What Does a Poffin Do In Pokemon Go

What Does a Poffin Do In Pokemon Go? Poffins, a new kind of food item, were introduced into Pokémon GO with the release of the new Buddy Adventure. However, what does a poffin do in pokemon go? Find out what they are and the roles they play in this article.

On Thursday, December 19, 2020, an update to Pokemon GO called Buddy Adventure was made available to players. Pokémon fans and gamers alike were overjoyed about this development. The brand-new feature gave gamers the ability to team up with their preferred Pokémon buddy, allowing them to have access to a variety of additional benefits while battling together.

Trainers all over the globe were already engaged in the process of familiarizing themselves with all that the Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure has to offer now that it has been released. Before the update, the capabilities of a Pokémon GO trainer to communicate with a friend were quite limited. Simply selecting a Pokémon and then going on a stroll with it to accumulate candy is all that is required. All of it has shifted in a variety of significant ways since then.

Now, trainers can feed and play with their buddy Pokémon, fight with them, and even have their buddy Pokémon stroll with them on the map. When it comes to the feeding aspect, the berries that trainers gather from Pokéstops are, as you may have guessed, the primary source of sustenance for their companion.

On the other hand, you could have also noticed a new kind of food available, which is called a Poffin. But what does a poffin do in Pokemon Go? Poffins are useful in this context since they help improve the happiness level of the buddy Pokemon, which is one of the most effective methods to alleviate leg discomfort.

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Poffins, in contrast to berries, cannot be discovered at Pokéstops; rather, they must be bought through the Pokémon GO store.

What Does a Poffin Do In Pokemon Go

There is an explanation for this, and it has to do with the enormous influence that a Poffin may have on a Pokémon buddy. It will cost you 100 Pokécoins for a single one, and when you feed it to a buddy, everything will speed up significantly. The amount of distance that trainers have to travel to acquire candies will be cut in half, the number of hearts that can be earned in a day will be doubled, and the buddy will be full for a longer period.

Trainers who are already familiar with the many states of mind that a buddy Pokémon can take will have noted that using a Poffin has a similar effect to persuading a buddy to switch into its excited state. However, it is far simpler to just give them a Poffin as opposed to grinding for that elusive mood. Believe us when we say that achieving the excited level without using a Poffin is a challenge that requires a lot of effort since it requires a total of 32 emotional points.

Regarding the circumstances in which it is beneficial to make use of a Poffin, you should unquestionably make certain that it is on a day on which you want to play excess of Pokémon GO. If you do not anticipate playing the game to the point where you will earn more than ten buddy hearts, investing time and money into purchasing and then redeeming a Poffin would be a waste of both resources. If you are going to devote a whole day to playing the game and making use of your buddy, then giving them a Poffin could mean that there are a possible twenty hearts up for grabs.

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If you give a Poffin to a Pokémon, that Pokémon will remain by your side for a longer period on the Map (6 hours).

If you feed Pokémon berries, they will only stay around for a maximum of three hours. Because of this, the Poffin is much more powerful.

What Does a Poffin Do In Pokemon Go
What Does a Poffin Do In Pokemon Go

How To Get Poffins 

Pokecoins are required to purchase Poffins from the Shop. To access the Shop, players will first need to pick the Pokeball that can be found at the bottom of the world screen. Poffins can be obtained in the Shop by selecting the Items tab and purchasing one for one hundred Pokecoins. When a player purchases a Poffin, it will be added to their Inventory for holding. It is not mandatory that you purchase Poffins; however, if you want to level up numerous Buddies at the same time, it is beneficial to have a few Poffins in your inventory at all times.

How To Use Poffins 

In the lower-left corner of the screen, players will have to choose which Pokemon they want to use as their Buddy. This will open the profile for your Buddy Pokemon, and at the bottom of the screen will be the current status of the Buddy Adventure system. For the player’s Buddy Pokemon to appear, they will first need to locate a wide flat area, then hit the Play option that is located underneath their Buddy Pokemon. The presence of the Buddy will be shown on the screen by the appearance of colored footprints of Pokemon. When the player taps on the footprints, their Buddy Pokemon will emerge.

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Players will first need to pick the Berry symbol located underneath the Pokemon, and then they will choose the Poffin option from the menu. Players will be able to feed their Buddy Poffins, which will give them an overall boost and enable them to remain longer.

Other Factors To Keep Your Poffin In The Excited State

Pokémon are equally as needy as humans are, and when you stop engaging with them, their mood will go down. In addition to this, if you choose to disregard them altogether, they may eventually vanish from the map. The Pokémon GO Hub lists the following five states of mind as possible: normal, happy, smile, fun, and excited.

You should do all in your power to maintain your buddy’s level of excitement. You probably don’t want them to disappear, do you?

To get the most out of your Pokémon GO buddy function, it’s important to keep them well-fed and happy.


I believe this article has answered the question; what does a Poffin do in Pokemon Go? Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about poffins in Pokemon Go in the comments section below.