Steam Is Having Trouble Connecting To Steam Servers – 14 Ways to Fix It

Steam is having trouble connecting to steam servers

Steam is having trouble connecting to steam servers, how to fix it? This steam-related problem appears when you attempt to log in to your Steam account in the desktop version of the application, shortly after entering the credentials or after the automatic login process. The problem is very serious because different users do not have … Read more

Steam Deck Review – Specs, Design, Price & Release date

Steam Deck

Have you ever imagined playing the heaviest games around while lying down or even while in the toilet? Well, it’s not that impossible because Steam has entered the world of handheld with a bombshell announcement – the Steam Deck. Believed to be the most powerful gaming handheld to date, the Steam Deck is designed to … Read more

Back4Blood Says Racial Slur Was Unintentional And Will Be Fixed, Studio Promises

racial slur

Even though Back 4 Blood beta was well-received, it contained what seems to be a racial slur. Read how WB Games responded to the matter.

Feudal Kingdoms – The Indie Grand Strategy Game We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Feudal Kingdom Grand Strategy Game

Feudal Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy game for the PC, set in medieval style in a realistically simulated world. The fictional continent of Toria has been fractured by years of war and discord and has split into various smaller and larger kingdoms. Each kingdom must now fight for its survival, not only keeping a close eye on its neighbors but also preparing for cold winters and maintaining internal stability. Feudal Kingdoms pushes the boundaries of the grand strategy genre by adding more depth to the familiar game mechanics, giving the player the freedom to find his way through these stormy times.

World Of Tanks Is Now On Steam, But Veteran Tankers Aren’t Happy About It

World Of Tanks Steam

World of Tanks PC can now be played on the Steam client. But there’s a catch, especially for those who are veterans of the game.