What Will Humans Look Like 1 Million Years In The Future?

Will our successors be Cyberpunk 2077-looking, with detachable limbs and cameras for eyes like something straight from sci-fi? Might we morph into a hybrid, superior species? Or could we have different facial features and skin color?

No one knows (yet), for sure. But to consider the question, let’s backtrack a million years to see what we were back then. At the time, the modern humans like you and me didn’t exist yet, and the best and most advanced technology we had at that time were the hand axe and fire.

Let’s forward during the last 10,000 years, there have been new ways for humans to adapt to. The abundance of food has led to health problems that only science can solve, such as insulin for treating diabetes. Meanwhile, humans have become taller, and in some cases, fatter.

1 Million Years For Robots
Relationship Between Human And Machine

According to Thomas Mailund, we could evolve to be smaller which would be handy in the present-day world. There’s also this looming possibility that humans will merge machines within them, making them as one. People have been struggling to maintain and take care of their memory as they grow old. In the future, remembering everyone’s names, personalities, and physical features might become a much more important skill.

Technology In 1 Million Years

According to Thomas, here’s where technology comes in. A brain implant will do the trick, and truth be told, we’re actually capable of doing that nowadays. However, we still don’t know how to wire it properly; and we will eventually get there.

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Brian Green of Columbia University stated that humans may have the capability to solve their problems, but that will likely only lead to newer questions.

People have invented the pacemaker and discovered hip implant already. But in the future, implants may be viewed in a different light – possibly to help improve a person overall. For example, having an artificial eye that helps you read different frequencies of color and visuals.

1 Million Years For Genome
Tweaking The Human Genome

Scientists nowadays have also been able to change the genes of embryos, even though it’s controversial and unethical in other views. But in the future, it may be seen as unethical NOT to fix that person in need. With that may come a choice about the baby’s specific features, so perhaps parents will finally be able to customize their babies.

According to Mailun, what we do with dogs, we’ll do with humans eventually.

Another example is Einstein’s theory of general relativity that enables us to address the origins of the universe which wasn’t possible in the early days. In some cases, scientists may spend their lifetime asking the wrong questions. For instance, Johannes Kepler, spend decades figuring out the reason behind Sun’s distance from the Earth.

Aside from scientists, others involve some sci-fi writers who are always dreaming about future worlds. One of these is Charles Soule with his own sci-fi series “Letter 44.” It tells a story about a future mission to investigate an extraterrestrial anomaly along the asteroid belt.

The 1 Million Concept Being An Abstract

Soule said that the year 1 million years concept is more like an abstract. For instance, we’re now able to realize how effective we are when dealing with modern-way problems.

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The idea may seem far-fetched, but Soule claimed that sci-fi is where people can go “all-in” and think “crazy stuff” with its implications.

And what about space? If humans will finally be able to live on the Moon and Mars, how would we evolve in those celestial bodies? We know that they have lower gravities, so our muscles are expected to change the structure. Perhaps we will have longer limbs, or could even become chubbier. Only time will tell.

What Would Humans Look Like In 1 Million Years?

He added that although sci-fi isn’t really that accurate, it’s influence can be seen in many areas such as gadgets, weaponry, vehicle designs.

1 million years might certainly be very interesting. However, it’s quite a shame that we won’t be there to witness it.

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