Steamer Dr Disrespect Suing Twitch After Last Year’s Incident

Dr Disrespect is filing a lawsuit against Twitch after his mysterious ban last year. The streamer – real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV – didn’t reveal further info regarding last year’s incident and neither did the streaming platform. That’s because when it comes to banning, Twitch usually will just notify the streamer that they are in violation of its Terms of Service, and nothing more.

Beahm’s streaming career has long been a center of multiple controversies, including live streaming inside a restroom during E3 2019. He got a two-week ban on Twitch from that incident, but his account was restored on June 25, 2019.

The Ban That Almost Took Down Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect statement ban

The streamer has since found a home on YouTube, where he continued his streaming career. It’s been over a year now, and he still rarely talks about his Twitch ban since then. Today, however, he finally said that he’s aware of the reason for his ban and is prepping to sue Twitch.

Beahm seemed to grow frustrated while recalling the damages inflicted on his online career. At the time of his ban, he has more than 23,000 subs and almost the same number of viewers as well, which would undoubtedly mean a reputation’s worth of revenue.

Why Twitch’s ‘Silent, But Deadly Approach’ Should Be Changed

Dr Disrespect diving

Twitch, which is known for not publicly acknowledging the reason for banning creators, usually only issues a ban statement that said it only issues bans when it has enough evidence that a streamer or creator has violated its Terms of Service. If Dr Disrespect still proceeds with the lawsuit, the public might finally know the reason behind all of these.

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All Eyes On Dr Disrespect Now

Dr Disrespect Is Suing The F* Out Of Twitch

Twitch assured that it will improve how bans will be issued in the future to prevent many streamers puzzled as to which rule did they violate and lose their income. Dr Disrespect’s situation is somewhat unique, and many will be following the matter once he fully decides to go with his lawsuit.

There’s Also The #ADayOffTwitch

Meanwhile, a minority of Twitch streams are planning to stage a protest amidst the trend called #ADayOffTwitch. The movement was started after streamers were reportedly experiencing mass hate and harassment, with many bot accounts flooding the platform and spamming hateful and racist speech.

The boycott will take place on September 1 and streamers are encouraged not to stream to help the cause.

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