Unveiling the Hidden Gems: 30 Underrated PS4 Games Worth Exploring this Year

Underrated PS4 Games

While blockbuster titles often hog the spotlight in the gaming world, the PlayStation 4 library is home to a myriad of underrated gems that offer unique and memorable experiences. These hidden treasures may not have received the acclaim they deserve, but they have captured the hearts of dedicated fans who appreciate their charm and innovation. … Read more

Why Horizon Forbidden West Is One Of The Most Complicated Games Of 2022?

Horizon Forbidden West

The game Horizon Forbidden West is available on Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4. It was developed by Guerrilla Games, while Sony Interactive Entertainment helped publish it. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, set in the United States. This is one such game that comes from a their-person perspective. You can traverse through Utah, Nevada, … Read more

More PlayStation 5 Consoles Will Be Made In The Future, But With An Unusual Sacrifice

More PlayStation 5

Finding a PlayStation 5 is all but impossible last year. So, Japan has decided to halt all but one PS4 variant to make way for more PlayStation 5s. According to Sony, they are going to end the production of PS4 Pro consoles in Japan except for a specific PS4 model. As per reports, it is not yet clear whether this will apply to other markets as well. But the good news is that PlayStation 5 will come back again sooner than you think.

Will PS5 Play PS4 Games? And, How To Import PS4 Games To PS5?

will PS5 play PS4 games

You may already have the PlayStation 5 now, after days of waiting. But, will PS5 play PS4 games? It would be unacceptable for the fans if it doesn’t, right? So, to make things short, yes, you can! The official video showed how super easy the process can be. However, there are many ways to do it, besides the usual Data Transfer. Here are more of them.

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