Is Monetization Killing Social Media?

The Internet has been a massive source for all sorts of entertainment, politics, and other aspects of our daily lives. We are in the Internet age where we are surrounded by modern gadgets and technology, and with just one click, people are introduced to different types of content that can catch our curiosity in a swipe. However, arising progress in Internet attentiveness also became an opportunity for various businesses to step up their ante in promoting their brands and products. One might say, you can scroll up or down, and with it, you can see a lot of paid materials occupying our screens.

So, is monetization killing social media? We used to operate our individual accounts in Facebook privately and personally without much ads invading it. People value online privacy and a virtual personal space as well, while also communicating with others in locations far away. With the onset of paid promotions and ads that insert in social media, how can we know where we have crossed the line?

Is Monetization Killing Social Media Nowadays?
Is Monetization Killing Social Media?

How Does Monetization Works In Social Media?

In economics, a famous sentence states: If you are not paying for the product, you need to consider the fact that you are the product.

Facebook, for instance, has opted privacy settings by which the user can alter particular areas. Its purpose was to give us a sign of reassurance that we are not being just a simple case of target consumers for business ventures. Yet, huge social media platforms have covertly admitted they collect and gather user data to become psychographic and demographic statistics to partner companies. This enables some of our privacy to be leaked “legally” under the pretense of admissible courses of action.

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That’s why, with one Facebook reaction, we get bombarded by similar content and brand lines. Monetization of private data is one source for them to gain attention by selecting certain markets for public advertisement and endorsement.

In this case, monetization of social media limit innovation and creation of brand products that can otherwise prove more than its price. Undeniably, we are able to create a more intimate relationship with our buyers or consumers at times due to our likeable products and a non-intimidating approach to them. Nonetheless, if we only focused on investments returns and profits, we might lose the bigger picture and hinder appealing assets which can become a hit because of the stubborn, rigid regulation in social media monetization.

Furthermore, monetization that occurs in social media undermines quality over quantity inside the product. In other words, building public relations and customer services is more valuable in the long run than establishing a short-sparked product. In its entirety, they are able to defend us from negative backlash and bad publicity.

Is Monetization Killing Social Media?

Is Monetization Killing Social Media Platforms?
Social Media And Marketing

To reiterate, social media is made to create a more engaging transmission between people, firms, and establishments. We cannot see its importance if we are only driven by its monetary benefits and big paybacks, hence we should strive for it to be also user-friendly and user-oriented, and pay heed that sharing is caring.  

In one statement: Social Media platforms need to rethink their optimization when it comes to monetization and go back to reach a point of equilibrium with a refocus on user experience.

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