Counterside Guide And Tips For A Strong Start

Counterside Guide: At the beginning of this game, you’ll encounter a storyline explaining the disaster’s background. If you enjoy games with a narrative, you can watch it while playing. However, if you prefer gameplay without the storyline, the game offers a Skip feature, allowing you to dive into action promptly.

In this game, you assume the role of a CEO tasked with combating mysterious creatures called Corrupted Objects. To tackle these threats, you’ll assemble a team of characters, each with distinct roles, specialties, abilities, and faction affiliations. Additionally, you’ll oversee various aspects of the office, including managing the lab, workshop, hangar, CEO’s office, and more.

Counterside Guide: Introducing the Basics of Counterside

·         Squad

This squad comprises 8 character units and 1 ship. You have 5 squad slots available that can be populated with various units, and if you wish to expand these slots, you can purchase additional ones using quartz. Each squad will possess a distinct Combat Power (CP), determined by the average CP value of its members, including both units and the ship.

In each squad, you can designate a leader, and the character chosen as the leader will reduce the deployment cost by 1. There are two types of squads in this game: the Combat Squad, designed for solo battles, and the Battlefield Squad, utilized for group battles in battlefield mode.

·         Operations

In the Counterside game, there are various operations you can engage in, including:

  1. Main Stream: This is the primary storyline of the game, unfolding the main narrative.
  2. Simulation: Simulations are valuable for acquiring essential ingredients to foster your growth.
  3. Supply Operation: Address the needs of your company and enhance the capabilities of your unit or character through supply operations.
  4. Side Story: Explore specific character stories, often involving high-grade characters, providing additional background information.
  5. Counter Case: Review and inspect the case details of the unit you currently possess.
  6. Free Contracts: Undertake tasks assigned by other companies, with this operation typically being more challenging than the mainstream, offering a heightened level of difficulty.Top of Form
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Counterside Guide And Tips For Beginners

Counterside Guide And Tips For A Strong Start
Counterside Guide And Tips For Beginners

1.     Understanding Role Advantages:

In Counterside, there are 7 distinct roles, each contributing uniquely to the gameplay:

  • Defender: Acts as a shield, safeguarding allies from enemy attacks.
  • Ranger: Assumes the role of an attacker positioned at the rear, delivering damage from a distance.
  • Siege: Specializes in attacking bosses during gameplay.
  • Striker: Functions as a frontline attacker, engaging enemies in close combat.
  • Sniper: Executes attacks from a considerable distance, providing long-range support.
  • Supporters: Plays a crucial support role, offering buffs and assistance to allies.
  • Tower: Serves as a defense unit, contributing to the protection of your team.

However, the key focus for beginners should be on understanding and mastering the dynamics of the four interrelated roles:

  • Defender
  • Ranger
  • Striker
  • Sniper

These roles form a cyclical relationship where:

  • Striker has an advantage over Ranger,
  • Ranger has an advantage over Defender,
  • Defender has an advantage over Sniper, and
  • Sniper has an advantage over Striker.

Having an advantage over a specific role grants +30% outgoing damage and -30% incoming damage, enhancing strategic gameplay in Counterside.

2.     Mastering Attack Types in Counterside

In Counterside Guide, understanding the three attack types is crucial for effective gameplay:

  1. Ground Attack:
    • Effective against ground-based enemies.
    • Use when facing enemies firmly positioned on the ground.
  2. Air Attack:
    • Deploy against airborne enemies.
    • Necessary when the enemy targets a unit with airborne movement.
  3. All-round Attack:
    • Versatile attack type effective against both ground and airborne enemies.
    • Ideal for handling situations where enemies exhibit diverse movement types.

Key Strategies:

  • Tailor your attacks based on the enemy’s movement type.
  • Employ Air Attacks against airborne foes and Ground Attacks against grounded enemies.
  • For flexibility, consider units with All-round Attack capabilities to engage both ground and airborne targets effectively.
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By paying attention to attack types and adapting your strategy accordingly, you’ll maximize your squad’s effectiveness and gain a strategic edge in Counterside.

3.     Tactical Squad Composition: Set The Perfect Squad

Counterside Guide: The key to success in battles lies in strategic squad composition. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Incorporate the 4 Main Roles:
    • Ensure your squad includes at least one of the four main roles (Defender, Ranger, Striker, and Sniper) to counter enemies with role-specific weaknesses.
  2. Balance Attack Types:
    • Set the attack type for each character to ensure a balanced squad.
    • Include characters with the ability to attack enemies with airborne movement, as neglecting this aspect can limit your ability to engage certain foes.
  3. Consider Deployment Costs:
    • Pay attention to the deployment cost of each character.
    • Avoid bringing characters with high deployment costs, as they may be challenging to remove during a match, hampering your flexibility.
    • Aim for a squad with an average deployment cost of around 3.5 for optimal resource management.

By carefully adjusting the composition of your squad, balancing attack types, and considering deployment costs, you’ll enhance your effectiveness in battles and increase your chances of success in Counterside.

4.     Boosting Combat Power (CP) in Counterside:

Counterside Guide: Combat Power (CP) plays a pivotal role in your success. Elevating your CP can make battles and quests more manageable. Here are ways to enhance your CP:

  1. Salary Negotiation:
    • Crucial for leveling up your character.
    • Requires appraisal and credit for negotiation.
    • Optimal success comes from offering 30% more, providing a 60% success rate and 50% loyalty.
    • Despite the higher credit cost, it’s a worthwhile investment for character development.
  2. Skill Training:
    • Elevate the level of your skills for increased effectiveness.
    • Higher skill levels yield more powerful effects, with additional benefits at the maximum level (Lv. 5).
    • Skill training requires training data.
  3. Limit Break:
    • Increases the star rating of your unit, enhancing overall stats.
    • Star increases through Limit Break can unlock the 4th gear slot, providing additional benefits.
    • A valuable method to significantly boost your unit’s capabilities.
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5.     Take advantage of the Auto Features in Counterside

In Counterside, the auto feature proves to be quite valuable during battles, particularly for the ultimate auto skill. Here’s why it can be beneficial:

  1. Ultimate Auto Skill:
    • Particularly helpful when numerous characters possess the ultimate skill.
    • Activating this feature simplifies the process, making it easier to coordinate and execute powerful ultimate skills.
  2. Auto-Battle Advantage:
    • Useful in situations where you have gained an advantage in battle.
    • Allows you to stack your units efficiently without manual intervention, streamlining the process.


Counterside is a multifaceted game with various aspects contributing to the victory. It’s crucial to pay attention to these elements, utilizing features like auto-battle strategically. Additionally, focus on enhancing your combat power to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. By mastering these aspects, you increase your chances of success in Counterside battles.