Watch Dogs Legion Review: Story, Gameplay, And Everything You Need To Know

The Watch Dogs are coming back and this time it will bring its third installment, Watch Dogs: Legion, that is set to release on 29th October, 2020. In this third installment of the third person, action, and adventure series, the recruits of DedSec will fight against the new greedy establishment Albion to make London a free city again.

As Albion is keep threatening the freedom of the citizens, You can recruit absolutely anyone you wish in order to make your team strong and fight the enemy off.

I have had the chance to play the game for three straight hours and experience many crucial things this game has to offer.

In this article, we will share everything we got to know so far about the new game Watch Dogs: Legion and what you can expect when you will finally be playing this game with your PC or gaming console.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in…

The Story Of The Watch Dogs: Legion

DedSec, which is a special organization of hackers who has involvement in various playful to military operation, is finally back in the latest release of the Watch Dogs: Legion. In this game, the DedSec organization is still struggling to fight back against the sneaky yet malicious activities of cTOS which is a central operating system that control the whole city of London.

cTOS has successfully spread its influence everywhere. From your smartphone, home, vehicle, and even the drones, it has control over everything. And just like the previous versions, DedSec is still trying to uncover this breach of privacy by cTOS and expose its flaws to the world.

But all of the efforts of DedSec eventually backfires as it was trapped and framed as a terrorist group in the process. And although Timothy Dalton of DedSec was successful in removing the bomb from the House of Commons, he was unable to stop the other detonations all around the city. And because of this, the city of London suffered from a huge collateral damage, and DedSec is antagonized.

Right now, the people of London have little to no liberty as Albion took over the city. Its security forces is pressing forward as they wish and the upper ranks are making piles of money.

Now, you’re the new operative of the DedSec. And it’s up to you to clear the name of the organization from the false charges and obliterate Albion.

The Features Of The Watch Dogs: Legion

The new Watch Dogs: legion comes back with a lot of old and new features as well as with an multiplayer mode. Here are the most notable features of the third installment of Watch Dogs:

Recruit And Play As Any NPC

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According to the game franchise, the new Watch Dogs game would have no set protagonist and you can play the game as any NPC as you want. In other words, the role play, dialogues, and even the beat of the story will change depending on the character you choose to play the game with.

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Moreover, every single character has their own very specific attributes that might affect the way they play the game. For example, when you scan the citizens for new recruitment to the DedSec, you may come across who specializes only on hacking while others have better combative abilities. The ability of each character would depend on their background and their life history. As a result, most of the characters might not be the super badass ones you’re looking for. And some of them might also be average people who want to help DedSec for their cause.

According to a hardcore gamer, Chris, the squad is more similar to a book club with diverse abilities and interest than a group of dangerous people who are gonna take London back with force. And according to him, that’s what makes the game even more interesting.

But there’s no need to be discouraged just now as there are plenty of opportunities to assemble a kickass squad full of highly talented people. You can recruit a hitman who will help you get rid of the people of Albion. On the other hand, you can also recruit people who drive a car full of gadgets and explosives. The point is, every character would be different. And their potential abilities will be different too depending on their life and backstory.

However, the process of recruitment won’t be anything like a one-click thing. To recruit amazing people, you have to convince them. You have to make them believe that joining DedSec and risking their life really worth it. And to do that, you have to participate in the recruitment missions. In the mission, you can help a potential operative in their quest and pull them to your side.

The Classes Of DedSec Agents

DedSec Agent Classification
Image Credit – Screen Rant

Once you successfully recruit someone to the DedSec organization, you can assign them to one of the three available classes according to their abilities. The classes are:

  • Enforcer
  • Infiltrator
  • Hacker

They will all have most of the basic combat and sneak abilities. However, which class they really belong to will depend on the aspect or the ability they can perform the best. In the end, all the classes come down to the extra ability a operative have.

Let’s take a look at what each of the three classes specialize in and what makes them different.


The enforcers are just what they sound like. This class focuses most of their attention in the open combat carrying deadly weapons, explosives, and mines to destroy the enemy.

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The infiltrators mostly conducts stealth type combats using all the sneaky techniques they have in their arsenal. The most notable feature of the infiltrators is their AR cloak technique. With this technique, they can become invisible to the enemy for a brief period of time. According to Ubisoft, every citizen of London has a special implant in the nervous system. The infiltrators can manipulate those implants for a few moment making them invisible to the normal eyes.


The operatives of the hacker class known for their extreme sneakiness. However, instead of going out themselves, the hackers let their spider drone do all the work for them. So, even though the hackers usually don’t participate in direct combats, they use their drones to perform melee attacks and fulfill their jobs.

The Multiplayer Mode Will Be Back

On 3rd December, 2020, the Watch Dogs Legion will reveal their very own multiplayer mode. There will be many multiplayer missions in the open world as well as four player mission and 8-player PvPs where you will be in charge of a drone.

Ubisoft also bringing the much-anticipated invasion mode back in the latest and the third installment of the watch dogs franchise. With this, you can get into the world of a single person to hack into their data system.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Gameplay

Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay
Image Credit – VG247

Thanks to the tons of NPC and their various unique abilities, you can accomplish your missions using many different tactics. For example, in one mission, we had to rescue Mary from one of the torture sites. Since the torture chamber was hidden inside a construction site, I choose a construction worker to participate in the rescue operation.

To reach the torture spot where Mary was, I set an incapacitating explosion using industrial batteries and the transformers. After I set the explosion off, I went inside to rescue Mary. And before anyone could realize that I have rescued Mary already, I was more than halfway down with her while the Albion people were being obliterated here and there.

Playing with a gun is a little difficult and you have to put the time and effort to become totally comfortable with them. If you’re not an enforcer or in a sneak mission or a shoot-and-run player, it would always help if you go for the headshot. The guns you get from the demo are not quite strong enough. So, if you don’t keep moving using a gun like that, you can be easily overwhelmed by the enemy.

Unlike the last game of the series, the developers have made the driving experience a lot more realistic and tightly gripped. When you control the car behind the wheels, you would feel most of the natural sensation you feel while driving in the real world.

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For example, while driving in the game, I could feel the acceleration and deceleration as I was making my way to my target in the middle of a crowded road. Whenever I took a sudden turn, I could feel the sudden pull just like the real world thanks to the immersive gameplay and display.

However, if you want to make your life easier, you can always go to the settings and tweak the parameters a bit to drive more comfortably.

There are not many changes in the new game when it comes to the hacking. Just like the previous game of the Watch Dogs series, you can hack into multiple devices, vehicles, drones, and even electric circuit of the enemy facility. While you’re in a chase, you can use the cars, buses, and road blocks to your advantage. You can make them move as you wish.

Moreover, when you’re near an enemy spot, you can set booby traps using these same hacking skills to confuse and obliterate the enemies and completing your mission safely. You can use the skills in any way you can see fit using your own intellect. And that’s what makes the game even more fun to play.

Wrapping It Up: Final Opinion

After playing the game for three hours, I am really excited for the final launch of the Watch Dogs: Legion this October 29th. Ubisoft has made some major changes in the third installment of this game series. And the new change that makes every single one you see your potential recruit(even your enemy soldiers) makes the game even more diverse.

I liked the fact that every NPC is unique and has different sorts of abilities and skills. The Albion AI is absolutely ruthless and ready to kill you in the blink of an eye which makes you focus on the game with absolute urgency.

But as I played, the story of the post-Brexit London seemed quite monotonous. It would have been great if the developers include a number of sudden turns of events to make the story even more interesting Otherwise, I would say it’ll just be a showy game with loads of filler content.

But for now, I am totally ready to join the Legion.

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