Will Quantum Teleportation Be Internet’s Future?

Quantum teleportation has been successfully demonstrated for the very first time. It’s the process of sending qubits of photons through fiber-optic cables. This scientific breakthrough could be used to develop quantum internet, which can revolutionize computing and data storage for many years to come. It can also be the start of a new era of communication.

According to sources, scientists send qubits through a 44-kilometer fiber-optic network with a 90% degree of fidelity. This network was built using readily-available materials, allowing for compatibility with existing infrastructures.

Quantum Teleportation Is The Future Of Internet
For The Internet’s Future

Qubits work by replacing the traditional 1’s and 0’s with quantum bits to encoded digital information. That means both 1 and 0 can function at the same time, and each qubit added to the machine will increase its power exponentially, rather than being linear.

How Does Quantum Teleportation Work?

To keep quantum internet running at the highest precision possible, it needs quantum memory and quantum repeaters. The first one resembles the memory of your computer or smartphone. Instead of the traditional 100100101, it stores info in ‘qubit’ forms. Meanwhile, the second one makes it travel as far as possible by splitting them into segments over which they’re teleported.

Therefore, it can be seen as transfer of quantum states from one place to another. The transfer is made possible by the use of quantum entanglement – wherein two particles are linked in a way the any shared info is shared with each other at exactly the same time. It’s more like the act of mirroring information with each other.

Quantum Teleportation Is The Future
Quantum Computers Are 100 Trillion Times More Powerful

That’s because the particles are in the state of probabilities. Their momentum, spin, and exact position is not determined until they are measured. It happens that photons are similar to this then becoming a new particle – all depending on how they’re measured.

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Panagiotis Spentzouris, head of the Quantum Science Program at Fermilab, said that they wanted to further the research to create a path for realizing its future, real-life applications in terms of quantum networks and communications. As well as testing some fundamental physics ideas from it. He jokingly added that people in social media are starting to sign up for a quantum ISP.

Learning Its Importance

To realize its true potential, quantum computers are 100 trillion times more powerful than the supercomputers currently existing around. Teams from both Google and China’s University of Science and Technology did the impossible by using two different methods.

Just recently, the US Department of Energy unveiled a quantum internet layout for Chicago; and the demonstration achieved by the two teams could lay the foundation of a “metropolitan quantum network” sooner than you think.

Quantum Teleportation Is Real!

The research has been published by experts from AT&T, Harvard University, Fermilab, University of Calgary, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

One of the researchers named Professor Spiropulu said that they are proud of this scientific milestone that might be the internet’s future. He added that the system upgrades are expected to be completed by Q2 2021.

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