX GPUs

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The post has warned users that it’s illegal to purchase, receive, and conceal such stolen goods, as well as to sell or collaborate with anyone involved in the heist. EVGA added that it will not honor any warranties or upgrades made with stolen GPUs.

Freeman couldn’t anymore give any further details since a police investigation is underway. However, he encourages users who suspect that something shady is going on to reach them at [email protected], any time. And if an innocent user does end up with a stolen product, they will deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

RTX GPUs Now A Prime Target For Scalpers

A Shipment Full Of RTX GPUs Has Been Seized, Once Again!

This isn’t the first time GPU shipment became a target for heists, and unfortunately, it won’t be the last. Just last year, GeForce RTX 3090s worth $340,000 were seized from an MSI factory in China. Recently, GPUs have become a prime target for criminals and scalpers because if they have it their way, a $1,499 RTX 3090 could go to $2,000 and beyond.

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Hopefully, the mass shortages of GPUs will get resolved before GPUs themselves replace paper money in the post-metaverse, doomsday-ish setting we’re going to enter in a few years.

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