Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]

Black Clover M Character Tier List: Rise of The Wizard King, developed by Garena International II, immerses players in an exhilarating RPG adventure featuring turn-based combat, intricate elemental mechanics, and diverse battle tactics. Inspired by the widely beloved Black Clover anime and manga series, the game has captivated the gaming community. Delve into our comprehensive Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King: Character Tier List for character rankings, strategic insights, and valuable tips to elevate your gaming experience.

Overview: Black Clover M Character Tier List

Discover the Best Characters in Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King Navigate our guide to explore and rank the top characters in Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King. Our detailed character tier list provides players with valuable insights into each character’s strengths and advantages, empowering them to make informed decisions when forming their in-game team.

Tier Classification: For simplicity, characters are divided into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This clear categorization system enables players to easily assess the potential of each character, facilitating the creation of a formidable team for their exciting adventure.

Black Clover M Character Tier List: Rise of The Wizard King

This Black Clover M Character Tier List categorizes characters based on their roles, helping you to strategize and build a well-balanced team for your Black Clover M adventure.

Here are some standouts Black Clover M Character Tier List:

Strong (S)

  • Attackers: Yami Sukehiro, Asta [Clover Academy], Licht, Rhya, Fana
  • Debuffers: Lotus Whomalt, Charlotte Roselei, Nebra Silva, Rill Boismortier
  • Defenders: Mars, Rades Spirito, Vetto
  • Healer: Mimosa [Clover Academy]
  • Supporters: William Vangeance, Finral Roulacase

Good (A)

  • Attackers: Jack the Ripper, Kiato, Yami [Clover Academy], Leopold Vermillion, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Yuno, Gauche Adlai
  • Debuffers: Magna Swing, Shiren Tium, Nozel Silva
  • Defenders: Asta, Sol Marron
  • Healers: Mimosa Vermillion, Theresa, Charmy Pappitson
  • Supporters: Sally, Valtos, Noelle Silva, Vanessa Enoteca, Gifso

Average (B)

  • Attackers: Luck Voltia, Solid Silva, Geork, Alecdora Sandler, Salim de Hapshass
  • Debuffers: Neige, Catherine, Gordon Agrippa, Heath Grice, Revchi Salik
  • Defenders: Baro, Klaus Lunettes, Sekke Bronzazza
  • Healer: Lily
  • Supporters: Marx Francois

Best Meta Characters in Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King

Selecting the right characters in Black Clover M is crucial, considering their unique qualities and the complexity of team composition. Personal preferences play a significant role, as a character’s effectiveness can vary based on individual playstyles.

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Here are some standout characters in the meta:

·        Best Debuffer – Lotus Whomalt: Master of Disruption

Lotus Whomalt excels at disrupting enemy plans in Black Clover Mobile, making him the top choice for debuffing adversaries. His Emit Smoke skill hinders all enemies by slowing them down. Taking it a step further, his Smoke Explosion skill not only damages enemies but also extends the duration of debuffs while reducing their damage resistance. Lotus Whomalt’s proficiency in creating chaos among enemies makes him an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King: Lotus-Whomalt

What truly elevates Lotus Whomalt to greatness is his special move, “Prison of the Fallen King.” This formidable technique involves surrounding all enemies with a devastating smoke tornado, not only inflicting damage but also amplifying the damage they receive from other sources. Adding to his disruptive arsenal, Lotus can strip enemies of their buffs and slow down their actions. With these exceptional skills and a unique ability that further weakens adversaries, Lotus Whomalt proves to be the ultimate disruptor, adept at thwarting enemy plans and contributing to your team’s victory in Black Clover Mobile.

·        Best Attacker – Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro stands out as a formidable attacker in Black Clover Mobile, boasting an SSR-grade status. His skill set makes him a powerhouse in battles, particularly with his Continuous Slash skill that inflicts substantial area-of-effect damage and a continuous Bleed effect on enemies. This gradually reduces their health over time.

Yami’s abilities, especially Wind Slash, synergize with the Bleed effect, making enemies vulnerable to stun and increasing the damage they take. His special move, Dark Cloaked Lightless Slash, deals heavy damage while boosting his critical hit rate and the chance of inflicting Bleed.

Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King: Yami Sukehiro

Yami’s prowess extends beyond basic attacks with his Combined Attack and United Attack, enhancing his strategic capabilities. These maneuvers allow coordinated strikes with allies, unleashing widespread damage or intensifying assaults on bleeding enemies. His passive skills, specializing in increased damage against bosses and a significant boost to critical damage, elevate him to the status of an elite attacker. Yami stands out for his remarkable versatility and unmatched damage potential on the battlefield.

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·        Mimosa [Clover Academy] – Guardian Angel of Healing

Mimosa, in her [Clover Academy] version, unquestionably takes the crown as the best healer in Black Clover Mobile. Her skills are a lifesaver for your team, ensuring everyone stays in optimal condition during battles.

Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King: Mimosa-Clover-Academy
  • Plant Energy Skill 1: This skill not only damages an enemy but also heals the ally with the lowest HP by 120% of their MATK. Moreover, there’s a good chance (45%) to grant an ally [SP+1], allowing your team to unleash powerful attacks more frequently.
  • Flower Garden Skill 2: A standout move where Mimosa creates a healing flower garden around herself. This skill provides healing to everyone, along with [HP Recovery], and fortifies them with [Increased DMG RES Lv. 2].
  • Dream of Recovery Special Skill: Mimosa’s ultimate move, akin to a magical garden, heals all allies significantly and enhances their durability with [Increased DEF Lv. 2]. Additionally, if someone is knocked out, she has the unique ability to revive them with 30% HP.

With these remarkable skills and her extraordinary power to revive allies, Mimosa serves as your team’s guardian angel, ensuring they remain strong and emerge victorious in every battle.

·        Best Defender – Mars: Guardian of Safety

Mars stands out as the premier defender in Black Clover Mobile, and his prowess lies in safeguarding your team. His skills are specifically crafted to ensure the security of your allies on the battlefield.

Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King: Mars
  • Mineral Fragment Skill 1: With a 60% chance to use [Taunt], Mars compels enemies to target him, diverting their attacks away from your team and allowing your allies to engage without worry.
  • Mineral Assault Skill 2: Mars not only inflicts damage on enemies but also introduces a good chance of [Stun]. Stunned enemies are incapacitated, reducing their ability to fight back and weakening their defenses.
  • Laevateinn Special Skill: Mars’ powerful move damages enemies and grants his team a defense boost with [Fortify Lv. 3]. Additionally, he possesses a special power that renders your entire team immune to harmful effects at the start of battle.

With this impressive skill set, Mars emerges as the ultimate defender, ensuring the safety and well-being of your team in every encounter.

·       Best Supporter – William Vengeance – Maestro of Support

William Vengeance emerges as a standout support character in Black Clover Mobile, seamlessly blending crowd control with team enhancement. His skills are strategically designed to exert control over the battlefield and empower allies.

Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
Black Clover M Character Tier List Guide: Rise of The Wizard King [List for December 2023]
  • Twisted Roots (Skill 1): This skill not only inflicts damage but also has a 40% chance to inflict [Transform], effectively incapacitating an enemy for a turn. This ability is a game-changer in dictating the pace of battle.
  • The Beating of the Magic Tree (Skill 2): Focused on enhancing allies, this skill grants an ally [Increased ATK Lv. 4] and [Increased SPD Lv. 4] for two turns, significantly boosting their attack power and speed. There’s also a 60% chance to provide an ally with 10% [Increased Mobility] when their Mobility is low.
  • Magic Tree Arrival (Special Skill): William’s ultimate move fortifies all allies with [Fortify Lv. 3] for two turns, reducing damage taken by 34%. Additionally, it grants a [Counterattack] to the ally with the highest ATK for one turn. This move further solidifies his role in controlling enemies and empowering allies, making him an invaluable addition to any team.
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Conclusion: Black Clover M Character Tier List

Black Clover M Character Tier List serves as a valuable guide for players, acting as a map to navigate the diverse options available. By categorizing characters into different groups, it simplifies the process of building strong teams based on strategic thinking and experience.

These tier groups allow players to make choices that align with their goals and preferred playstyles. Whether seeking powerful characters, a balanced team, or employing different strategies, the tier list provides the information needed to forge a path to success in the game. Black Clover M Character Tier List offers a myriad of ways to enjoy the game, and by consulting the tier list, players can discover what suits them best.