Guide and Tips for Reverse 1999 Farming

What’s the optimal approach to Reverse 1999 Farming? To gather crucial resources such as Unlog, Crystal Drops, Clear Drops, Sharpodonty, and Dust, it’s imperative to engage in daily gameplay and complete story missions. The Reverse 1999 farming guide and strategic methods play a vital role in this process.

These resources serve as prerequisites for upgrading characters in Reverse 1999, enhancing your capability to conquer story quests and boss battles. The key question revolves around efficiently accumulating unlimited resources and gems within the Reverse 1999 game.

Securing six-star characters in Reverse 1999 hinges on obtaining all essential in-game resources; the challenge lies in discovering the most effective means to acquire them effortlessly. Reverse 1999 Farming involves consistent and regular gameplay.

Guide and Tips for Reverse 1999 Farming

Effortless resource farming in Reverse 1999 is achievable through various methods. By completing daily tasks, weekly goals, and story quests, players can gather valuable rewards and resources. Full engagement with all stories and stages is crucial to obtaining exclusive rewards, including unlimited Reverse 1999 dust and unilog, elevating your gameplay.

To farm unlimited unilog, dust, and crystals in Reverse 1999, ensures you diligently tackle daily tasks, claim daily login rewards, and retrieve in-game mailbox gifts and rewards. These practices contribute to accumulating an abundance of Reverse 1999 crystals and currency.

For an optimal strategy in acquiring unlimited money and resources in Reverse 1999, follow these tried-and-true methods. Consistent gameplay and adherence to these tips will enable you to amass unlimited currency in the Reverse 1999 game promptly. Regular play is key to attaining your desired resources.

Reverse 1999 not only offers a captivating story with visually pleasing designs but also features turn-based strategic battles where players employ cards to unleash powerful moves against enemies. This gacha RPG includes a story mode and stages designed for farming development materials.

Launched globally on October 26, 2023, Reverse 1999 boasts multiple farming stages, a plethora of items, and a combat system that demands strategic card placements. For newcomers, this article provides helpful tips to navigate stages effortlessly, grasp the meta, and fully enjoy the immersive story.

Guide and Tips for Reverse 1999 Farming
Guide and Tips for Reverse 1999 Farming

Reverse 1999 Farming: Best Tips for Beginners

1.      Understanding Combat Mechanics

In Reverse 1999, your squad comprises three active characters or Arcanists and a substitute who enters the battlefield if one of them falls. Each Arcanist possesses two basic arcane skills and one Ultimate, represented by cards on the battlefield. These cards have star levels ranging from one to three. Players can merge cards with identical star levels, advancing them to a higher level, and consequently dealing additional damage in the turn-based combat system.

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A squad has three Action Points (APs) for each round, and deploying or moving a card costs one AP. Cards can automatically merge if identical ones are adjacent. To cast an Ultimate, an Arcanist must accumulate five Moxies, which are represented by stars under the HP bar. Players can increase a character’s Moxie by performing actions like moving, deploying, or merging cards.

Tuning Skills: Grand Orchestra and First Melody:

Taking advantage of Tuning Skills like Grand Orchestra and First Melody is crucial. These skills generate one or two-star incantations that can merge with any cards on the screen, providing an opportunity to change the dynamics of the battlefield strategically.

2.      Understanding Afflatus Relations

Reverse 1999 Farming, Afflatus represents the elemental types within this mobile gacha title, with six distinct categories: Beast, Plant, Star, Mineral, Spirit, and Intelligence. Each character is associated with one of these Afflatus types. These Afflatus types interact cyclically, causing 30% more damage to enemies with a weaker Afflatus. Here’s a breakdown of the interactions:

  • Beast: Inflicts 30% more damage to plants.
  • Plant: Inflicts 30% more damage to Star.
  • Star: Inflicts 30% more damage to Mineral.
  • Mineral: Inflicts 30% more damage to the Beast.

Additionally, Spirit and Intelligence Afflatus types deal more than 30% damage to each other and are neutral against the four aforementioned types.

Before entering the battlefield, the preparation screen provides details about the enemies’ Afflatus, offering recommendations on which elemental types to utilize. It is advisable to deploy characters with Afflatus that gain an advantage over foes, enabling them to deal additional damage. This strategic consideration becomes particularly crucial in Chapters 3 and 4 of the game.

