Best Goblin Drill Decks Clash Royale And How To Use Them

Goblin Drill decks come in different forms, and this post will show you some of the best Goblin Drill decks available! Prepare to rule the Arena and effortlessly win awards.

The Goblin Drill is a 4 Elixir Epic Card that can be earned from Rascal’s Hideout (Arena 13).

Unlike every other structure in the arena, it is placed anywhere. When it emerges, it will cause little damage to grounded units and will knock back small to medium-sized soldiers significantly. Upon resurfacing, the damage to Crown Towers is minimized.

It creates two more Goblins when destroyed. It takes the form of a wooden structure with a circular hatch, a team-colored stripe, and a metal drill affixed to the top.

It’s widely regarded as one of the finest Win Conditions in the game, therefore I’d advise you to continue reading and make your choice from this list of the best Goblin Drill decks.

Best Goblin Drill Decks In Clash Royale

1.   Golem Beatdown Goblin Drill

Earthquake, Tornado, Baby Dragon, Goblin Drill, Golem, Electro Wizard, Lumberjack, Night Witch

Golem Beatdown Goblin Drill is a beatdown deck powered by 4.1 elixirs. It seems to be a standard beatdown deck—until the goblin drill is activated! Utilize the golem as a goblin tank. Additionally, if they place their counter to the goblin drill on it, they extend the time available to your other soldiers.  Despite this deck being expensive, it is still considered as one of the best Goblin drill decks in Clash Royale.

How to use

Do not use the golem first then 1x elixir passively. Utilize golem in 2x and deploy all your cards. Ensure that the goblin drill is deployed while the golem is hitting the bridge, as the goblin drill does not appear immediately on the map. Occasionally, deploy the goblin drill on the golem’s opposite lane, forcing your opponent to protect one of them.

Your victory condition for 1x elixir will be the Goblin Drill. Prevent excessive stacking of your cards. It provides a significant amount of spell value to your enemy.

2.   Goblin Drill Wall Breakers cycle

Skeletons, Valkyrie, Bomber, Fire Spirits, Wall Breaker, Tesla, The Goblin Drill, Fireball.

The cost of this deck is 2.8 Elixir. Continuous attack with the Goblin Drill and Wall Breakers is used to create this lightning-fast cycle deck.

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How To Use

It is critical to deploy your King Tower vs air decks with Balloons. To do this, place your Tesla in the arena’s center and then your Goblin Drill in front of your King Tower. This will significantly assist you in defending against your opponent’s subsequent strikes.

Apart from that, the deck is straightforward: cycle quickly and deliver force.

Beatdown Decks with Golem or Lava Hound are the most difficult opponents for this deck.

3.   Goblin Drill cycle with Firecracker

Skeletons, Valkyrie, Bomber, Firecracker, Tesla, Goblin Drill, Fire Ball, Log

The cost of this deck is 2.9 Elixir. Additionally, this is a quick cycle deck, but with the Goblin Drill as the sole victory condition.

How To Use

Because the Firecracker has superior air defense, don’t forget to use your King Tower whenever you can.

For the low cost of 1 elixir, even though Fire Spirit is mostly utilized in defense, Goblin Drill With Fire Spirit is an excellent push.

4.   Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

Dark Prince, Electro Wizard, Bandit, Cannon Cart, Mother Witch, Goblin Drill, Fire Ball, Barbarian Barrel.

The cost of this deck is 3.8 Elixir. This is a Bridge Spam deck that defends and counter-pushes with a Cannon Cart.

How To Use

Mother Witch infuses this deck with the element of Fireball Bait, which is always beneficial.

Prepare to spam your soldiers at the bridge after your defense cards have been destroyed. Bandit and Dark Prince may be hurled off the bridge, however, this is not suggested during single elixir time.

You may substitute a Ram Rider or Battle Ram for the Goblin Drill.

5.   Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight

Goblin Gang, Bandit, Maeve’s Buffalord, Wall Breakers, Firecracker, Goblin Drill, Zap, Mega Knight.

