Dragon Devil Fruit

Dragon Devil Fruit

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Want to know about the dragon devil fruit ability? When it comes to One Piece’s universe, Monkey D. Dragon is an essential figure since he heads one of the most powerful groups. The fact that Dragon is the notorious head of the Revolutionary Army and is dubbed the “World’s Worst Criminal” underscores just how deadly he is on an individual level.

Even though we’ve only seen a little portion of Dragon’s character so far, the appearances of his organization make him seem more powerful and capable. In addition, there are several abilities that One Piece fans may expect him to employ in the future.

The might of Monkey D. Dragon has been hinted at throughout the One Piece narrative. His true strength and talent, however, remain a mystery. Some of his followers believe it has nothing to do with his devil fruit’s mystical powers. Uranus, one of the three Ancient Weapons, has been given to him by his ancestor, the god of lightning. It’s not Uranus, in our perspective, but rather the abilities of his Devil Fruit. There have already been several hypotheses put up on this. Because of this, the topic of Monkey D. Dragon’s Devil Fruit will be the focus of this piece.


As the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, dubbed as the “World’s Worst Criminal,” Monkey D. Dragon has been striving to topple the World Government. In the Goa Kingdom, he is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and the son of Monkey D. Garp. As a result of saving Sabo’s life from a World Noble assault, he appointed the youngster as his deputy and subsequently promoted him to the rank of captain.

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After rescuing Luffy from Marine commander Smoker in the Loguetown Arc, Dragon was introduced. Since then, Dragon has appeared as a supporting character on sporadic occasions throughout the series.


Anime and manga depict Dragon as a tall, middle-aged guy with black hair styled into a widow’s peak and a dark crimson tattoo on the left side of his face. He has a little amount of facial hair. A large green robe conceals his revolutionary orange attire, which he wears beneath. Smiles are usually the best way to describe his demeanor. Dragon has only been seen without a smile on rare occasions, such as when Roger was put to death.

When Gol D. Roger was executed 22 years before the start of the story, Dragon had neither his tattoo nor his facial beard.

Dragon’s hair has grown somewhat longer during the time jump, now falling beyond his shoulders on the back of his neck.

What is the dragon Devil Fruit ability?

Even if he doesn’t have the Dragon Devil Fruit ability, it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that his abilities will be activated if he does. Dragon’s strength increases or decreases according to the sort of Devil Fruit he consumes.

Dragon Devil Fruit
Dragon Devil Fruit

He’d be able to impact his environment if he had a Paramecia sort of Devil Fruit. A Mythical Zoan, on the other hand, would provide him the ability to undergo a new metamorphosis and significantly increase his strength. Logia awakenings haven’t been shown to the public yet, but they’re likely to be as powerful as the other two already have been. The Devil Fruit awakening of Monkey D. Dragon would undoubtedly be spectacular. The powers of Dragon’s devil fruit are described in-depth in the following paragraphs.

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Logia or Zoan Type Dragon Devil Fruit

When it comes to manipulating the wind, many fans have theorized about having some type of devil fruit. During the rescue of Sabo, Dragon had taken control of a little tornado and was able to steer it properly.

During his time in Loguetown, he used wind manipulation to free Luffy from the clutches of the evil Smoker. We’ve noticed a remarkable shift in the weather everywhere Dragon travels. As a result, we may suppose that his devil fruit offers him the ability to regulate wind energy or climate. Is this a Zoan or Logia-type devil fruit, and how can he regulate the lighting? This issue arises.

On Reddit, a Redditor started a poll to determine what kind of fruit he has. Wind, a devil fruit of the Logia kind, has received the overwhelming majority of votes from enthusiasts. If it’s a Logia, there’s a possibility. It’s Logia, as we’ve seen, that is the devil’s fruit for all of nature. This is logical.

Some devotees, on the other hand, believe he has a demon fruit like the Mythical Bird Zoan. Lightning and wind may both be controlled by the Mythical Thunderbird. The dragon can control the weather.

It’s also possible to include more components. During Luffy’s incarceration in Loguetown, we saw a thunderous storm surge. The lightning in the series has not been proven to have been done by Dragon. However, if the rumor is accurate, he may be able to influence the weather. Then it’s Weather-Weather/Wind-Wind for him, in my opinion. Devil fruit of the Logia or Thunderbird Mythical-Zoan variety.

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Relation with Tribe

A tattoo under King’s left eye was shown in the most recent episode. Also, King is discovered to be a Lunarian. We also saw a variety of tattoos on Skypians throughout the Skypia arc. There’s a good chance that Dragon’s tattoo contains a secret tied to the Skypia or another indigenous people.

We also know that the Lunarian Tribe is capable of manipulating fire. Perhaps Dragon, like them, can influence the weather or wind in some way.

During Luffy’s execution in Loguetown, Dragon used weather manipulation to his advantage. So, this may be the power he inherited from a local tribe.

Talking about the “Will of D”, the D people can devour two or more devil fruits. Only Blackbeard, the World Government, and Doflamingo are privy to this information. Because of this, it’s possible that Dragon, like Blackbeard, ate two devil fruits and can wield his strength depending on the situation.


There is a sliver of truth in this hypothesis. Despite this, many fans believe that he possesses a Mythical Zoan Fruit and that his fruit’s talents include lighting and wind manipulation.

Theoretically, in nature, everything that has been said so far is just that: theories. As for how Oda sensei chooses to reveal the Dragon Devil Fruit of Monkey D. Dragon, it is entirely up to him. I hope you liked it!