Shadow Fight 3 Gems Generator – Free Coins and Gems

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Game Storyline

In this sequence, the years have passed since events and shadow fighting people were used to Shadowergy’s presence. They also learned to use this energy to their advantage, both for everyday life and war. However, this positive attitude is not present with everyone and there is a powerful legion that prepares to attack the Dynasty countries.

They want to end what they consider a “threat of shadow”. On the other hand, the dynasty believes that if they use it correctly, the strength of shadows can help humanity solve many problems.

A third faction comes from the shadows in the background and these are mysterious. They are warriors in black clothing and know much more about the nature of shadows energy than other people, and the dynasty and the Legion are afraid of them. And in all this agitation, a new hero appears whose past is surrounded by mystery and his future still needs to be written.

The hero is intended to reveal the mysteries of factions and end the war, which saves the world. And you, as a player, you can choose what kind of path you would like to walk.

Players start the game as a recruit for Shadow Squat, which is a legion branch and use Shadow Energy. While playing games and progressing, you get in touch with other factions and have a chance to try, mix your equipment, learn new fighting styles and new tactics, and make a choice that influences the outcome of the war.

In addition to the most important research and the plot, the game also offers you to perform various secondary missions that expand as your story advances. There are also duels, the PVP mode where you can gain great rewards.

Finally, players can use coins in the game to buy and update their weapons, equipment and movements. There are different ways to make this purchase at stake, rewards of missions or opening boxes and reinforcement packages.

Shadow Fight 3 Gems Generator - Free Coins and Gems
Shadow Fight 3 Gems Generator – Free Coins and Gems

Shadow Fight 3 Cheats Generator links

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Shadow Fight 3 Cheats Generator – Free coins and precious Gems

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Shadow Fight 3 is an action RPG game developed by Nekki. It’s a fighting game and this is a sequence of Shadow’s fight 2. In 2017, there were extensive beta tests in Canada and India, and later that year, it was released to the rest of the world.

What is new and different with Shadow Fight 3 is that it does not use flat black shadows to represent hunters in the fight. Instead, this version showed realistic 3D signals with a rich 3D environment. However, you can still have shadows, if you want, and you can open them through the new mode called Shargh form. Shadow Fight 3 is available in several languages, including English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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Shadow Fight 3 is the first in the series that has a detailed editor of characters. You can adjust your own game -to come and choose the name, facial functions, gender, hairstyle and colour at the beginning of the game. When playing and progressing, your character will acquire new skills and levels and he will develop if you choose the way.

There are also physically accurate struggle actions in the game and the controls are easy and easy to learn. You can choose and combine weapons, armour, helmet and distance guns for your character to use, and there are hundreds of possible combinations you can choose and try.

In addition, each device (except the common variety) is provided with a single shade capacity. Then you can further adjust your character’s fighting style by choosing special benefits and movements. There are several figures of benefits and movements, including common, rare, epic and legendary.

In the game, there are three unique martial schools and each offers dozens of martial arts, equipment and weapons that players can get or match to create their own fighting style. The first three chapters are intended to introduce the player to these factions (Legion, Dynasty and ARA OURs) and their secrets and agendas, and here you can choose one of the three.


Shadow Fight 3 has three large coins – coins, yolks and shadow energy. In addition, there are some special currencies exclusively for specific events that are sometimes introduced. Each currency is obtained in different ways and you can use it to fulfil different purposes.

·         Coins

Coins are the most common currency in the shadow struggle 3. You can get them through rewards of missions and van duels. You can also convert some precious Gems into coins at the games store. Coins are mainly used to buy and update multiple Daily store items. You start the game with 900 coins.

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·         Gem

There are two different precious gems precious and diamond-shaped Gems. These are premium coins and you can get them for boss rewards and fights. You can also buy them with real money via purchases in the app. The jewellery is much rarer than coins and you can use them to buy and update items. You can also buy rare reinforcement packages on all chapters for 100 precious Gems, while Epic Booster packs 400 and the legendary costs 2,000 jewellery. When you start the game, you only have 90 precious Gems.

·         Shadow  power

The shadow power currency is used only to update the equipment. You can buy it in the store with coins, but it’s expensive. You can also get energy from the shadows of winning fights on missions and missions and bonus cards.

Conclusion – Shadow Fight 3 Gems Generator

As you can see, coins are great for equipment and updates, but they have a certain price. If you prefer to play a slow game, you can only rely on the coins you receive for free in the game. However, if you want to rapidly increase your updates, you can always get more coins and gems by purchasing the app for real money. But they are expensive and their costs increase considerably. Fortunately, there is a useful way to get free coins and precious Gems with a simple 3 -hack shadow fight.