GTA V Assassination Missions Guide

GTA V, the highly acclaimed open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games, takes players on an exhilarating journey filled with thrilling missions. Among these missions are the assassination assignments, which provide a unique twist by incorporating stock market manipulation to maximize profits. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of GTA V’s assassination missions, offering step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to ensure your success in this high-stakes endeavor.

Understanding the Mechanics of Assassination Missions

Before embarking on the assassination missions in GTA V, it is crucial to grasp the underlying mechanics that drive these endeavors. These missions revolve around manipulating the stock market by eliminating specific targets. The repercussions of these assassinations ripple through the stock market, presenting opportunities for shrewd investors to reap significant financial rewards.

How many assassination missions are in GTA V?

GTA V offers players a total of five assassination missions throughout the game’s story mode. These missions are spread across different stages of the storyline, providing players with a diverse range of targets to eliminate and stock market scenarios to navigate. Each mission presents a new challenge and an opportunity to manipulate the stock market to generate profits.

The Hotel Assassination Mission: Playing the Stocks

One of the first assassination missions players encounter is the Hotel Assassination. To successfully complete this mission and maximize profits, it is recommended to invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals and Bilkington stocks. By damaging Bilkington shares and simultaneously raising Betta Pharmaceuticals shares, players can exploit the subsequent stock rebounds to secure substantial returns on their investments.

The Multi Target Assassination Mission: Profiting from Chaos

In the Multi Target Assassination mission, players must strategically target individuals to trigger stock price fluctuations in Debonaire and Redwood stocks. By eliminating these influential figures, players can create market volatility that presents lucrative opportunities. Making informed investment decisions and carefully timing the buying and selling of stocks is crucial to maximizing profits in this mission.

The Vice Assassination Mission: Playing with Facade and Fruit Stocks

The Vice Assassination mission centers around Facade and Fruit stocks. By eliminating the designated target, players can impact the performance of these stocks in the market. To optimize profits, players should focus on damaging Facade shares while simultaneously raising Fruit shares, capitalizing on the resulting stock rebounds for significant financial gains.

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The Bus Assassination Mission: Seizing the Rebound

The Bus Assassination mission centers around the rebound of Vapid stock. Players must strategically plan their investments to capitalize on the market fluctuations caused by the target’s elimination. Wise stock investments before and after the mission, aligned with the provided instructions, can position players to benefit from the ensuing rebounds, ultimately leading to substantial profits.

The Construction Assassination Mission: Regaining Control

The final assassination mission players encounter is the Construction Assassination. This mission presents an opportunity to regain control of GoldCoast business. By executing the mission objectives and making strategic investments based on the given instructions, players can position themselves to benefit from the subsequent stock rebounds. Patience and careful analysis of the market conditions are crucial for maximizing returns in this mission.

Unlocking Assassination Missions in Story Mode

To unlock the assassination missions in GTA 5‘s story mode, players need to progress through the main storyline until they reach specific points in the narrative. These missions are usually assigned by Lester Crest, a prominent character in the game. As the story unfolds, Lester will approach the protagonist, Franklin, and provide instructions for the assassination missions. Following the story’s progression and completing prerequisite missions are key to unlocking these lucrative assignments.

Stock Investments for Assassination Missions

To maximize profits during assassination missions, players should strategically invest in specific stocks before carrying out the mission objectives. The stock investments vary for each assassination mission, and players need to analyze the mission details and market conditions to make informed decisions. Here is a summary of the recommended stock investments for each assassination mission:

  1. The Hotel Assassination:
    • Invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) and damage Bilkington (LCN) shares.
  2. The Multi Target Assassination:
    • Invest in Debonaire (LCN) and damage Redwood (LCN) shares.
  3. The Vice Assassination:
    • Target Jackson Skinner and impact Facade (BAWSAQ) and Fruit (BAWSAQ) stocks.
  4. The Bus Assassination:
    • Focus on the rebound of Vapid (BAWSAQ) stock.
  5. The Construction Assassination:
    • Regain control of GoldCoast business through strategic investments.
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Post-Assassination Mission Investment Strategies

After completing an assassination mission, players have the opportunity to capitalize on the stock market’s response to the mission’s outcome. It is advisable to wait for the stocks impacted by the mission to rebound before selling shares. The timing of the rebound varies for each stock, so players should monitor the market and exercise patience to maximize their returns. Additionally, players can consider diversifying their investments into other stocks to continue growing their wealth.

Maximizing Profits: Essential Tips and Strategies

To maximize profits from GTA V’s assassination missions, players should consider the following tips and strategies:

  • Invest in the recommended stocks before and after each mission, as per the provided instructions.
  • Keep a close eye on the stock market and analyze market trends to make informed investment decisions.
  • Exercise patience and wait for stock rebounds before selling shares to achieve optimal returns.
  • Consider advancing time in-game by utilizing safe houses to expedite stock market changes.
  • Create a save file before initiating each assassination mission to safeguard progress and ensure maximum profitability.

Mastering GTA V’s Assassination Missions

Step 1: Progress through the Storyline

To unlock the assassination missions, you must progress through the main storyline of GTA V. As you navigate the world of Los Santos, you will encounter Lester Crest, a key character who plays a crucial role in these missions. Keep playing the main story missions until Lester approaches Franklin, one of the game’s protagonists, to offer the assassination missions.

Step 2: Prepare for the Missions

Once you’ve received an assassination mission, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming challenges. Before carrying out the hit, it’s crucial to assess the market conditions and identify the stocks that will be affected. Research the companies associated with the mission and study their stock performance to make informed investment decisions.

Step 3: Invest Before the Mission

To maximize your profits, invest in the relevant stocks before executing the assassination mission. Lester will often provide hints about which stocks to target. Take note of his advice and allocate your funds accordingly. Investing wisely before the mission will allow you to benefit from the subsequent stock price fluctuations.

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Step 4: Execute the Assassination

With your preparations complete, it’s time to execute the assassination. Follow the mission objectives and eliminate your target with precision. Be aware of any potential complications or enemy threats during the mission and navigate them skillfully to ensure your success.

Step 5: Monitor the Stock Market

After completing the assassination mission, monitor the stock market closely to observe the impact of your actions. The stocks associated with the mission will experience fluctuations, providing opportunities for profit. However, keep in mind that stocks take time to reach their peak value, so exercise patience and avoid hasty decisions.

Step 6: Sell Stocks at the Right Time

To maximize your returns, wait for the stocks to rebound before selling your shares. The timing of the rebound varies for each stock, so be vigilant and track their performance. Once you notice a significant increase in value, sell your stocks to capitalize on the price surge and secure your profits.

Step 7: Diversify Your Investments

While assassination missions can be highly lucrative, it’s important not to solely rely on them for wealth accumulation. After completing the missions, consider diversifying your investments into other stocks or businesses to maintain a balanced portfolio. This will help you sustain long-term financial growth in the game.


GTA V’s assassination missions offer a thrilling and profitable adventure within the game’s intricate world. By meticulously executing each mission, adhering to the provided instructions, and making calculated investment decisions, players can unlock substantial wealth and open doors to new opportunities. Embrace the challenges presented by GTA V’s assassination missions, navigate the intricate world of stock market manipulation, and enjoy the exhilaration of accumulating vast fortunes!