What’s Shaping The Success Of Mobile Gaming Today?

Less than 20 years ago, playing snake on your Nokia 3310 is already something. It’s so amazing how rapidly games have changed. Today, you can play almost any type of game including adventure and casino, plus the more competitive genres in eSports. The availability of these advanced games isn’t only the amazing part, but since 2016, mobile gaming had surpassed console and PC gaming. In fact, mobile gaming has already taken half of all the gaming industry’s revenue. Let’s take a look at how these factors are shaping the success of the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile Gaming Convenience

Everyone knows how convenient smartphones are. But now, they are even more convenient than many other things. There are over 2 billion players that are casual enough to only play for a short time. That’s why playing on your phones is always a worthwhile experience. And it’s also true in a reverse situation. More professionals are starting to explore different games because it’s now convenient for them to play. As you explore your phone’s capabilities, you can try as many games as you like and go for them. Many won’t even play if their interests aren’t available on their tablets and phones.

Advancements In Mobile technology

Just Cause Mobile Official Reveal Trailer

With technology steadily improving, there’ no doubt how mobile technology has greatly improved. Because the major players are always competing with one another, there will always be innovation. Therefore, many handhelds are now compatible with advanced games, like GTA San Andreas. Game devs are also capable of producing games with complex features, making them available on the go.

The Need For Entertainment

Because of the pandemic, there’s less social interaction. People would rather choose to be at home, just to be safe. And since they cannot go to cinemas, stadiums, or parks, they looked for ways to stay entertained even at home. Turning to your phone is almost an instinctual option, and mobile gaming is the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why mobile gaming has provided a reliable alternative to social interaction.

A Huge Market For Mobile Gaming

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All you need for mobile gaming is a capable smartphone or tablet, and voila!. A few years ago, smartphones are considered a luxury – something that reflects one’s status symbol – but it has become one of the necessities for productivity. You can imagine the number of smartphone users in the UK alone, then add those in other countries across the globe. You’ll understand that mobile game producers have a huge audience to target their products to.

In most cases, games are free-to-play, making people from all walks of life go into mobile gaming. And if you’re wondering how do the devs earn, it’s through ads and in-app purchases. Many games, like World of Tanks Blitz, allow players to play for free and then pay to have access to premium content (if they so decide). And although professional players wouldn’t mind spending a ton in such, they are only the minorities in the gaming industry. The possibility to download and play games for free or at a low cost is what attracts players to mobile gaming.

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The Introduction of AR & VR Gaming

With both AR and VR gaming available on mobile devices, mobile gaming is becoming interesting, making people more satisfied to play on their handheld devices. This technology makes gameplay look even more realistic and eyegasmic. Although it’s still in its early days, a significant number of professionals have been on it.

Cheaper Internet Connectivity

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Whether you wanna play or download your favorite online games on your smartphones, you’ll need internet access. Nowadays, more and more people can access the internet wherever they are. Especially in places where internet facilities are always available, it has become faster and cheaper. And with 5G entering the fray, there had been more improvements to mobile gaming. Other sources, such as free Wi-Fi at public places, mean that people can take the advantage to play their games without using their data.

Mobile Gaming: The Take-Away

Mobile gaming has taken over half of the global gaming industry, and its success is due to many factors. Among the important factors that shaped its success are the growing number of smartphone users, the introduction of virtual reality & augmented reality, and the never-ending smartphone innovation. Also, it’s convenient to play games on your phone since there are a ton of free-to-play games and the reduced social interaction has forced people to be more attached to their phones.

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