Dyrroth Mobile Legends Guide

Due to his outstanding Carry potential, Dyrroth is a top fighter in Mobile Legends for gamers in the Epic tier and lower, enabling him to easily dominate the game in any rankings. Today, if you want to play Dyrroth but are having trouble finding the ideal build, spells, and emblem sets for him, be sure to check out this Dyrroth Mobile Legends Guide

Abilities Of Dyrroth Mobile Legends

·         Wrath of the Abyss

Dyrroth will engage Burst Strike and Spectre Step when his Rage hits 50%. Dyrroth will use Circle Strike after every two Basic Attacks, delivering +140 percent Total Physical Attack Damage to opponents in the circle while recovering HP in proportion to the damage he delivers. Burst Strike and Spectre Step cooldowns are reduced by 1 second every time he attacks an opponent hero.

·         Circle Strike:

Dyrroth replenishes HP equivalent to 50 + 40 percent of Circle Strike’s damage, decreased to 20% versus minions. Circle Strike can be critical and gains Physical damage, but it does not impose Basic Strike effects; rather, it acts as an ability and can gain Item Effects.

·         Burst Strike

Dyrroth launches Burst Strike in a specific direction, causing 200 points of Physical Damage to opponents and slowing them by 25%. It lasts 1.5 seconds. Burst Strike has a larger range, does 140 percent of the initial damage, and has a twofold slowing effect.

·         Spectre Step

Dyrroth dashes in the direction specified. When he strikes a target, he will come to a halt, delivering 230 points of Physical Damage to opponents. When he uses this skill again, he will lock on a target and unleash Fatal Strike, delivering 345 points of Physical Damage and lowering the victim’s Physical Protection by 50%. Fatal STrike will deliver 150 percent of the initial damage, slow the victim by 90 percent more, and lower the target’s Physical Protection by 75 percent if it is Abyss Enhanced. It lasts for four seconds

·         Abysm Strike

Dyrroth swiftly charges and unleashes Fatal Strike, causing Physical Damage equal to 650 points oh and of course 20% of foes’ lost HP and slowing them by 55%. It lasts 0.8 seconds.

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How to Use Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Dyrroth’s main goal is to murder his adversaries, and he has the playstyle of an assassin and the attributes of a warrior. He utilizes his talents and Spells Vamp to help him maintain himself in combat, finishing off key targets and winning battles for his squad by employing his multiple devastating techniques and the execution damage on his ultimate ability. Below are proven strategies on how to use Dyrroth Mobile Legends

  • Given that he is a fighter hero, you should be able to move about freely in either lane. And provide excellent ganks that will result in a kill. Because he utilizes Rage rather than mana, you can repeat his attacks on your opponent to torment them. It’s a good approach to get rid of an opponent in the lane
  • Before starting a fight, make sure your second talent, Spectre Step, is severely improved. Manipulate the skill carefully and ensure that it hits an adversary to knock them back. After knocking the adversary back, use the skill again to unleash the Fatal Strike. To summarize your combo, proceed accordingly using your ULT and skill.
  • It possesses some early endurance as a fighter, which can help him win matchups against unaware opponents. Play cautiously, but try to gain a head start wherever feasible. If killing your lane opponent becomes difficult or impossible, send waves of minions onto their tower and thereafter move to help your teammates and gain kills in the lane closest to yours. You’ll then be able to go back to your lane early enough for the following wave
  • In squad battles, Dyrroth’s can hunt and focus on the opponent team’s leading player, pulling them out of the fight and letting his side advance objectives with minimal opposition.
  • When he damages many adversaries with his Circle Strike, Dyrroth’s gains traction in team engagements. This enables Dyrroth to stay during the fight. When you’re battling a bunch of adversaries, don’t lose sight of who you should be focusing on: constantly seek to remove enemy damage heroes who can kill you and your allies. And if at all feasible, save the opposing tanks for last.
Dyrroth Mobile Legends Guide

Best Build and Emblem Set for Dyrroth Mobile Legends

1. Item Build

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Warrior Boots

Dyrroth’s ideal choice for Armor and damage reduction as a Warrior who devotes the majority of his time fighting is Warrior Boots.

It may also use Tough Boots to boost his Magic Resist or Rapid Boots to improve his Speed.

War Axe

War Axe is an excellent piece of equipment for Warriors such as Dyrroth since it provides 550 Max HP, 45 Physical Attacks, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and a Passive that enables him to assume combat posture after doing damage on an opponent’s unit.

It improves his Physical Attack by 9 points and Physical Penetration by 3 points per second for 3s, up to 8 stacks at full stacks, it also provides 20% Movement Speed.

Bloodlust Axe

Not only that, but it also provides 70% Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction. Dyrroth can speedily regenerate his HP in battle thanks to the Bloodlust Axe.

Blade of Despair

You should get Blade of Despair for Dyrroth to receive the 160 Physical Attack and 5% Movement Speed boosts, which will raise his damage output even more. It also has a passive effect that gives him a 25% additional Physical Damage against enemies with 50% HP and below.

Bruteforce Breastplate

This item grants 750 Max HP, 50 Physical Defense, and a Passive that boosts his Movement Speed and Armor+Magic Resist after he performs Basic Attack or Skill.

Furthermore, the Passive effect stacks up to five times, making him more agile in battle.

Sea Halberd

Dyrroth has a variety of alternatives for Sea Halberd. It has a Passive effect that decreases targets’ HP regen and shield by 50%. Sea Halberd boosts Dyrroth’s Physical Attack and Attack Speed, both of which are important attributes.

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2. Emblem

Dyrroth must choose the Fighter Emblem Set since it enhances various vital statistics such as Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, Defense, and Max HP. Therefore, Dyrroth’s suggested upgrades are;


You should choose Bravery for the first-tier talent improvement to raise his Physical Attack by 4 points at every level. As a result, Dyrroth will get a 12 point Attack boost early in the game, significantly increasing his damage points.


Invasion is a very important skill for increasing his damage since it adds 2 points of Physical Penetration at every level. With this skill enhancement, Dyrroth will be able to deal massive damage irrespective of his enemies’ Defense.

Festival of Blood

Festival of Blood is a highly recommended 3rd tier talent upgrade for Dyrroth since it improves Spell Vamp, letting him survive longer in team battles.

Best Battle Spells for Dyrroth Mobile Legends


Flicker is an excellent spell for establishing Dyrroth’s abilities. Flicker can be used to swiftly escape near-death circumstances, or it can be used with Abysm Strike (Skill 3) to conduct a combo and take down foes with very low health who are trying to flee. Flicker is often employed to pursue a fleeing target or to flee from your opponents.


Purify is yet another option for gamers to explore. If a player encounters an opposition team with exceptionally high CC (Crowd Control), he may employ Flicker to avoid ambushes or avert the discontinuation of his powers.

Final Words

Overall, Dyrroth will be a dead hero if used appropriately and with the right team composition. These methods will undoubtedly assist you in guiding effortless triumphs with Dyrroth in Mobile Legends