Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5 Review: Who’s Now Winning The Console War?

Do you plan on upgrading or having a new gaming console? However, you might find yourself asking the age-old question, “Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5, which one deserves my money?” While both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are finally out on the market, you might want to get a hold of these next gen consoles as soon as possible.

Both of these consoles have always been toe-to-toe with each other, so a careful analysis is crucial. However, you’ve come to the right place if you’re up for some intel. So, read our review below to know more about the comparison and verdict regarding the intense console war.


Both of these next gen gaming consoles cost an average of $500 apiece. Both may seem similar at a quick glance, but they both come with a variant too! The Xbox Series S costs about $300, while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costs around $400.

The PlayStation 5 has a dedicated 4K Blu-ray disc drive, unlike its variant. Similarly, the Xbox Series X has better hardware such as a more powerful GPU, Ram, and SSD, among others. Although the main versions have cheaper variants, they still have many legitimate applications. For example, the former is dedicated to digital diehards, while the latter is for casual players. Both full-fledged systems cost almost the same, so it’s hard to pick a definitive winner.

Winner: TIED


Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5
The PlayStation 5

Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have different approaches when it comes to game libraries. The PS5 includes many exclusive titles that launched alongside it. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X assumes that you’ll continue the games you left of on its predecessor and would want performance across your game collection.

It’s hard to deny that PlayStation 5 includes many big game titles, such as Demon’s Souls, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, among others. The Xbox Series X/S may not have that many exclusive games at launch, but they do still have impressive games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Forza 4, and Gears 5. Added to it that they’re fully supported in PC as well.

Beyond that, both consoles are well-stacked with more famous titles, like Borderlands 3, Call of Duty: Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more third-party parity into 2021 and beyond.

Microsoft also has this “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”. It basically lets you download more than a hundred games across different genres and play them on Xbox platforms, including PC and Android. Meanwhile, Sony’s “PS Plus Collection” lets you download and play a few PlayStation Classics. It may not be as sweeping as the Xbox Game Pass, but still, PS5 contains a much stronger game lineup.


Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5 Review: Performance

It’s not yet the right time to compare them because of two reasons. First, Tom’s Guide is currently working from home, so we still don’t have the proper tools for analyzing both FPS and resolution in great depth. Second, there aren’t many games available for both sides right now.

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But someone improvised a little in order to have a quick peek at their capabilities. In this experiment, two games were used: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Devil May Cry: Special Edition. It turned out, that PS5 is faster when loading Assassin’s Creed. The same goes for Devil May Cry, though the lighting in Xbox Series is far better. Nevertheless, both next gen consoles performed extremely well as expected.

Still, using games designed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox might not provide an accurate evaluation. But if you want a winner, for now, we’ll give that to PlayStation 5. That’s mainly because a faster loading screen means more time saved.



Picking the best design between these two entirely depends on one’s personal taste. But personally, I can’t stand how PlayStation 5 looks. Not only it’s large; it’s also a hassle to switch from horizontal to vertical stance, plus the asymmetrical design makes it “off-color.” Additionally, its “power” and “eject” buttons aren’t easily fathomable. Plus, its front panel is prone to fingerprints (especially when playing many games). So, it’s advisable to wait for a while on a prettier design if it’s possible.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X is still bulky but not on the level of its counterpart. Its sleek, black color is simple but good enough when in vertical form. You can also see the function buttons way easier because of their well-defined style. The only advantage of the PlayStation 5 is having a USB-C Port. Nevertheless, Xbox Series X is much more conservative and sensible overall.



Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5: PS5 Controller
DualSense Controllers For Extreme Immersion

Xbox Series X features a controller similar to the Xbox One’s. This time, it has textured grips and shoulder buttons, with a better D-pad plus a new button called “share.” Overall, it’s a smart controller upgrade. But the fact that it still runs on AA batteries rather than being rechargeable by itself makes it archaic.

PlayStation 5’s DualSense, on the other hand, has fewer strings attached than its predecessor. This time, more new features, such as having a built-in mic and super sensitive haptics are now present. It’s also worth mentioning that the DualSense’s improved haptics can definitely improve your gaming immersion by a mile.

