Otterbox Gaming Accessories Also Includes A Clip Designed For Your Xbox Controllers

For over 20 years, Otterbox has made a name for itself when it comes to phone cases of rugged designs. But this year, the company is planning to enter a new demographic that is mostly centered around gaming. While most of their products are for mobile, there are still some accessories that console owners will enjoy.

As part of their CES 2021 announcements, the company has announced its first line of gaming products. And since they’re in a partnership with Xbox, Otterbox dedicated an accessory line for mobile gamers. This includes a mobile gaming clip specifically built for your Xbox One, Elite, and X/S gamepads.

As previously noted, the clip is specifically designed for Xbox controllers only. However, it’s also compatible with other products, as long as it came from Otterbox.

Otterbox Xbox and Life

Controllers may be expensive, but they an essential part of every gaming console. It’s quite bizarre to imagine playing your console without their dedicated controllers (unless you own a console keyboard). You probably have your ways of keeping your gaming equipment safe, but Otterbox will make your life even easier with this new product – Easy Grip Controller Shell.

The Easy Grip Controller Shell

The Easy Grip Controller Shell is an outer layer that will protect your wireless Xbox controllers. Its two gray plastic halves snap around your controller, shielding it from scratches and bumps. Two pairs of swappable grips also provide user comfortability around your gamepad.

Well at least, the plastic shell should keep the scuffs away, without adding any sort of bulks around the gamepad. The rubberized grips add a “grippy” feel without any wiggles or loose ends. It may not be necessary for most Xbox owners, but it might just save your Xbox Wireless Controllers’ lives someday.

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The Gaming Carry Case

Otterbox The Life of Xbox

Otterbox is also releasing another product – Gaming Carry Case. It’s a hard-shell case that can hold your wireless Xbox controllers. It’s similar to those of the Elite and even features a door (on the back) for some quick chargings. The small flap on the top also serves as a phone stand when needed.

And, of course, there have to be phone cases included here. The upcoming Easy Grip Gaming Case will be compatible with your 2nd gen iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 series. As for the Android brand, more to follow.

The Easy Grip phone case features some anti-microbial properties, plus a rubberized, sweat-resistant texture that gives your phone the ability to survive drops from at least 4ft in height.

Lastly, there will be another variation on its Gaming Glass Privacy Guard. With this new product, not only you can reduce the viewing angle when in portrait mode, but also in landscape mode.

Overall, it can prove to be a nice group of sophisticated accessories for Otterbox’s gaming debut for Xbox fans. And while the company hasn’t announced the pricing yet, you can pre-order starting from January 25.

OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max – BLACK

Otterbox OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max - BLACK

This is the best phone case TechsnGames can offer (for now). Since iPhones are fragile in nature, you need a reliable “outer shielding” to protect them against scratches and the elements. Have this one if you’re currently looking for the best one to date.

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This Otterbox phone case is for the iPhone 11 Pro Max variant. Its thin design eliminates bulges, making it pocket-friendly. Its durability can withstand unwanted drops and bumps with confidence. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty that might be handy someday.

OtterBox PURSUIT SERIES Case For iPhone X / iPhone Xs – Black

Otterbox OtterBox PURSUIT SERIES Case For iPhone X / iPhone Xs - Black

If you’re looking for a budget Otterbox phone case, this one can be your reliable companion. It’s good enough while still providing maximum phone protection. However, this unit is compatible with iPhone X and Xs only.

The PursuiTech Internal Impact Liner ensures structural rigidity against drops. It also features all-around protection, keeping mud, dust, dirt, and snow away. Lastly, its pocket-friendly profile guarantees user comfort at all times. 

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES SCREENLESS EDITION Case For iPhone Xs & iPhone X – Blaze Orange/Black/Rt Edge Graphic

Otterbox OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES SCREENLESS EDITION Case For iPhone Xs & iPhone X - Blaze Orange/Black/Rt Edge Graphic

This Otterbox Defender Series iPhone case is best for those who want some decals on their cases. Like all of their products, it provides maximum phone protection as well. This is perfect for those having small hands to protect their phones from accidental falls and slippings.

It’s made of the best polycarbonate, synthetic rubber products around, ensuring your iPhone’s protection with class. It also features a multi-layer defense that contains a soft outer cover and solid inner shell. However, this one is only for iPhone X and Xs variants.

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