Why Horizon Forbidden West Is One Of The Most Complicated Games Of 2022?

The game Horizon Forbidden West is available on Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4. It was developed by Guerrilla Games, while Sony Interactive Entertainment helped publish it. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, set in the United States. This is one such game that comes from a their-person perspective. You can traverse through Utah, Nevada, and California. But the world shown in the game is nothing like the real world. Horizon Forbidden West is dominated by machines that are way more powerful than any of the human entourage. Even though it would have been good to have Horizon Forbidden West available on several other platforms, gamers are content with the PS 4 and PS 5 versions. Let us look at some of the reasons why Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most complicated games of 2021. 

Horizon Forbidden West – Story & Setting

Clawstriders constitute one of the main themes of the game. Aloy sets out to help Erend, who is being followed by riders. But that is just how the game starts – on a beach in California. The dragon-like machines emit blue and yellow light through their eyes. Aloy finds out that the riders have been riding the machines, which is very bad news. In her pursuit, she travels through beaches, mountains, and ruins. One of the advantages of the game is that the player character keeps talking to herself, which tells you if you are on the right path. Soon, they found out that it’s not just the machines, but also the riders you are now riding; and those giant machines are the big problem. 

PlayStation 5

Well, even in the PlayStation versions, there is a little parity. A PS5 version will have an edge over PS4 over several things. For one, it’s highly advised to try it on PS5 because of the better experience. The PS5 console is better, powerful, and fast. It enables Solid State Drive (SSD) and Dual sensors. These are some of the added positives if you have a PS5 over PS4. There is also 3D Spatial Audio support. Overall, it would be surreal if you have a PS5. But that wouldn’t reduce the capabilities of PS4 which is exactly why the game is being released on both platforms. 

Mathijs de Jonge said that they had done everything in their power to make the PlayStation as exclusive as it can be on both platforms. The PS4 version has seen a lot of improvements too. But the point of visual beauty must be taken into consideration as the PS5 will have an edge over PS4 in terms of visuals. Aloy has a rig made up of lighting. This will be available only in PS5 because of its superior capabilities. Hence, having a light that constantly tracks your character will help you with the game progression, but that is not all. 

One other difference is the frames per second. The PS5 supports 60FPS, which is massive in terms of graphics. The picture will be crisp and clear, with every detail perfectly visible.

Horizon Forbidden West – Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West dragons

Aloy is a young huntress who belongs to a tribe called Nora. She is on a mission to find the source of a plague that has made all their lives harder. As beautiful as she is, when it comes to the battle of securing posts, she is second to none. The character comes across a variety of ecosystems. The greens followed by the driest deserts offer stunning landscapes that a player character could not ignore. Aloy also has the chance to trek snow, sea, and of course, dead cities. Aside from that, she has an appetite for fight underwater. The adventure underwater has taken a new shape with the help of advanced graphics and various visual technologies.

Water Tech 

The Water Tech is something that you shouldn’t miss. It also took developers years to develop. Also, one other cool feature is her ability to move underwater. She’s as smooth as butter when it comes to traversing underwater. Aloy’s mask can make things easier for her. Also, there is wave technology. Aloy is a master of currents. Any current would only help her swim faster. This is quite important because a vast portion of the game is underwater. There’s this “Shielding” that helps her glide smoothly through the wind and land safely on her feet. But the other weapon that was developed with great difficulty is Pullcaster; as we learn throughout the game, that is one of the main weapons of Aloy. And it definitely did not come at lower costs. 

The Guerrilla Games director also shares several experiences about creating the world. Well, the world is huge and demolished. He said that every strand of water was created. Since the West is submerged and is in a post-apocalyptic state, there was no scope to copy from reality. They used a creative version of the San Francisco setting as well. 

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Horizon Forbidden West – Tremortusk 

Horizon Forbidden West tremortusk

This is one of the fascinating creatures of the game. Aloy is capable of taking the riders with the help of her spear and arrows. But that’s not going to cut with the Tremortusk. The creature of such a huge size needs an army to get it listening. Even though the machines remind us of prehistoric times, in this game technology has never improved. She uses her technology to bond with one of the small machines, like in the avatar movies. She finally succeeds with the help of her machine ride to take the Tremortusk down. Eventually, Aloy successfully rescues her friend Erend. 

Music & Weapons

The music of the Horizon Forbidden West is breathtaking. It is almost certain that a show that involves setting as good as shown in-game needs a piece of music that is the right match. The planet’s biosphere must be saved. As always, only Aloy can do that. Here determination and strength must be complemented with the help of music that is capable of running deep into the player’s mind. 

Aloy uses two weapons chiefly. She has a bow and arrow for threats that aren’t close enough. These weapons can be upgraded along with the outfit. This will give you a sense of attachment to the game. There is a spear that also acts as a communicating device that glows at every attack. She also has a magnetic parachute that helps her during high jumps. It reduces the gravity to make her fall smoothly. 


Raiders Can Ride Clawstriders In Horizon Forbidden West

Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is as good as it gets when you come across a third-person perspective game. You will be able to see the character progress at any time. The only issue that several gamers see is platform compatibility. The game is only available on both PS4 and PS5 platforms. But, who the hell knows what the future holds for both the game and gamers. We can only hope for the best that this post-apocalyptic game is available on all the platforms, including Amazon’s and Google’s. 

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