When Does Meowth Evolve In Pokemon Sword

Our top game of 2019 is Pokémon Sword and Shield, which has been a tremendous hit. Meowth, which can evolve into Persian, can be found in the Pokedex, which is smaller than previous versions from Game Freak. You may probably be asking yourself; when does Meowth evolve? At what level does Meowth evolve into Persian? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered in this article.

Even while the Galar Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield has many previously unknown species, it also contains a few old favorites. Meowth is one of many Pokemon with Galar-specific variations that can only be found in the area. The Galar variety has a longer beard, however, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can also find a Kanto Meowth, which may be evolved into a Persian Meowth. Below is a brief biology of Meowth.

Biology of Meowth

Meowth is a little feline Pokémon with cream-colored fur that darkens to brown at the ends of its paws and tail. It has four pronounced whiskers, big eyes with slit pupils, sharp teeth in the upper jaw, and a gold koban coin lodged in its forehead. There are two sets of lengthy whiskers on each side of its black and brown ears.

When it comes to Meowth’s capacity to walk on its rear legs, he’s a quadruped, which means he’s able to walk on all fours. When it wishes to travel stealthily, it can retract its claws. Its tail is strongly curled towards the tip.

Pay Day, which was Meowth’s trademark move from Generations II through VI, allows it to make coins, which it is drawn to. Due to its nocturnal nature, it is known to prowl city streets at night in search of shiny objects, such as loose cash. Whenever it comes into contact with a glittering item, its eyes will sparkle and the coin on its forehead will be a brilliant white light.

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At least one member of the Meowth species has learned to talk on its own, demonstrating the species’ human-like intellect. It is common for Meowth to be found in urban settings.

Meowth’s appearance differs somewhat from Alola. The Alolan Meowth’s fur is a pale blue-gray color. Instead of brown markings, its tail, whiskers, fingers, and the insides of its ears are a whitish-gray. When compared to ordinary Meowth, Alolan Meowth’s whiskers are slightly curved and it has silvery eyes.

Meowth was given to Alola’s monarchy as a token of gratitude. Meowth quickly becomes greedy, arrogant, and deceitful Alolan Meowth as a result of the lavish royal lifestyle. If Alolan Meowth’s currency or pride is tarnished, it will go into fits of frenzy. After the fall of the monarchy, the once-rare Alolan Meowth became wild and became as widespread as any other in the land.

When Does Meowth Evolve In Pokemon Sword 1

In addition to yellow eyes and teeth, Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat that resembles a beard, as well. Now that its coin has become black and is exceedingly hard, the species holds the darkest and hardest coins in high regard. Galarian Meowth’s physique has partly turned to iron as a consequence of living with a barbaric maritime people for many years. Galarian Meowth can evolve into Perrserker, rather than Persian, as a consequence of several encounters. Both Kantonian Meowth and Galarian Meowth do not get along with each other.

Galars in Pokémon Sword and Shield needs a normal Persian, which is mysteriously absent from the game’s database.

Why? Because it can only be obtained in-game through transactions. Due to the existence of Galar Meowth and Purrserker, it does not appear on the overworld. Before you can begin your journey to get its evolution, you will first need to obtain a Galarian Meowth. This is a prerequisite for continuing your journey.

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How To Get Galarian Meowth 

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Galarian Meowth can only be found on one route. Galarian Meowth’s main spawn location is Route 4, however, it has a high chance of spawning there as well.

In the overworld, you’ll have a 25% chance of encountering it, while in the grass, you’ll have a 35% chance.

How to Catch Kantonian Meowth

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the following is a guideline that will assist you in capturing a Kantonian Persian. Meowth’s last evolution, Persian, was first introduced in Generation I and is the final Meowth evolution. Meowth has evolved in Galar, making it more difficult to locate the Kantonian variety. Fortunately, there is one certain method to get one early on in the game: via a trade.

You may get Meowth in either his Kantonian or Standard Form by engaging in a trade with a youngster located in the Turffield Gym. The Galarian Meowth will be exchanged with the Kantonian Meowth. There are no other known ways to get Kantonian Meowth, therefore your only option is this technique.

There is a Gym located in Turffield, the first town featuring a Gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You should approach it immediately when you arrive. He will express his disappointment in not being able to capture a Galarian Meowth and will offer to swap his Kantonian Meowth for one of the Galarian types.

Bring the youngster a Galarian Meowth in exchange for his own Meowth.

After you have completed this deal and obtained the Kantonian Meowth, you may use either of Galar’s DayCares to breed your Kantonian Meowth with a Ditto. It is expected that the egg will produce a Kantonian Shape Meowth since the parents of the egg decide the form of the birthed Pokémon.

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So when does the Meowth evolve into the Persian Meowth? Nevertheless, the next section will go into further detail.

When does Meowth evolve into Persian?

At level 28, the Meowth evolves into its Persian form. If you want it to level up quickly, all you need to do is keep it in your party, play with it in Pokemon Camps, and combat it with your Meowth. Once it reaches level 28, evolution will take place automatically.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you now know both how to obtain a Kanto Meowth and even how to evolve it into a Persian. When the Meowth reaches level 28, it will develop into a Kantonian Persian if it is trained up to that point.