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Lisa Watson is a New Zealander who writes technology articles for an international start-up called ProKNX, who produce innovative offline, voice-controlled smart-home assistants. She has a varied background in medical research, writing for magazines of all different types, and working with children with autism.
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How Did London City Get So Smart So Quickly?

London was voted the “smartest city” of the year for 2020 for its use of innovative smart technology in numerous sectors. The city uses smart, connected technology everywhere in an intelligent way. It uses it to combat problems in areas such as public transport and road use, to pollution monitoring and retrofitting of buildings to make them smarter. This is to make the daily life of the inhabitants easier and give them a healthier environment to live in.

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Smart Locks: How Secure Are They Really?

The holiday period is fast approaching in many parts of the world. People are packing their bags, and booking their travel to see far-flung family members. Before leaving, they prepare the house for a period of emptiness. They have their smart-lights set to turn on at random intervals. Their smart blinds are programmed to go down at dusk and rise again in the morning. All this to make it look as though someone is home. The smart cat-food dispenser is perfectly timed to keep your kitty contented, even without the owner around. Everything is ready.