Complete Honkai Star Rail Tier List: Best Characters Revealed!

Honkai Star Rail Tier List: This article offers a comprehensive Honkai Star Rail tier list, categorizing the best characters according to their effectiveness in dealing with damage, versatility, and synergy options. While Honkai Star Rail has gained popularity for its expansive world, engaging storytelling, and seamless turn-based combat, constructing an optimal team composition is crucial for tackling challenging content.

The tier list provided in this article serves as a definitive guide, helping players make informed decisions about character selection based on various factors such as damage output, versatility, and synergy within the game.

Complete Honkai Star Rail Tier List: Best Characters (December 2023)

As you explore the vast expanse of the stars in Honkai Star Rail, assembling a formidable team of fighters is crucial for success. In December 2023, with a total of 35 playable characters, it can be challenging to decide which ones are worth your time and resources. This complete tier list categorizes characters from the powerful S-tier game-changers to the less effective fighters in the C-tier, providing you with valuable insights to make informed decisions about building your team.

  1. S-Tier in Honkai Star Rail
  2. A-Tier in Honkai Star Rail
  3. B-Tier in Honkai Star Rail
  4. C-Tier in Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: Best Characters Revealed
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: Best Characters Revealed

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

S-Tier in Honkai Star Rail

The S-tier in Honkai Star Rail consists of must-have characters renowned for their exceptional performance across various challenging game modes. These characters exhibit high damage outputs and provide utility by offering healing, buffing allies, or debuffing enemies. They are considered essential choices for players aiming to excel in different aspects of the game.

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BronyaSupportManipulates turn order, damage boosts
Fu XuanTankDamage redirection, teamwide damage reduction
HuohuoHealerBurst healing, cleansing, energy regeneration
Imbibtor LunaeDPSExtreme single-target damage potential
JingliuDPSHigh AoE damage
KafkaDPSDevastating damage-over-time stacking
LuochaHealer/SupportPassive healing, debuffing
SeeleDPSInsane single-target DPS
Silver WolfSupportFlexible debuffer
TingyunSupportPowerful buffing and energy restoration
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: S-Tier

A-Tier in Honkai Star Rail

The A-tier characters in the Honkai Star Rail tier list may not have the universal effectiveness of S-tier characters, but they are still formidable in battle. Many excel in damage-dealing, and there are also a few support characters that enhance the performance of top DPS characters. These A-tier options can contribute significantly to your team’s success.

AstaSupportSpeed manipulation, attack buffs
BailuHealerOverhealing, reviving
BladeDPSHigh single-target and AoE damage
GepardTankPartywide shielding
HimekoDPSAoE attacks with follow-up potential
Jing YuanDPSExcellent AoE lightning damage
LynxHealerExtends health bars, cleansing
WeltSupportSlowing enemies, delaying turns
YanqingDPSSelf-synergizing crit buildup
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: A-Tier

These characters in the A-tier of the Honkai Star Rail tier list possess specific strengths in their roles, contributing to battle dynamics with a focus on damage-dealing and support capabilities.

B-Tier in Honkai Star Rail

The B-tier encompasses characters in Honkai Star Rail who can excel under specific circumstances. While they may be outclassed in general content, these characters exhibit standout strengths when facing specific enemies. Their effectiveness is more situational, requiring strategic consideration for optimal performance.

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ArlanDPSScales damage off missing HP
Dan HengDPSSlowing single targets
HookDPSAdditional burn damage
LukaDPSBleed damage over time
March 7thTankCounters and freezing
NatashaHealerPrioritizes lower-health allies
PelaSupportDefense reduction
QingqueDPSRandomized tile-flipping attacks
SampoDPSShock and wind damage over time
ServalDPSElectric damage against robots
SushangDPSSelf-buffing crit buildup
Topaz & NumbySupportEnables ally follow-up attacks
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: B-Tier

C-Tier in Honkai Star Rail

The characters in the C-tier of the Honkai Star Rail tier list fall behind the rest of the roster in terms of combat performance and synergy. While they can still contribute to some extent, the general recommendation is to consider replacing them with higher-tier characters as you progress in the game.

ClaraSub DPSCounterattacks against direct damage
HertaDPSFollow-up attacks based on ally damage
TrailblazerDPSShielding and fire damage
YukongSupportTeamwide attack steroid
Honkai Star Rail Tier List: C-Tier

Honkai Star Rail tier list for DPS characters (December 2023)

·        SS+ tier

Kafka, a 5-star Lightning element character, stands out in the SS+ tier in Honkai Star Rail. The characters in this tier possess incredible kits capable of dealing exceptionally high damage to their opponents. The following units are part of this category:

  • Jingliu
  • Blade
  • Kafka
  • Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae
  • Seele

These characters have the ability to dominate the battlefield without relying on high-level Eidolons and don’t require significant resource investments to perform well. They showcase impressive effectiveness in combat, making them formidable choices for players in Honkai Star Rail.

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·        S tier

Topaz, a 5-star Fire element character (Image via HoYoverse), is highlighted in the S-tier in Honkai Star Rail. The characters in this tier are excellent DPS choices, although they may benefit from some support to truly shine in combat. The following characters fall into this category:

  • Topaz & Numby
  • Argenti
  • Jung Yuan
  • Clara

While these characters may not be as powerful as those in the SS+ tier, they can still easily defeat opponents when placed on the right team. Their effectiveness is enhanced with strategic support and team composition.

·        A tier

Himeko, navigator of Astral Express (Image via HoYoverse), is featured in the A-tier in Honkai Star Rail. The characters in this tier were once considered powerful but are now not as viable in the current Honkai Star Rail meta. The following characters fall into this category:

  • Yanqing
  • Himeko
  • Guinaifen
  • Sushang
  • Hook
  • Dan Heng

While characters like Yanqing and Himeko can hold their own, others like Hook, Dan Heng, and Sushang require support from their allies to truly shine on the battlefield. Team synergy is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of these A-tier characters in combat.

Serval, eldest daughter of the Landau family (Image via HoYoverse), is placed in the B-tier in Honkai Star Rail. Characters in this tier are considered not useful in the current meta, inflicting negligible damage on their adversaries. The DPS units in this category include:

  • Serval
  • Qingque
  • Herta
  • Trailblazer (Destruction)
  • Arlan

To make these characters significantly impactful in end-game activities such as the Simulated Universe, a substantial amount of investment is required. As they are currently not deemed as effective in the meta, players may need to carefully consider resource allocation and team composition when including B-tier characters in their lineup.


By becoming familiar with the top-performing characters in various roles, you can assemble powerful teams capable of overcoming any opponent in Honkai Star Rail. Adjust your lineup strategically to counter specific enemy compositions and challenges. Making wise investments in your top fighters will ensure smooth progression in the game. Keep an eye out for updates, as new characters introduced in Honkai Star Rail may reshape the meta and offer fresh opportunities for team optimization.