The cost of this deck is 3.1 Elixir. Due to the card’s cost of 7 Elixir and the fact that it is in a Mega Knight deck, it has a quick cycle.

How To Use

With this best Goblin Drill decks, you’ll need to keep up the pressure constantly since you lack the strongest defense in the game. Attack the enemy lane with all you’ve got as soon as the opposing team utilizes their tank behind the King Tower, forcing them to defend or lose the game.

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Goblin Drill or Wall Breakers may be employed on their own or in conjunction with each other. The Bandit can be used offensively as well as defensively.

best goblin drill deck

6.   PEKKA Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

PEKKA, Electro Wizard, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Magic Archer, Goblin Drill, Fireball, Zap

To play this deck, you must spend 3.9 Elixir. Replaces Battle Ram with Goblin Drill in this legendary deck.

How To Use –

However, this deck has shown to be just as viable as the standard ones, so be sure to give it a go.

Using your Battle Ram does not allow you to initiate an assault from behind, but it does allow you to capture a building if necessary during the defense.

Slow-push from the back with your Pekka is only possible when you have a significant lead in terms of elixir and your opponent doesn’t possess its victory condition to penalize you.

7.   Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Magic Archer

Valkyrie, Spear Goblins, Wall Breaker, Magic Archer, Tesla, Goblin Drill, Log, Tornado

The cost of this deck is 3.1 Elixir. Goblin Drill and Wall Breakers are your victory conditions in this fast-cycle deck.

How To Use

The Magic Archer and Tesla serve as your primary Air defenses in this scenario. It is possible to assemble all of your soldiers and inflict huge damage with the Tornado and Magic Archer. You may also deploy the Tornado on your opponent’s Tower to cause the Magic Archer to assault the tower and deliver damages to the soldiers within.

For a 3.0 Elixir cost, you can swap out Magic Archer for Firecracker if you do not have any of it at an advanced level.

8.   Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight and Prince

Musketeer, Prince, Bats, Wall Breaker, Goblin Drill, Arrow, Zap, Mega Knight

The Elixir cost of this deck is 3.6. This is an excellent deck with powerful protection provided by Prince, Musketeer, and Mega Knight, as well as a strong counter-push provided by Wall Breakers and Goblin Drill.

How To Use

In place of Goblin Drill and Prince, this deck utilizes Miner and Bandit instead. If you have both cards at an adequate level, you should give this deck a spin.

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Lava Hound decks are the most difficult since Bats and Musketeers are simple to destroy, but if the opponent positions its Lava Hound in the rear, you have to go All-In on the opposite side.

9.   Golem Goblin Drill deck

Golem, Bomber, Dark Knight, Mega Minion, Night Witch, Goblin Drill, Arrow, Zap

The cost of this deck is 3.8 Elixir. Golem decks normally cost more than 4.0 elixir, therefore this is an inexpensive deck for a Golem deck.

How To Use

It’s always a good idea to learn about the enemy’s defenses before attempting to take down a Golem. The Goblin Drill is another option.

The Golem and Golemites will tank for the Goblin Drill, so you’ll use it as a second victory condition after the Golem crosses the bridge, but you’ll also utilize it in defense.

10.  Goblin Drill Royal Recruits with Mother Witch

Bomber, Dark Prince, Royal Delivery, Zappies, Mother Witch, Goblin Cage, Goblin Drill, Arrow

The Elixir cost of this deck is 4.0. To put assault on all sides, you can use Zappies and Royal Recruits.

How To Use

It’s a deck that requires a lot of elixirs, so be careful not to overcommit in your assaults.

With strong defensive troops, this is a formidable deck. If you have an elixir edge, be sure to counterattack.

This deck will still work just fine if you replace Goblin Drill with Royal Hogs.

Conclusion –

The best Goblin Drill decks in Clash Royale are now complete; choose the right one and follow our best goblin drill decks guidelines, and be on your way to victory. In case you have some other amazing decks that you feel should be in this list of the best Goblin Drill decks, kindly drop them in the comments before leaving.