Winner: TIED

Backward Compatibility

Both of these next gen consoles have excellent backward compatibility. But Xbox Series X is way better because its compatibility reaches many Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. That part is impressive enough with zero friction.

As for the PlayStation 5, you can play every PS4 game with it. However, the compatibility doesn’t go back further above that. Still, it doesn’t reach the same level of compatibility the Xbox Series X has, such as playing your owned games directly on the console again.

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Cloud Gaming

In terms of cloud gaming from both of these next gen consoles, it doesn’t have any alarming issues. You can just do the “default” way of downloading games, and playing them straight on either platform. But as cloud gaming technology is expected to grow over the next years, it’s good to know how each company will sail through it in the near future.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is around $15/month and allows some game streaming to Android. However, you’re still required to download the full titles on a PC or console. The PlayStation Now, by contrast, costs about $8/month. It may be cheaper than its counterpart, but those PS3 and PS4 games you’re streaming won’t work on mobile platforms.

To date, neither of these next gen platforms’ is complete. The Xbox Series X has an edge in terms of mobile support, while the PlayStation 5 is a little better because it offers streaming options for non-gaming PCs. We’ll give this one a draw.

Winner: TIED

Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5 Review: Disclaimer!

This is just a temporary standpoint as far as both gaming consoles are concerned. The decisions are subject to change, especially if an in-depth analysis has finally been made.

FAQs About the Xbox Series X/S vs PlayStation 5 Console War

Which console is currently leading in sales in the US as of May 2023?

As of May 2023, the PS5 is leading in sales over the Xbox Series X|S in the US.

What are the key differences between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S offer strong competition in the gaming console market. The PS5 features exclusive games and a performance focus, while the Xbox Series X|S boasts its own set of exclusives and emphasizes gaming strengths as well.

Which console should I buy between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Deciding between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S depends on your preferences and priorities. Both consoles have their own strengths and unique offerings. Consider factors like exclusive games, performance, gaming ecosystem, and your personal gaming preferences when making your decision.

Are there any notable exclusive games on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Yes, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have their own set of exclusive games. The PS5 has games like “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” and “Demon’s Souls.” The Xbox Series X|S offers exclusives such as “Halo Infinite” and “Forza Horizon 5.”

How does performance compare between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S offer impressive performance capabilities. The Xbox Series X is known for its powerful specs, capable of delivering high-quality graphics and fast loading times. The PS5 also boasts fast loading, ray tracing capabilities, and a focus on delivering immersive gaming experiences.

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Are there any notable differences in gaming strengths between the consoles?

Yes, each console has its own gaming strengths. The PS5 emphasizes its immersive gaming experiences, utilizing its DualSense controller for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The Xbox Series X|S focuses on backward compatibility and Game Pass, offering a wide library of games to subscribers.

Which console has a stronger gaming ecosystem?

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have strong gaming ecosystems. The PS5 benefits from the PlayStation Network and its exclusive games lineup. The Xbox Series X|S has Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, providing access to a vast library of games.

Are there any performance benchmarks or comparisons between the consoles?

Performance benchmarks and comparisons between the consoles are widely available. Many gaming enthusiasts and tech reviewers have conducted tests to analyze aspects like graphics quality, frame rates, and loading times for various games on both consoles.

How does the price of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S compare?

The prices of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can vary depending on the model and bundle you choose. Generally, both consoles are priced competitively, with different options available to accommodate different budgets.

Is the console war between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ongoing?

Yes, the console war between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is ongoing as both companies continue to compete for market share and deliver innovative gaming experiences. The rivalry drives each company to improve their consoles, offer exclusive content, and enhance the overall gaming ecosystem.


The ongoing console war between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S offers gamers a choice between two powerful and competitive gaming platforms. With exclusive games, performance capabilities, and unique features, both consoles cater to different preferences and priorities. Ultimately, the decision between the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S depends on individual gaming preferences, preferred exclusive titles, and desired gaming experiences.

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