Cisco Pulls Back From Its “Smart City” Plans

Smart City

Cisco halted its plans to help create “smart” cities. This is just the latest example of a big tech company struggling to enter a new, profitable area of business. The event comes as the pandemic disrupted the company’s efforts of providing networking hardware and has limited the ability of local authorities to finance them.

The Mega-Problem With Satellite Mega-Constellations

mega constellations

In this feature, we will explore what satellite mega-constellations are, why they are being made, and the dangers they pose to our planet.

How Many Secrets Are You Willing to Give Away to Use a Smart Assistant?

smart assistant

Smart automation simplifies our daily lives. As well, the use of smart personal assistants allows us to enjoy an increased our day to day comfort level. We can ask a smart assistant to turn on lights, turn down the heating, start the coffee-maker, or even see who is at the door, all without us lifting a … Read more

Could A 5G-Based Wireless Power Grid Ever Be Possible?

wireless power grid

A 5G-based wireless power grid could introduce a future without the need for batteries. If only there’s a way to make it possible.

5G and Edge Computing – A Vision for the Future

5g and edge computing

Imagine this. After a long day at work, you jump into the back of your driverless car, and give it a voice command to take you home.  The car heads off and deftly inserts itself into the smoothly flowing traffic. You remember that you and a friend agreed to meet on a beach in Fiji … Read more