Why Is Dying Light 2 One Of The Most Anticipated Games Of 2022?

Fans have been waiting for Dying light 2 ever since Techland announced that the game would be released in 2020. But we all know that the game is far from being released. Last month, the company had announced that will postpone the target release date. This has only agitated the fans more. But there’s still good news: a gameplay has been revealed!

Dying Light 2 was expected to be a sequel. But, that’s not exactly the case this time. It’s more like something in-between. It is a survival story but also has a horror angle to it. But that’s not all, since there’s is the mystery aspect, too, with respect to the lead character. Let us not waste any more time and check out why Dying Light 2 is still one of the most intriguing games of the year. 

Chris Avellone Comes In Dying Light 2

This may be one of the most beautiful things that have happened to the game’s development. Chris Avellone has been a veteran writer in the video game industry, even when he was in his teenage years. He has also authored multiple comic books. So, who better than him to come up with the story for Dying Light 2.

Avellone has himself went on to say that the game strictly follows the action-reaction theme. Meaning there is no preset simulation that takes you regardless of what you do. Your choice determines where you are going to land. This makes the game very special as there are plenty of other simulations that you may have entered if not for the right set of decisions that you are supposed to make. We all know how the Witcher 3 turned out in which Chris was the lead writer and story architect. 

Dark Ages

Dying Light 2 With The City

The “Dark Ages” appears a lot in the gaming world. It is also synonymous with inferno or apocalypse. But the Dark ages in this game is quite different. The themes include infidelity, betrayal, etc. Also, the Zombies are one of the main presets of the game. Part one also included zombies. But the makers have made sure to reduce the dependence.

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The zombies are just a minor part of the narrative. They just are present through scenarios. But they are the real deal. Zombies only help with the progression of the narrative. The team has also taken several pages from the “Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” to design a setting that makes the human characters intimidating as the other horror characters. 

Aiden Caldwell 

Aiden Caldwell is the protagonist of the game. The open-world game has a storyline that is environment-themed. Aiden is in search of the truth related to his past. That is why he comes to the city. The city might be the last foothold of human beings. Rest all being succumbed to the apocalypse. To help the character, there are night runners.

They are those people who will help when you are about to encounter an innumerable number of zombies whom you won’t be able to take them out on your own. As before, the game is set in 2030 under the assumption that the world fell 15 years ago. There’s a need for a new civilization. Resources are limited, and people will have to fight to gain peace.


The obstacles are plenty. A player character must find ways of making his city a better place to live. To get the civilization going. There are a lot of bad people around—Renegades and ex-prisoners who want to control the city. You are under the threat of these people who are ready to take any chance that comes their way.

The player-character must ensure that the city should not fall under the clutches of the ex-convicts. Also, the factions are not that entirely bad. You can find characters that may be good and can help you. So, be clever to choose the right fight. 

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The Night In Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 During The Night

The night will test your courage when playing the game. Everyone, including the central character, sidekicks, and the renegades, are afraid of the dark. Because once the sun falls, it is time for the monsters to crawl out. The monsters have mutated over 15 years.

They are deadly and do not have uniform shapes. The evolution has made them strong and powerful. They can not be defeated. Hence, it is important during the night to stay off the ground and run through the roofs. The roofs and verticality of the city will give you an edge. But do not just cringe away from the night. The night also has a lot of things to offer. 

Release Date 

The makers of this game have finally come up with a date. Yes, it was announced two days ago that the game would be released on December 15, 2021. That’s good news,  right? Another thing that you must pay more attention to is the name. Even though people have gone about calling it DL 2, or the sequel, it is more important to understand the non-humanistic aspect. The foremost thing, as the subtitle suggests, is staying human. Well, only if you can stay human would you be able to mold the city and veer the events in the right direction. 

Also, Dying human 2 is composed by Olivier Deriviere, who is known for his excellence with the score. The gameplay reveal didn’t have too much music. That is because it features events of action. The composition of Olivier Deriviere will come into the picture when the characters go through a pondering state. His works will help to set the tone and mood of the narrative. You will be able to find the motivation that is required to play a game with numerous elements in Dying Light 2.

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The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The PlayStation and Xbox platforms are the favorites. But Microsoft Windows has also taken an edge when it comes to flexibility and graphics. The role-playing game is critically acclaimed when it comes to compatibility. The devs have made huge leaps when it comes to story advancements and graphics. 

Dying Light 2 – Conclusion

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Gameplay Supercut Trailer

The central character has feasible parkour skills. Even on the roofs, you’ll be able to trust your skills to jump from one roof to another. Dying Light 2 is a blend of multiple worlds and themes that will take a lot of time to comprehend completely. You will learn different skills, and your ability to face the situation grows. 

That is why you should stay human to achieve the goal. The release date was announced as December 7, 2021. Hopefully, it will happen this time. Let us hope that the company resolves any of the issues that they are facing and release the dates as soon as they can.

In a world that is so exciting, it is difficult to only keep dreaming about it and not play. The Dying Light 2 is one such game that will hog all the limelight upon release. The gaming community and the diverse gamers, in general, will unite in embracing the game and appreciating it for its excellence.

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