2.6 Hog Log in Clash Royale – The 3 Classic Clash Royale decks that will not go out Of Style

Hey guys, we have brought you the most informative and detailed 2.6 Hog Log guide in Clash Royale. Hog Log deck is known to some people as the new Hog Trifecta, but let’s call it 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck.

2.6 Hog Log in Clash Royale has many basics and also includes advanced offensive and defensive strategies and tactics.

Therefore, we have put lots of effort and time into putting this guide together for you, so I hope you can learn something from these 3 Classic Clash Royale decks that will not go out of style.

 2.6 Hog Log in Clash Royale that won’t go out of style

The Clash Royale metagame is constantly evolving from patch to week, and even in a single day.

What you need to know about 2.6 Hog Log in Clash Royale is this; when you are choosing a card game for the ladder, or probably getting ready for the next tournament, you may want to invest your gold, gems, and time in a card game that you’ll be playing more than just until the next patch.  Be competitive in tournaments like the Red Bull M.E.O. from ESL, you should be familiar with a tried and true card game; a true classic.

3 Musketeers

Pump, but don’t do it too fast. With 9 elixirs, 3 musketeers are the costly deck in the 2.6 Hog Log game, it also has large resources when implemented.

The 3 musketeers deck that is used in the game aren’t traditional, the deck used is a thick tank that is usually used with an elixir collector.

If you are making use of the 3 musketeers, you will want to divide the musketeers in between the arena, at the same time you will also want to backup or support the divided side, to push a reply from your opponent.

Total Air Superiority with LavaLoon

Some people love lava loon and why do some people dislike it; why is it like this? Because in all meta some decks can be easily counter lava loon, and some will not be able to withstand it because of insufficient defense.

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From the first to the last tank, LavaLoon has the potential to destroy a turret in one shot. In addition, the arrows help LavaLoon fight his greatest weakness: the Horde of Minions.

The ultimate reason for playing Lavaloon is sailing through the double elixir. So you will be able to use the faster elixir charge to overwhelm the defense of your opponents. If you use Lava Hound before the Double Elixir, your opponent can easily punish you.

With 2.6 hog Cycle Out-run your opponent

Talking of the most mechanical decks in clash royale the 2.6 Hog Cycle log is probably one, and also when talking about the challenges of perfecting, it will give you tons of trophies and great satisfaction as you learn how to win and spin against different types of decks games.

However most classic card games have changed as time flies and used different types of support cards or spells, but the 2.6 Hog log has used nearly the same 8 cards for years.

The only change you will find in the 2.6 Hog log is the use of Zap instead of the login system in some metagames. One of the benefits of a deck that has a lower elixir cost than your opponents is that you will be able to use your winning more times than your enemy can use theirs. 2.6 Hog Clash Royale limits the benefits, in a way that is cheap more than the regular deck game, and at the same time still be able to check wins conditions.

2.6 Hog Log – The Strengths and weaknesses

Talking about the strength of 2.6 Hog Log;

  • It’s great for getting past your opponent’s counters; by using your quick-change cards like Icing, Skeletons, and Ice Golem.
  • Cheap deck; because the deck is so cheap, you can apply constant pressure and you will still have lots of elixirs that can be used to defend yourself.
  • Because the deck is so cheap, you can browse your spells very efficiently late in the game.
  • Another strength of Hog Clash Royale is the fireball plus the combo that you can use in destroying the encounters such as skeletons, etc.
  • In 2.6 Hog Log you can push hog effectively with units (like the Icing spirit, skeletons, and even musketeers to avoid a four-three planted building; I mean the 4 river tiles, and the 3 crown tower tiles.
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Weak points of 2. 6 Hog Log

  • It is weak to spell-resistant hogs like the bowler and inferno rook (inferno rook doesn’t withstand certain spells, like lightning. So I am only talking about the cards in this 2.6 Hog Log.
  • Also, weak to decks with two or more hard counters for hog.
  • It is also weak to beat-down decks that rely on a big push in taking the tower. Since the deck is not expensive and also has cheap cycle decks, it lacks a few high DPS troops and buildings to stop these attacks.
  • Graveyard Weakness; am talking about the graveyard tank like that of the giant graveyard, and golem
  • Also, weak to Lava loon decks

General Game Plan of 2.6 Hog Log Deck

Your overall game plan in this game. The pack of 6 hog trunks allows you to perform many moves during the game. The purpose of this 2.6 Hog log is simply about using your cheap hog and cycle cards to break through your opponent’s defenses.

You might not have your hog at hand; but get it with cheap cards (Cheap cards – ice golem, ice spirit, etc. If your pig isn’t “next”, I suggest proactively dropping the Musketeer on its back to build up your elixir.

•        Starting hand – Hog + Ice Golem

Hog + Ice Golem is the best beginner hog push in my opinion, and the reason for this is because it can deal a lot of damage early on, Most especially when your opponent didn’t have enough hog in their starting spin. 

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In addition, some other awesome start hands are Hog + Ice Spirit with Hog + Skeletons. However, you might not have your hog at hand; but get it with cheap cards (Cheap cards – ice golem, ice spirit, etc. Another thing is this, you might not have your next, and I suggest you proactively drop the musketeer in the back in other to bank your elixir.

•        2x Elixir – Befor 2x Elixir

Before the 2x Elixir you have to cycle those hogs and defend yourself with cannons and musketeers. So you should also use these Quickcycle cards to quickly switch decks so you can get past your opponent’s defenses. Also, remember to keep in mind your opponent’s counters on your hog and when they are going to have them in rotation.

•        The OT and 2x Elixir 

In this particular phase of this game, you want to be more aggressive. Since this deck already has a very cheap average elixir cost of 2.6 hogs, you can turn your deck into double elixir and OT very quickly. So that’s where and when you should try to break through your opponent’s defenses, with the cycle of your economic cards. If you can’t get past your opponent’s defenses with double elixir and OT, have it in mind that it is possible for you to run through your spells as fast as your hog can run, so you can use that to your advantage as your opponent’s rook is low.