Grab One Of Our Custom Gaming Frame Art Bestsellers To Start 2021 On The Right Track!

Custom Frame Art

Having a lame room not only affects productivity but also your competitive gaming performance. So, why not add some wall accessories by checking out some of our custom frame art offers? Now is the right time to give your room some wall accessories in order to add more meaningfulness to it, and perk up your gaming experience.

Resident Evil 8 Dev Spoilers And Leaks Continue To Spread Online

Resident Evil 8 Dev Spoilers And Leaks

You might want to observe some extra caution reading this. But another wave of Resident Evil 8 dev spoilers and leaks have gone out yesterday, circulating in various forums and social media. We’re all aware that Capcom experienced a recent cyberattack, which resulted in a massive data breach; this one is also a part of it.

Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5 Review: Who’s Now Winning The Console War?

Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5

Do you plan on upgrading or having a new gaming console? However, you might find yourself asking the age-old question, “Xbox Series X/S Vs PlayStation 5, which one deserves my money?” While both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are finally out on the market, you might want to get a hold of these next gen consoles as soon as possible.

$300,000 Worth Of Stolen RTX 3090s Occurred In A Mainland Factory In China

Stolen RTX 3090s

Over 300 grand worth of stolen RTX 3090s occurred at an MSI factory in mainland China in what sounds like a GTA-esque heist, earlier this morning. According to sources, the stolen RTX 3090 video cards were contained in about 40 boxes. Since the factory is dotted with CCTVs, and ongoing and outgoing trucks were carefully inspected every time, authorities suspect that there must be an inside job that made the heist possible in the first place.

The Best Custom Frame Posters For The Assassins Creed Fans And Gamers

The Assassins Creed Fans

If you’re already done with the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and still can’t get enough of it, why not add more into your personal collection in the meantime? While we, the Assassins Creed fans, are still on the blurred side on whether another installment will come out sooner or later, now is the right time to check our valued custom frame posters. Who knows, you might even fancy yourself a Christmas present with these offers!

Square Enix Declares Permanent Work From Home Policy For Employees

Work From Home

The gaming giant, Square Enix, said that it will allow 80% of its employees to work from home, starting on December 1, 2020. The company says that it is expected to designate around 80% of its employees as either “home-based” or “office-based”. However, the company said that the policy only targets the employees working in Japan.

Become The Ultimate Gamer With These Best Gaming Equipment 2021

Best Gaming Equipment 2020

This year may not be as good as the previous years, but the pandemic has made a steady rise in computer sales. So, before the year finally comes to an end, let’s first have a recap on the best gaming equipment 2020. The items below are not just our top picks, they also happen to be this year’s bestsellers.

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse For Gamers 2021

Left Handed Gaming Mouse

Being a lefty can sometimes be troublesome, especially in competitive gaming. Since most gaming equipment are focused on the right-handed market, you might wonder if a best ambi gaming mouse even exists. The answer is: Yes, they do exist! Below are some of our best picks that surely fit your lefty needs no matter what budget you have. After all, competition cannot be carried out without competitive equipment.

Twitch Trying “Multiplayer Ads,” And It Might Be A Good Thing

Twitch Trying Multiplayer Ads

Everyone loves adverts, right? And now, a new format called ‘Multiplayer Ads’ is being tried by Twitch that shows up during online streams. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to answer a short survey after every run. Currently, the experimental format is in the closed beta testing phase already.

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