Why Is Hitman 3 Better Than The Previous Versions?

The Hitman 3 is available on multiple platforms. It’s one of the chief targets of IO Interactive. And ever since the game was released earlier this year, gamers had plenty of remarks and adorations for Hitman 3. Most of those reviews are far in comparison to the previous versions. The Hitman series is one of the most scrutinized and controversial games in recent times. But that does not tell you half the story as to why Hitman is the best assassination-themed stealth video game around, right?

Maps And Modes

Among the first things appreciated are the maps and they will assist you with your quest. There is a mysterious aspect to the plot that demands a good map. The IO Interactive has done an excellent job after the previous versions. The previous Hitman: Absolution was not received as generously as the Hitman 3. The Hitman 2 has multiplayer roles that added to its popularity. But the makers removed it for this installment. They went against it to keep the Contracts mode. This will allow players to make their own map selections. Typically, five from 24 maps in the whole series. 


Why Is Hitman 3 Better Game among them?

The Hitman 3 has included the maps of its previous version but in a more modern way. This has an added benefit. Players understand the change that has taken place with respect to the costume and gameplay. Also, this would make players more engaged as the same old version would make it monotonous, which a lot of gamers complain about the sequels. IO Interactive has done a good job when it comes to the setting. All the settings are modernized with improved graphics. The Showstopper is the game’s first mission. That’s why the new version has also secured a demand that it derives through an excellent plot, setting, and character development. 

Agent 47

Agent 47 is the protagonist of the game. You can also call him an anti-hero. The term is popular these days, especially with the DC movies about villains being the lead of their franchise and doing a good thing for society. Well, that is just half of what Agent 47 is about. In the game, Agent 47 travels through the Middle East and Europe. He is not just a brute assassin but also a clever customer. 

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He is capable of solving puzzles if you throw a few his way. That is exactly what happens through the shortcuts. They are persistent and are new, only introduced in Hitman 3. During the earlier versions, the characters find different reasons to take down the International Contract Agency (ICA). The ICA has exploited and is responsible for the deaths of his associates, Diana’s parents. Much like the Mission Impossible series, this series also has a team. The two work with Lucas Grey, an international mercenary. He can be compared to bane from the Dark Knight Rises. But without any mask. There is also a hacker called Olivia Hall, who will be encountered through Grey.

The Black Hat

This is one of the favorite targets of the Hitman series. The Black Hat is now live in Paris. The Hitman 3 has the task of killing a hacker. The absence of any credible images of the person makes the task difficult. But careful consideration is needed. Also, the event takes place during a fashion show. So, Agent 47 must also be wary of the civilians who cannot be hurt in any way. The map allows you to locate different places like the roof, floor, or attic. It would be best if you also hit the guard with the briefcase that you carry along. When you finally arrive at his room with several computers, as all the hackers usually have, you do abstract as much information as you can before killing the hacker. You need to find your way back, afterward.

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Location And Task

Why Is Hitman 3 Better, Huh?

They travel through several locations like Dubai, China, Berlin, etc. The team exposes the ICA to the public. The ICA is finally out. But there is a bigger plot twist that will blow your mind. The notorious Edwards convinces Diana that it is, in fact, her friend Agent 47 who killed her parents. But Diana could not be taken as a fool; she plays both of them. 


The Serum is the center of the game. Well, at least partly. Without the Serum, the ICA would not be working. Well, the Serum is capable of wiping one’s memory and making them do anything. So, the ICA plans to inject the Serum into Agent 47 and make him work for them again. That doesn’t work for them. Also, Diana gets hold of the Providence. She reinstates the position of Agent 47. They are now back as an assassin and handler. 

Goodies And The Pride Profusion

The season has come to live with a bang of goodies. Well, the devs definitely know how to attract gamers. Goodies are something that gamers won’t miss. They would cherish having them as a collection. Who knows why? But they may pawn it off at a later stage when the game is in the archaic stage. Or get it signed by one of the executives who only add to the value of the product. 

The Pride Profusion is one of the most exciting missions in the game. Well, since it has not yet been released, people are still in the speculation phase of what, how, and where of the mission. But one thing that we know for sure is that the game is set in the beautiful Chinese city of Chongqing. The advanced maps and features are only going to be a plus of the game. Well, apart from that, there is one more thing fans are excited about. It is the DLCs. This is going to help you create contracts. However, there is no limitation, which is the game’s biggest turn-on. There won’t be any restriction regarding the contracts. 

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Why Is Hitman 3 Better, Then?

Hitman 3 Has Already Sold More Than The Previous Game

The Hitman 3 has been doing good since its release. People have been speculating about a movie. But if there is one, it would only add on to the fantastic world. They have also introduced a Nintendo Switch version that is supported through the cloud. This has only increased their fan base and allowed several other players to take an active part in the game. 

One of the negative reviews is that the game ends very soon. But it certainly depends on the person. Also, there are only six levels that won’t help much in the long run. 

People took about an hour for each level when they played it for the first time. But after all, it’s a video game; there is no restriction on the number of times you can play. Also, if you have a high-resolution outbox, any number of times would not satiate your thirst to play. The game comes with stealth, hiding bodies, shadows, and things of that sort. So, keep playing to check new things that you may have missed.

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