How To Play X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

So, in this post, we’ll go over some tried-and-true techniques for playing the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

 2.9 X-Bow Deck clash royale is one of the most popular, effective, and productive X-Bow Decks. The deck has a quick cycle and is suitable for usage.

When played appropriately, the 2.9 X-Bow deck Clash Royale has a high chance of winning. Although it has a high skill level, it is one of the most F2P friendly decks. To put it another way, if you put in the effort to learn and master it, you will have a lot of success.

You can’t just go in with the X-Bow Deck without knowing what deck the enemy is using first. When played correctly, your X-Bow can frequently win the game with one successful tower lock. When playing against a strong counter deck, you should often play for the draw. You’ll also be able to out cycle your enemy later in the game against powerful decks.

Game Cards In the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

1. X-Bow

This is the X-Bow Deck’s primary winning criteria. Ensure that there is enough elixir to play support cards to extend the life of your X-Bow if you want to play this card vigorously at the bridge.

During double elixir, you’ll notice that you will be able to switch to a separate bow to play at the bridge; this means that your first X-Bow will assist in the defense of your second Xbow.

If you are Facing P.E.K.K.A and Hog Rider, you can easily out-cycle them. However, if you’re not accustomed to playing, you can draw the game and not have to play.

2. Ice Golem

When you’re trying to protect your Xbow, Icegolem is a must-have. Remember to use him like a kite to guide soldiers across the open fields. Ice golem and Tesla can stop many attacks throughout the game, particularly if you’re protecting your X-Bow with them.

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3. Tesla

You’ll most likely rely on Tesla to help you with your Xbow. This weapon can kill minions and goblins in one shot. Tesla remains one of the most popular defensive structures in the game. Minions, P.E.K.K.A, Skeletons, Giant Spam, and many more are all countered by this.

4. Fireball

To kill Minion Hordes, 3 Musketeers, Elixir Collectors, Lava Pups + Balloon etc., you need to use Fireball.

Try to obtain tower chip damage with this card while simultaneously destroying opponent structures or soldiers. The goal is to bring the opponent’s tower down within spell-cycle range before the game ends.

5. Archers

Defensively, this is your best ally against a wide variety of opponents. Decks like Night Witch and Lava Hound can’t stand a chance against Archers in the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash Royale.

6. Skeleton

This card is a gem for just one elixir, offering a great deal of value. It can deal with Musketeers, Miners, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Elite Barbs. Skeleton cycles effectively and serves as a diversion unit while your Tesla or Archers shoot the soldiers.

Alternative Cards used in the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

  • Knight: This card may be used in place of Ice Golem if you like. Knight is a great asset when it comes to decks like Elite Barbarians, Royal Giants, and Bridge Spam.
  • The Log: Logs can destroy Goblins or drive back soldiers while inflicting damage on the tower.

Game Strategy; How to Use the X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

  • Early Stage Strategy

Skeletons in the rear can be an optimal strategy since it makes your enemy play a card. The initial few minutes of the battle should be spent cycling cards and doing modest chip damage with Ice Golem or log whenever possible. This way, you will be able to determine the deck being used by your enemy so that you can take control of their card cycle more quickly than otherwise.

  • Late Stage Strategy
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If you’ve been unable to break through your opponent’s defense, now is a perfect moment to cycle them out and take advantage of this deck’s speed. You should utilize Tesla to push opposing troops farther away from any tower they try to capture. Also, you can use the Defensive X-Bow to defend your tower fully.

X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

The Most Effective Ways to Use the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash Royale

It is possible to win with 2.9 X-Bow Deck clash royale using card counting and elixir counting strategies.

  1. Card Counting:

In this action, you play four cards at a time, and after each round, you get a card back from your deck.

Out cycling with an X-Bow on a tower is a significant feature of 2.9. Because your deck is so quick to cycle, You should play your Xbow, allow it to get blocked, and then switch to another X-Bow before your opponent does.

Elixir counting is essential to success. You need to know how much elixir you’ve spent, how much your enemy has spent, and then deduct that amount from your elixir amount.

One of the methods used to gain control over the X-Bow is via the use of elixir management. Once you see an opportunity, you would like to use X-Bow and make favorable bargains.

Additional Tips

1. Play X-Bow only when you know what deck your enemy uses on the ladder.

2. When using X-Bow, it’s critical that you maintain track of your opponent’s cycle and count theirs. Keeping an eye on your opponent’s elixir and knowing the cards in their hand is an essential part of the game.

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3. Defensive play is critical in games like this since they often go into extra time.

4. Try to out cycle the tank of your opponent’s beatdown deck.

5. If you find it hard to out cycle their tank, plant a defensive X-Bow s to take a shot at their tank. After the tank has been eliminated, you may go in with an offensive X-Bow and finish the job.

6. When a Golem or Giant is at the rear, you should avoid playing X-Bow since it might be a Giant/Golem Double Prince.

7. Keep track of your opponents’ elixir and cards.

8. Ensure that you use a Fireball on the Pump if possible.

9. Fireball pumps are no longer necessary when you near the 2-minute mark. You don’t need to defend right away; you can push with an X-Bow. Do this once you notice that your opponent’s tower is substantially lower than your own since you can always return to Fireball in a matter of seconds and still win the game.


I believe that you have learned how to use the 2.9 X-Bow Deck Clash royale with the help of this article. You can view more of our articles as we regularly post decks like the 2.9 X-bow Deck Clash Royale and how to use them.