What Is The Best Th11 War Base

What Is The Best Th11 War Base? The Town Hall on the 11th level has been completely reconstructed from the ground up, with stone-faced walls throughout. A massive chain fence has been constructed around the whole area in place of the usual wooden penning gate.

In the eleventh level of the game, you will have access to four new structures (the Cannon, Wizard’s Tower, Archer’s Tower, and X-Bow), as well as two new armies (Grand Warden and Eagle Artillery). The level of elixir and gold storage can be increased to 12, and the level of the laboratory may be raised to the ninth level via upgrading. In terms of defenses, you’ll be able to build up to a Wizard Tower on the ninth level.

This article contains the seven best th11 war bases on the internet. Here’s another surprise: I’ll also provide a link to a website where you can easily copy the base by just clicking on it if you so choose. As a consequence, you won’t have to worry about putting together bases or wasting time while doing so.

As a result, let us take a look at the best TH11 war base.

Best Th11 War Base

There are four unique portions of this Best TH11 War Base, which are located in each of the four corners. The town hall is located in the heart of one portion, which is protected by cannon, mortar, and air-defence towers. The eagle cannon in the opposite corner serves as a deterrent for the whole clan. All of the clan’s resource towers are placed in the same locations. Archer queen alter is also a member of the clan, which is protected by a large army.

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Anti Everything Best TH11War Bases

There are no unneeded structures in the clan’s interior; thus, this is the second-best alternative. As a precaution, the clan’s defensive structures and army towers cover much of this best TH11 war base’s exterior. The TH11 clash of clans base’s strongest feature, the eagle cannon, is strategically positioned in the middle. The town hall on the side square is well-protected on all four sides.


TH11 War Base without Eagle Artillery

The simplest and most straightforward layouts are shown in this base. The TH11 battleground is well-defended. Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden have been added to the TH11 clash of the clans, which is a great addition. In this Best TH11 War Base, the clan’s outside wall has been divided into many distinct portions. Defence towers, army towers, resource buildings, and other structures can be found in each area. To keep the town hall safe, archer queen alters and strong anti-defense towers have been installed. An even more powerful army can be seen beyond the wall, which is enclosed by a hardened barrier.


Th11 War Base Anti 2 Star

This is a base designed to counter the Electro Dragon. Because the structures are widely dispersed, the electro dragon has his work cut out for him.

Because of the strategic placement of the Air Defenses, the attacker will have to use more freeze spells to overcome them. These bases are electrical dragon killers if the spell-casting timing is off, as it usually is.


TH11 Anti Bowler War Base

When creating a high-level TH11 war zone, you must have the greatest anti-war towers available. Eagle artillery, air defense, cannon tower, and archery should all be used in the most effective manner. Heavy walls and anti-defense towers surround the town hall in this Best TH11 War Base. The clan is well-protected, both within and outside the clan, by a large and well-equipped army.

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What Is The Best Th11 War Base

Best Th11 War Base Th11 2022

TH, CC, and Eagle Artillery can be seen in a row with the assistance of Air Defenses at this combat base. As a result, the adversary may have to concentrate his forces on the structure as well, reducing their overall strength.

This base is vulnerable to a powerful Electro dragon assault, though. However, one can experiment with this base in your practice games to see how it performs. This base, which we had no idea about, is really surprising us.


Town Hall 11 War Base Anti-Air Troop

To be completely honest, we believe that this base that we have provided with you is the greatest base for air troops available anywhere. When you look at this specific base, you can see how well air traps and air defence have been put, and you can also see how well the concealed Tesla has been positioned. So let’s look into the air forces this base is capable of dealing with in the most effective way.

1.         Electro Drag Assault  – This is the most often used air attacking tactic, and it is also the greatest air attacking strategy used by Town Hall 11. An opponent can utilize a combination of a loon and rest electro drag as part of this assault tactic, and up to four rage spells, one poison, and two freezes may also be used.

2.         Drag Assault Technique – Secondly, the Drag assault technique, which was popular before the elec drag upgrade was implemented in COC, involves the opponent first breaking the two air defences with speel, followed by the deployment of dragons and several loons from the side corner of the battlefield.

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I hope you like this collection of the best TH11 war base layouts. Consider organizing the plan by date, number of views, or rating, and don’t forget to analyze the different criteria. That will make it easier for the other users to make a choice.Unless otherwise stated, all of the best Th11 war bases that I’ve provided with you have been thoroughly tested and have shown to be faultless in their operation.

Any queries or issues with copying these bases should be addressed in a comment, and we will make certain that they are not left behind.

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