Who Killed Guizhong Genshin Impact? Things To Know About Her

When it comes to Liyue, Guizhong Genshin Impact has a long history. Here, we will be showing you some interesting things about her that you may not have known.

Who is Guizhong Genshin Impact

In the Guili Assembly, Guizhong, a God of Dust, served as one of the elders. She was clever and kind, but not particularly powerful, so she teamed up with Morax to control the Guili Assembly.

The Guizhong Ballista, which Guizhong developed with the adept’s help, was one of her accomplishments; she also appears to have gathered Khaenri’ah technology, such as Ruin Machines, for research purposes.

Liyue’s background is heavily influenced by Guizhong, even though she is no longer a character in Genshin Impact. It is possible to find traces of the goddess in several locations across the region, shedding light on her tragic past. Both Zhongli and the Cloud Retainer regarded her highly as the God of Dust, and her official title was “God of Dust.”

Even though Guizhong lacked the clout of her companions, she went above and above to aid Zhongli even before he was the geo archon. Humans were also among her many supporters, many of whom have ancestors still living in Liyue Harbor now.

We will cover all you need to know about Guizhong Genshin Impact in this post.

Who Killed Guizhong Genshin Impact?

Some players even go so far as to claim that Zhongli killed Guizhong. During the Archon War, she was killed in battle, and the people of the Guili Assembly were forced to flee to Liyue Harbor in the south. Guizhong’s legacy has been perpetuated through historical writings since her death. In addition, Guizhong was standing close near to Zhongli when she died.

Her death is reported to have occurred among the same glaze lilies where she and Zhongli first met. In the final moments of her life, she grins at Zhongli and tells him to forget about the dumbbell she had challenged him with before. After Guizhong’s death, her body decomposed into dust.

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Facts You Need to Know About Guizhong Genshin Impact.

In this section, we’ll cover some little-known details concerning the Guizhong Genshin Impact. Continue reading!

  1. Guizhong Genshin Impact Was a Great Architect
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In addition to being exceptionally gifted, Guizhong Genshin Impact was also extremely intelligent. She can construct machines, and numerous signs point to her as the person who constructed the Guizhong Ballista. Many people also believe that Guizhong Genshin Impact was the source who imparted a significant percentage of her immense knowledge to Zhongli.

Despite her lack of physical strength, Guizhong supplemented her mechanical expertise and extensive understanding of the subject.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact Loved Glaze Lilies

Glaze Lilies are a prominent and repeating motif in Liyue. In some ways, this may be traced back to Guizhong and her chance encounter with Zhongli in a field full of them. She adored the flower, and it is for this reason that Zhongli included it in the rite of parting, which is most likely his means of honouring and immortalizing his friend.

Guizhong Genshin Impact is even included in the description of the flora, which is becoming increasingly rare.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact Has a Lullaby

In the game, there is a song named Guizhong’s Lullaby that you can listen to. This song is extremely rare and easy to overlook because it only plays for a brief period when Xiao initially appears in the scene in question. Although only a little portion of the song is played, some players have reported being able to locate the sound file in the game.

If Zhongli has a story mission that dives into his former relationship with Guizhong, this song would likely be played again.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact had a very close relationship with Zhongli.

They were quite close, and it’s highly possible that they had a more intimate relationship with one another than was publicly acknowledged. The two of them governed over the same territory, and their first meeting was surprisingly pleasant. In her parting words, she expressed her desire that Zhongli not be required to solve the riddle she had given him when they first met.

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Although romance has yet to play a significant role in Genshin Impact, Guizhong may be the reason that Zhongli has been unable to find a suitable companion for himself.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact has a soft spot for humans.

When it comes to Guizhong’s lore, one of the things that fans consistently mention is how much she adored humans. Despite her adept position, it is claimed that she was able to empathize with them and understand their wishes. This prompted her to want to do more to assist them, which is also why she decided to teach them how to farm.

Guizhong Genshin Impact is most likely one of the reasons that humans were able to develop so far in Liyue and establish such a prosperous metropolis in the first place.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact Ruled the Guili Plains

Guizhong persuaded her people to relocate to the Guili Plains, where they prospered for several years under her leadership. Interestingly, the ruins that players can find scattered throughout the area date back to the time when Guizhong was keeping a close eye on things with the assistance of her friend Rex Morax.

Upon establishing the Guili Plains, it is stated that her people prospered and had a prosperous lifestyle. “Guili” is a mixture of the names Zhongli and Guizhong, which is how the name “Guili” came to be.

  • Guizhong Genshin Impact Owned The Realm of Clouds

There’s an interesting region that may be entered through the Luhua Pool’s domain, the Realm of Clouds. Artifacts, including some deemed wicked, were stored in the realm by Guizhong.

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She was also studying mechanics at this period to help defend her people. The Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula is the only way to enter the Realm of Clouds.

Guizhong’s kindness was one of her most distinguishing characteristics. The end-game legend describes her as both soft and kind-hearted. She had a strict moral code for her subordinates and seemed to care only about the well-being of the people around her.

Her people adored her because she went above and beyond to see that the people around her prospered.