Seraphs Last Stand Best Build – The Immortal Plague Crit Build Guide

Seraphs Last Stand Best build; this guide describes the Immortal Plague Crit build for Seraph’s anthem. This build is effectively immortal, passively one-shooting every enemy within a second of them appearing on screen and allowing you to farm as many orbs as you want with almost literally zero effort. I personally played this build-up to wave 152 before quitting out of boredom.

Seraphs Last Stand Best Build – The Immortal Plague Crit Build Guide

Spoiler Warning

This build uses game mechanics to completely break the game. If you are new to the game, following along can rob you of a lot of the fun the game has to offer as you learn and explore it for yourself.

If, on the other hand, you just want a quick way to farm tons of orbs and have an outsized amount of power in the game, read on and enjoy it until it’s nerfed. It still works today for the game version v3.3.

About The Build

This build damage comes from the combination of the Regrowth Plague Spreader update along with the Precision Speculator update. The former deals 1% of a monster’s health damage to each monster on the screen every second. It is important for our purposes that this damage can be critical. A speculator takes damage from a crit and gives it a chance to crit again, once you have a 100% crit chance this basically happens every time and with enough Accuracy stacks this 1% damage ends up doing more than 100% of the total health of monsters. In damage, one fired at each enemy within a second of appearing on screen.

The survivability comes from the combination of the Barrier and the increased invulnerability duration from the Cloak buff. At 8 stacks of the former and 13 stacks of the latter each time you are hit, the Barrier absorbs the hit and you become invulnerable, and the Barrier reappears just as the invulnerability wears off. It’s not 100% reliable right off the bat, it seems like the damage from touching enemies can sometimes get through it, but when you finish the build you’ll never be touched.

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The problem many people face is getting enough points to get the build going. You need to clear quite a few waves to get enough skill points and every point you spend on damage only slows you down to get to the final build. They try this build, see they can’t get it to work, and realize it’s not for them. In this guide, I outline a simple strategy to get the early damage needed to get the entire build working for a minimum of points using Frozen Tipstaff and Resonance’s Streamer buff.

Finally, since this build requires a lot of specific abilities, we’ll be using Appraisal and his Dealer upgrade along with Luck and his Blessed upgrade to be able to get the specific abilities we need.

Seraphs Last Stand Best Build
Seraphs Last Stand Best Build


I recommend that you unlock the following prerequisites before opting for this build.

·        The Frozen Tipstaff

You can unlock this for 25 orbs. It is essential for the early game. While its projectiles deal significantly less damage than the other staff (about half as much damage as the wizard staff you start with), it does have some advantages. First of all, it pierces through enemies, and since enemies bunch up quite a bit, you can often hit multiple with each shot.

Second, and much more important for our purposes, it has a much higher attack speed than any other staff, which means that once you unlock the Streamer upgrade for Resonance, the waves will melt. It’s an absolutely amazing early weapon and with as little as 4 ability boosts spent on Resonance stacks it can provide more than enough damage to get you through the first 60 waves until your Plague damage really kicks in.

·        Orbs to reroll

At a minimum, you need around 50 orbs to reroll abilities. If you don’t have them or really don’t want to farm 50 orbs, unlock the Fedora for 25, and that gives you free replays in a race to farm a lot of orbs, but you won’t be able to appear on the leaderboards. It does, however, allow you to use the build to farm a bunch of orbs before going on a rank run later.

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If you have more orbs they are certainly useful as they will allow you to go back to the common/uncommon skills page as well as the epic skills page, but 50 or more should be enough. I wouldn’t recommend rerolling for the first common/uncommon abilities unless you have several hundred orbs.

Main Build

Building as described here is the safest way to go. It gives you survivability early on, but it’s still pretty quick to start with. It takes about 50 minutes to max build, by which time you should have cleared 70-80 waves.

Epic Skills

You will level up epic skills in the following order:

·         Appraisal Up To 4

When you get four stacks of this, it allows you to reroll for free, basically giving you full control over your choice of ability from then on. You probably need around 50 orbs at least to be reasonably safe when rolling for this and not run out of reps before you get all four.

If your total orbs are low, I recommend restarting the game several times. You are guaranteed an epic skill after completing the first wave so you can effectively repeat it for free by resetting each time. If you have enough orbs that aren’t a concern, you can save yourself a bit of time at the expense of orbs by recasting the first one as well.

(Optional) Vampiric x1

If you want a little more health regeneration early on, a single 9% health leech upgrade can help here. It’s not really necessary, but if you find your health isn’t filling up fast enough with Regrowth, you can bridge the gap.

·         Barrier Up To 8

Later on, you’ll take more stacks of this, but a single initial stack works well with the entire Cloak you’ll stack.

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·         Volume Up To 3

You want three stacks of this to save skill points and maximize your critical hit chance. It can take a fourth stack to unlock the upgrade, which gives you plenty of free upgrades, but I tend to find that they end up being more of a pain in the long run and just get in the way.

Once you have your three points in Tome, you are done with epic abilities.

Common or Uncommon Skills Seraphs Last Stand Best Build

Seraphs Last Stand Best build; the order for these is less set in stone. If you have a ton of orbs to spend on rerolls or are using the Hat you can reroll these in the exact order I list them. It can burn through many hundreds of orbs to do so, however. So unless you have a huge stash of orbs I recommend just treating this more of a priority list until you get your 4th stack of appraisals and can reroll freely.

It is also perfectly fine to take something random that appears useful if none of these appear. You’ll have to go through a few more waves to get to your final build but it won’t make any real difference in the end. If you have a couple of hundred orbs and can afford a reroll or two to get something off of the list that can be helpful but if not don’t worry about it. Save your orbs to reroll for Appraisal.