3.      Complete Tutorial Courses

Embark on the journey of mastering Reverse 1999 by completing tutorial courses and earning valuable rewards. Access these courses by clicking the Pen and Book symbol located at the top right of the screen in any chapter. There are eight courses, each consisting of three chapters, providing comprehensive insights into various combat mechanics. Here’s a breakdown of the chapters and their offerings:

  • Tactics: Focuses on Afflatus relations and attack strategies.
  • Incantation: Guides on upgrading cards and effective merging techniques.
  • Control Statuses: Teaches how to debuff enemies by canceling their attacks and Ultimate moves.
  • Ultimates: Covers preparation techniques for unleashing powerful Ultimate moves.
  • Tuning: Offers insights into the effective utilization of Tuning skills.
  • Solutions: Provides strategies on survival and turning the tables in dire situations.
  • Examination: This final course tests all the skills learned in previous tutorials.
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These courses not only enhance your understanding of combat mechanics but also come with additional advantages. Clearing each course grants 60 clear drops, and upon completing all courses, players are rewarded with the Grand Orchestra tuning skill. Take advantage of these tutorials to bolster your skills and amass rewards as you progress in Reverse 1999.

4.      Building a Well-Balanced Team

 In Reverse 1999 Farming, crafting a successful team is pivotal for success. Each team consists of four Arcanists, with one acting as a substitute who enters the battlefield upon the demise of another character. Meeting stage goals and achieving overall success yields better drops. Constructing an effective team not only ensures victories but also unlocks Hard difficulty stages and a replay feature, ideal for in-game item farming.

Begin by establishing a Damage Per Second (DPS) character for each Afflatus type, then introduce a second damage dealer or Support, and finally, include a healer. While healers may not be crucial in the early stages, building them from the outset provides a strategic advantage in later chapters. Additionally, it’s advisable to upgrade characters of all Afflatus types if feasible.

To sum up, a well-balanced team should consist of a DPS unit, a Support or secondary damage dealer, and a healer. Including an Intelligence or Spirit Afflatus character for the Substitute adds further versatility to the team.

5.      Level Up Characters to at Least Insight Level I

Character progression in Reverse 1999 extends up to level 30, after which Insight levels come into play. Each Arcanist requires unique items for Insight upgrades, with three levels available, from I to III. Initiating Insight not only raises character levels but also unlocks a unique passive ability called Inheritance, providing special buffs and enhancing overall combat prowess.

Upgrade every unit in your squad to at least Insight Level 1. The stages for farming Insight materials unlock after clearing Chapter 2, Stage 8. As you progress to Chapter 2, Stage 13, and beyond, having a party with characters at Insight Level 1 becomes essential to tackle enemies with heightened combat prowess. Strategically leveling up ensures your team is well-prepared for increasingly challenging encounters.

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6.      Build Wilderness as Soon as Possible

Unlocking Wilderness in Reverse 1999, available in Chapter 2, presents an excellent opportunity for passive resource accumulation. It’s advisable to construct Wilderness immediately, achieved by placing islands and buildings. The Wilderness ensemble includes the Dust Bell Tower, Sharpodonty Market, Wishing Spring, and Paleohall. These structures serve as efficient means to earn Dust and Sharpodonty passively, and they also facilitate the crafting of materials like Insight, Resonate, and Psychubes.

Paleohall, a component of Wilderness, allows players to place a specific number of characters, dependent on their level, enhancing the bond with these characters and unlocking their unique stories.

7.      Farm Materials Daily

Reverse 1999 provides various game modes for daily material farming, including Dust, Sharpodonty, Insight, and Resonance materials. Unlock these modes under the following conditions:

  • Clear Chapter 1, Stage 11 to unlock The Poussiere for Dust and Mintage Aesthetics for Sharpodonty farming.
  • Reach Chapter 2, Stage 8 to unlock Insight material farming stages for Mineral, Star, Plant, and Beast elements.
  • Reach Chapter 3, Stage 2 to unlock the Artificial Somnambulism game mode for Resonance materials and Clear Drops.

Daily farming during these stages is crucial for swift character progression. Players can replay completed stages using Activity, earn materials, and solve trial puzzles in each chapter to acquire clear drops.

Conclusion: Reverse 1999 Farming

Completing daily and weekly missions, as well as beginners’ missions from the Beginning of the Tale, provides free materials. Access these missions by clicking the Task button on the left side below the Mail icon, allowing you to claim rewards such as Unilog and clear drops for summoning new units from banners.