Where To Find Philanemo Mushroom?

Where To Find Philanemo Mushroom? When playing Genshin Impact, it is quite simple to lose track of time. You can tell yourself, “I’ll just do my Daily Quests and then stop playing,” but before you know it, hours have passed. It’s no surprise that players are staying in Teyvat’s stunning environment for hours upon hours at a time given how packed it is with gameplay mechanics and the sheer number of activities available to them. If this is simply the beginning of your journey, then you have a lot more exciting things on the line for you to look forward to.

Obtaining Adventure Rank 20 and thus gaining access to the Battle Pass is one of those things. You are tasked with acquiring one hundred different Mondstadt local specialties as part of the Weekly Mission part of the Battle Pass, which is one of the many objectives that are available for you to do. One of these regional specialties is known as the Philaenmo Mushroom; however, you may be wondering where you might get it.

If you are interested in joining in on the excitement, it will be to your advantage to have some knowledge about where to find philanemo mushroom.

Keep reading to find out how and where you can get your hands on these delectable goodies, as we have provided answers to all of your queries here.

What is Philanemo Mushroom

The Philanemo Mushroom is an unusual ascension material in Genshin Impact since it is not often seen growing naturally. This fungus prefers to attach itself to buildings, and its spores have only been seen growing in Mondstadt and the surrounding towns and cities.

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The mushroom is required to ascend hydro characters, Mona and Barbara, making it particularly crucial, since Barbara is one of the game’s few devoted healers and is given out for free. Klee, a character very popular among fans, likewise ascends using these mushrooms.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find these mushrooms, but it might be challenging to figure out how to farm them in a reasonable length of time. The following is a rundown of everything you need to know about where to find philanemo mushroom.

Where To Find Philanemo Mushrooms

The Philanemo Mushroom can only be seen growing in the residential neighborhoods of Mondstadt. According to the information provided inside the game, it will often be found just below the roof or under the eaves of buildings.

Those that have Klee in their party can take advantage of her passive ability to find mushrooms in the town if they have recruited her. This may be particularly helpful since the majority of the other specialties of Mondstadt grow in the wild, which means that you won’t be able to find them while you are in the city.

There are other cases of Philanemo Mushrooms growing on homes in Springvale and at the Dawn Winery, in addition to the city of Mondstadt.

Where To Find Philanemo Mushroom
Where To Find Philanemo Mushroom

The Best Farming Route For Philanemo Mushroom Farming Route

The most efficient method for farming Philanemo Mushrooms is to first teleport to the top of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters in Mondstadt and then proceed to follow the trail that leads above the rooftops. Make sure you don’t fall when picking mushrooms. Additionally, some mushrooms will be seen growing on the sides of buildings in the Mondstadt district.

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You can take a few of the minor pathways in order to gather additional mushrooms, but the main route will provide the most mushrooms. You should teleport to Springvale when you have finished gathering mushrooms from the area near Mondstadt. In the same way as the homes in Mondstadt City are covered in mushrooms, so are the houses in Springvale.

There are also some mushrooms growing on the roofs of the homes at the Dawn Winery, but it is only worthwhile to pick them up if you are close to Ascension or if you are already planning to pass through the region.

Where To Buy Philanemo Mushrooms

Asides from knowing where to find philanemo mushroom, players should also know where to buy them too. The players will not be able to purchase Philanemo mushrooms from a regular store in the city; rather, they will need to locate Chloris. The mushrooms are one of the five products that can be purchased from her shop.

You can purchase Philanemo Mushrooms one at a time for one thousand Mora, or you can purchase the whole shop’s supply for five thousand Mora.

Chloris will replenish her store once every three days, so make it a habit to visit her on a regular basis in order to purchase all of her ascension-related items.

What is Philanemo Mushroom used for in Genshin Impact

To ascend Klee, Mona, and Barbara, you will need to find some Philanmeo Mushrooms. Be prepared to perform a significant amount of exploring if you want to Ascend all three units since travelers will need to gather a total of 168 Philanemo Mushrooms for each character in the game.

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This fungus can also be used to construct the Anemo Treasure Compass, which is a useful instrument that can be used to identify chests that are located in the surrounding area. The following is a complete list of the components that go into making the Anemo Treasure Compass:

  • 10x Golden Raven Insignia
  • 30x Philanemo Mushroom
  • 50x Crystal Chunk
  • 50,000 Mora


There are not nearly enough Philanemo in Springvale or Dawn Winery for you to consider including those locations in your farm routes. It is recommended that you begin your exploration of Mondstadt close to the waypoint since you will basically be dealing with the eastern and western parts of the city. You should begin by teleporting to the Knights of Favonius waypoint and then working your way south from there. After that, You will need to make your way over in front of the city gates and pick up the last few on the northeastern side of the city.

Now you where to find Philanemo Mushroom, including where to buy it and how it can be used in Genshin Impact.