General Motors Furthers Electric Car Program By Another 7 Billion

Electric Car

Since the matter about climate change is already at an alarming rate, and in order to be part of the solution to this, General Motors announced that it added another 7 billion dollars to its current budget of 30 billion in order to push electric vehicles in the market. During a press conference the company’s CEO, Mary Barra, told the audience that at least 30 vehicles will enter the global market by the middle of this decade.

How To Play Cheat Card Game

How To Play Cheat Card Game

Are you interested in learning how to play the cheat card game? Whether you know it as Cheat, I Doubt It, or Bullshit, this exciting card game involves players deceiving each other to get rid of their cards. It’s a game of strategy, bluffing, and careful observation. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you … Read more

Xbox Controller Batteries Are Still Size-AA Because Of A Marketing Agreement

Xbox Controller

Xbox controllers, even the newest ones, still use AA-sized batteries. According to Luke Anderson, they may have something to do with why. He stated that there’s always been a partnership between Microsoft Xbox and Duracell – a constant agreement that is locked in place.

TechsnGames Awards Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Gaming Keyboards

Having only the best gaming keyboards 2021 can make a huge difference between winning and losing a match. They may be pricier than their office counterparts, but they also offer more functionalities that cheap peripherals can’t match, such as software suites that let you reprogram keys, mechanical keys, and RGB lighting.

GTA 5 Cheats PS4 Unlimited Money: Unlocking Unlimited Money with GTA 5 Cheats on PS4

GTA 5 Cheats PS4 Unlimited Money

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a highly popular action game that offers players an expansive open-world environment filled with exciting missions and criminal activities. While the game encourages players to earn money through gameplay, some players may seek shortcuts to wealth accumulation. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore GTA 5 cheats specifically … Read more

Nicki Minaj Call Of Duty Mobile: The Game’s Hip-Hop Revolution

nicki minaj call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been known for its action-packed gameplay and ever-evolving content, but now it’s taking a bold step by adding some major star power to the mix. In a groundbreaking move, the popular first-person shooter game has introduced none other than the iconic rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj, as a playable character. … Read more