Best X-Bow Deck Arena 6

The X-bow deck is a long-range structure that may be deployed at the start of a conflict or in the middle of one. It will hurt the opponent’s crown towers if you deploy it at the end of your half, halfway between the bridges.

You would agree with me that it’s been a long time since the last X-Bow deck was posted on Clash Royal.X-Bow is one of Clash Royale’s cards that is seldomly used due to its risky nature. Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll be able to select the best X-Bow deck to advance to the next level in Clash Royal. Give this list a go!

Clash Royale Best X-Bow Deck 2022

  1.  Minion Horde: This is one of the secondary win conditions of the X-Bow deck.It is incredibly important in a variety of scenarios for safeguarding not just the X-Bow but also your Towers. If neglected, the Minion Horde can easily kill most soldiers while causeing massive damage to Towers. However the case may be, keep an eye out for Fireballs and arrows!
  •  Fire Spirits At the moment, Fire Spirits are unquestionably the greatest anti-swarm card. This card is also an excellent distraction in a variety of circumstances (vs. Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Musketeer…). Kill the Minion Horde and Goblins as soon as possible using Fire Spirit. 1 hit Barbarians + 3 Musketeers + Fire Spirits Equals 1 hit Barbarians + 3 Musketeers.
  •  Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is the X-Bow deck’s second secondary win condition. She is also the deck’s key defense unit. They can easily annihilate any tank, Hog Rider, Musketeer… She’ll open a slew of doors for you to knock on! You may combine her with the majority of the cards in the X-Bow deck to create great counter-attacks.
  •  Bomber: Bomber is the Barbarian and Goblin’s worst fear.They can inflict up to a thousand damage to the Tower when combined with Fire Spirits for a little push. This is a great counter-push card. This is a fantastic counter-push card.
  •  Zap: Zap is largely utilized in the X-Bow deck to remove soldiers in conjunction with Fire Spirits and Fireball. It is possible to use Zap to reset Inferno Tower, Sparky, Prince, Royal Giant, and other similar objects. Without any doubts, Zap is one of Clash Royal’s most adaptable cards
  •  Elixir Collector: The obvious pick for the majority of gamers! To establish an Elixir edge and compel your opponent to strike first, use Elixir Collector. 
  •  Fireball: Fireball is used to deal with any kind of defensive structure that is set down to deal with X-Bow. Fireball is also quite good for killing troops behind the tanker and destroying Towers.
  •  Goblins: They can easily defend and take away the low-cost cards your opponent is using to destroy your X-Bow. If a tower survives with a low HP, you may use them to attempt to clear that tower with some of your other units, since their expenses are quite minimal. They are all in the X-Bow deck for the same reason.
  •  Arrows: For obvious reasons, you can clear massive quantities of enemy soldiers with this radius, and you can make so many nice trades out of one 3-mana-spell that is amazing.
  •  Spear Goblins are Very simple here, they can trade very well + they’re ranged and besides that, they’re ranged. Many positives to a low-cost card. Very good in the X-Bow deck, since you have one more card to defend your X-Bow
  •  Barbarians: They’re a requirement in the X-Bow deck since they generate such a high value and can trade so incredibly well for their cost (Prince, Hog, essentially most aggressive plays).
  •  Witch: So you want to employ her to safeguard and defend your X-Bow, and the reasons are clear to see. She creates Skeletons, which, for example, prevent a Prince from entering your defense. Aside from that, she does AoE damage to both ground and airborne troops, thus she may make some lucrative exchanges.
  •  Tesla: Very excellent at protecting and keeping forces away from your towers, for example. If you have nothing else to play, play a Tesla and you will gain value while your opponent will lose. It also works nicely with Baby Dragons and other similar creatures.
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How to Play X-Bow Decks

It is quite easy to play the X-Bow deck. To begin, you should have mini-tank soldiers such as a valkyrie, knight, Mini Pekka, and so on. Next, you need to have a card that can withstand opposition’s forces such as spear goblins, skeleton armies, goblins etc.In that case you should have an arrow to defend against that.

How to Beat the Tesla X-Bow Deck?

To defeat a Tesla X-Bow deck, you’ll need cards like a giant, minions, fireball, rocket, micro Pekka, and mega knight. The most effective cards against Tesla xbow decks are fireball and mega knight.

Is X-Bow Cycle good?

When you are at a lower level, the Xbow cycle is ideal. The opponent can readily defend against the xbow at a higher level.

Is the X-Bow deck good?

X-bow decks are extremely good while defending, and Alperen is capable of utilizing the deck cautiously. He waits until he sees the opponent make a mistake or overcommit, at which point he will punish him. With just 3.0 elixir, this is a reasonably speedy deck that can often out cycle heavier tanks like golems and giants.

How do you Counter barbs with a 3.0 X-Bow?

To combat the eBarbarin, use a fireball or tank such that the X-bow causes damage to the Ebarb while the fireball handles the rest.


That’s all! Clash Royal’s best X-bow deck for Arena 6.I wish you the best of luck with this though. Please let me know your thoughts on the above list of the X-Bow deck!