Spiritual Beast Evony – How To Increase The General Power And Quality

Spiritual Beast Evony Guide In the King’s Return; Spiritual beast in the return of the king is unique troops that will fight next to your generals. They can’t die; they just work as gears. They will only improve your general statistics.

They can be found in pasture buildings and upgraded. To build meadows, your keep level 21 must be. Now, to unlock the beast, you must also increase the pasture level. You can use four different beasts. Every beast is unique and will offer you different statistics.

  • Scorpion gives your reach statistics, so it’s great if you use archers, troops and generals.
  • Bird of Hurricane- It gives you mounted statistics and most players go for this kind of beast.
  • Lord of Lava This Beast is great for ground troops.
  • Behemoth King- Most people avoid this beast, simply because it gives siege statistics.

Spiritual Beast Evony – How to Allocate Beast To General

However, it is relatively easy to reach. You must first open the general detailed screen and then search for the Dragon symbol in the bottom left. You must press it to allocate. The same applies to unchanging. You must be careful with this option because if you do not report it to the general, the beast will be locked for an hour.

Levelling Beast

It is actually fairly simple, and we can say that the wage is to win. If you are a small player, it is not worthwhile to the level beast because the requirements are too high, you have better options to issue your gold medals and precious stones, and the value you receive is insufficient. It is preferable to invest your sources in acceleration that offers you considerably better statistics and value.

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Generals in Evony’s The return of the king require that beast unlock skills. In that case, investing is worth it, but you don’t have to have a beast at a maximum level to unlock that skill. So you can buy a few beasts at a low level and leave them behind until you get better equipment.

How to Get the Spiritual Beast EXP

There are different ways to gain experience for the spiritual beast. You should not put too much emphasis on it, because you play a lot of activities and play, but it is useful to know how they can get them.

There are 4 ways and they are:

  • Black market- this is not worth it, it costs too much.
  • Event bosses- they drop similar experience as world bosses
  • World Boss event – When you enter the Top 100
  • BOSS Sample- they drop a considerable amount of animal experience
Spiritual Beast Evony
Spiritual Beast Evony

How to increase the general power and quality of Evonie’s return of the king

In Evony the return of the king, general power is an indicator that shows how strong your general is, and there are only a few things that contribute to general power. You will not be able to beat other players with less general power, simply because you have more general power. There are numerous factors that influence your general strength.

You can enlarge your general power with:

  • Specialty
  • Statistics
  • General equipment
  • Spiritual beast and dragon
  • General Statistics

Generals can have statistics for leadership, attacks, politics and defence.

The first and most important way to increase statistics is to level your generals. Your statistics will improve as you progress through the levels. You can increase your generals with time and effort at the maximum level.

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The second method is to cultivate options. It is easy to do and will stimulate your general statistics, giving you more power.

Enchanting is important because it offers you many statistics. To get general stars, you must first increase your general level.

Estimates beast – they are a great way to get bonus statistics, but they are difficult to upgrade and reach a reasonable level.

·         General specialization

General specialization is essentially a skill distance. It will increase your general strength and overall power. There are five specialization levels. The problem with a specialty is that it pays to win, and it is impossible to reach a level 5 specialty if you play for free.

·         General equipment

This is one of the fastest ways to increase your overall power in Evony’s return. The problem with equipment is that it can be difficult to obtain. The amount of power you get from acceleration is determined by its star, refinement and other factors.

·         General colour and quality

In the return of Evony, there are five different general qualities, and the higher the quality, the stronger the general.

·         Qualities

  • Purple (Epic)
  • White (common)
  • Green (uncommon)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Gold (Legendary)

Generals of higher quality are hard to find, and investing in them will require significant resources, but it will be worthwhile in the long term. Generals of legendary and epic characters of higher quality will have much better statistics if you can bring them to a level, as well as many more specialties.

It is worth investing in because they overwhelm generals of lower quality, even if the generals of lower quality have better equipment and research.

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Also always focus on historical generals; They are lot of superior and will offer you more value over time.

Conclusion – Spiritual Beast Evony

Spiritual Beast Evony in the king’s return is not so great when you are free to play the player. They start too weak and require a lot of means to reach a decent level, but you get much better value when you invest in Monarch Gear.

The best thing you can do is invest in a few beast levels and assign them to generals who will benefit from it. If you have a PC, you should try the Spiritual Beast Evony on PC.