Apple Launches A Piece Of Cloth To Save Your Dirty Screens For Only $19

It may seem untrue, but an average Joe touches his or her phone 2,600 times every day. Just imagine the constant buildup of dirt, sweat, and grime on your phones. You may not see the buildup, but they are there.  So, if you care about cleaning your gadgets, especially Apple products, now there’s an official $19 Microfiber cloth for that. Last week, Apple released their first-ever microfiber cloth, alongside their newest M1 pro and Max chips, MacBook Pros, and third-gen AirPods.

The microfiber cloth, which is made up of “special” nonabrasive material, can be purchased separately. Aside from being made by Apple, we’re still aren’t sure how the cloth is any different than other microfiber cloths out there.

Apple recommends using soft, lint-free cloths instead of other cloths, towels, and paper towels when cleaning Apple gadgets, which this $19 piece of cloth is guaranteed to do. Its suede texture is similar to the ones that have shipped with microscopes for years. It’s recommended for cleaning not only nano-texture glasses, but also jewelry, eyeglasses, and even camera and microscope lenses. Indeed, there’s compatibility if that’s what you wanna hear!

This Apple microfiber cloth is similar to the one being used for cleaning the Pro Display XDR. Also, did we mention that this cloth comes bundled with the Pro Display XDR worth six grand?

Planning To Buy The Apple Microfiber Cloth?

Apple Cloth piece

It’s highly unlikely that anyone who owns the Apple microfiber cloth has a nano-texture screened device. That’s because only the custom Intel iMacs and the Pro Display XDR have that those. It’s far more likely that people just bought it because it was new in the Apple store.

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For most Apple devices, decent-quality microfiber cloths are enough to clean your screens. It is advised to just lightly dampen your lint-free alternatives with water before wiping off any accumulated dirt.

That’s why as far as alternative cleaning cloths go, MagicFiber Microfiber cloths are the second-best choices for Apple users. They can wipe off lingering dust, oil, and grime buildup on the edges of your screen. They should still work with your Apple gadgets, including the newest MacBook Pro models. Think of them as cost-effective microfiber alternatives. 

However, you might wanna avoid using water when cleaning if they have nano-texture screens. That’s because Apple advises to only use their dedicated microfiber cloth for that.

Amazon sells a pack of CleanAide Suede cleaning cloths for just $14.95 if you’re on a budget. These high-quality suede microfiber cloths are also up for your cleaning tasks.

The Takeaway

The 19 Apple Polishing Cloth

When using any type of cloth – be it Apple’s official cloth or some other alternative – on a display of any sort, you should first make sure that it’s dry, clean, and free of particles that might spell doom for your delicate screens. Apple recommends washing your cloth with dish soap, rinsing it well, and allowing it to air-dry after each use.

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