Why Is EA Sports Planning To Rename Its Franchise?

A week after FIFA 22’s launch, EA Sports general manager Cam Weber made an important announcement about the future of their football video game franchise.

According to Weber, while EA is reviewing its naming rights with FIFA, they are considering a name change to continue their successful series moving forward.

He added that since there’s a bright future in the world of football, they’ll ensure every bit of opportunity to deliver the best interactive football experiences ever.

The FIFA franchise has been known for 30 years now, but that could all change because of the recent EA-FIFA split.

The Reason Behind The EA Sports Name Change

EA Sports Benzema
Real Madrid CF

As with most things, EA’s move for a name change has something to do with money and greed.

The New York Times revealed that FIFA is demanding at least double the amount of dosh for EA to continue using the franchise’s name for four more years.

FIFA has been receiving $100 million each year from the video game sales. Though this time, they’re raising the bar to more than $1 billion to guarantee an extended licensing agreement with EA.

With their previous agreement about to end this year, both parties have failed to find a common ground to extend and renew their partnerships.

So as Weber alluded to, EA even with the name change is still confident that they’ll be successful even without the FIFA moniker.

After all, EA still holds several football-related clubs, leagues, and associations to ensure that the sudden split wouldn’t impact the game franchise too much.

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EA Sports F.C. – The New Face Of Next Football Video Games?

EA Trademarks EA Sports F.C.

While the name ‘FIFA’ is already synonymous with the videogame series, there are still other alternative names they could stick to in the future.

EA recently registered its trademark – EA Sports F.C. in both the U.K. and the European Union with that the current frontrunner.

Meanwhile, football video game rival Konami also changed theirs from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) to eFootball.

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