World Of Tanks VS War Thunder: Is War Thunder better than World of Tanks?

World Of Tanks VS War Thunder

While both games are already good as they are, has it ever crossed your mind about which is the best between World of Tanks VS War Thunder? While some may argue that War Thunder may already have gotten the first place right from the start, it won’t end there as easily as you may think. So, whether you’re a veteran of these games already, or just someone planning on trying these vehicular combat games to find their calling, try reading this mini-review to finally nail this undying question once and for all.

World Of Tanks – Online Video Game Review

World Of Tanks

How cool will it be to have a tank of your own and blast your enemies to smithereens? And, not just that. You got an arsenal of some of the biggest guns ever put on a tank! Isn’t that sweet? If you’re tank battles, explosions, and even more tank battles, this game might just be for you!

World Of Tanks Is Now On Steam, But Veteran Tankers Aren’t Happy About It

World Of Tanks Steam

World of Tanks PC can now be played on the Steam client. But there’s a catch, especially for those who are veterans of the game.