Top 5 Minecraft Texture Packs For 2021

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games ever developed because of the endless possibilities it offers. However, as the version 1.17 is soon to be released, why not make it ever cooler by trying the best Minecraft texture packs around? Indeed, it is one of the games where you can freely express the figment of your imagination, without any restrictions. But how about trying these texture packs to make the game more realistic, and your online hangouts more enjoyable?


Vanilla-inspired is a texture pack that is influenced by the Minecraft game’s default block look.  At the same time, it usually uses higher resolution files than the default Minecraft. However, there are no modifications or addons in this texture pack.  You have a selection of blocks to choose and options to create a realistic world you prefer. It’s time to unleash your inner creativity right now to face a world beyond the basic.  

Best Minecraft Texture Packs: Jolicraft

Minecraft Texture Packs In Vanilla Version
Vanilla Version Of Minecraft

The Jolicraft texture pack gives a playful theme. This texture pack is inclined more on fantasy which is influenced by your own happy demeanor. Aside from that, Jolicraft gives a vibe of warm weather. Moreover, it lets you customize options so you can build your own texture on site. Lastly, it lets you choose how your game reflects every detail, from doors to shadows, or from water drops to clouds. 

Bare Bones

This one is another vanilla-inspired texture pack that add more liberty by stripping down textures to the most basic level. It’s full of flat colors that won’t have any extra shades anymore, which is good for low-end computers. If you want a texture pack that is straightforward and awesome at the same time, then this is for you.

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John Smith Legacy

Minecraft Texture Packs 2021 You Must Try Right Now
Minecraft With Texture Packs

John Smith Legacy is considered as the best fantasy texture packs for Minecraft. Moreover, it is one of the all-time favorites and is often used by a large player base. In addition to that, you can create a medieval theme that features castles and skeletons, futuristic buildings with robots, or many more things from your imagination. Lastly, John Smith Legacy world looks amazing with muted colors.  

Rodrigo’s Pack 

Rodrigo’s pack is all about having a simple and colorful cartoonish look. This texture is the smallest resolution pack because it is 8 by 8 blocks than 16 by 16-pixel squares. Furthermore, the block edges are outlined, and texture is blockier than ever before. This pack is designed to give a cleaner and brighter look and unnecessary details removed. Lastly, this is a user-friendly pack and gives the game a better performance on low-end devices. 

Minecraft Game Trailer

Minecraft at E3- Super Duper Graphics, And More!


As Update 1.17 looms along the horizon, it’s recommended to try these texture packs in order to transform your game into something more unique and realistic. The ones mentioned above have capabilities ranging from adding a touch of realism, to total conversion that is overall pleasing to the eye. Find the ones that suit your fancy by downloading them right away.

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