Sims 4 breast slider 2022

Sims 4 breast slider 2022; the idea of ​​Sims 4 is to make a virtual version of yourself or anyone else you want. We want Sims to feel as close to real life as possible. And I think the entire Sims 4 community can agree that creating a Sim isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many of the features are outdated and lack a realistic touch.

So when asked what they would like to include when they created or edited their Sims, most Simmers mentioned that what they wish there was when they reviewed their Sims was a breast slider. Therefore, the Sims 4 breast slider 2022 is something that has been turning heads lately.

What is a breast slider?

The Sims 4 Breast Slider allows players to manually adjust the Sims’ breasts. Moving your mouse left and right on your computer screen adjusts your Sims game chest. The Perfect Breast Slider is now available to make your Sims 4’s breasts look the way you want. Now you don’t have to worry or worry about what your Sim will look like. Change every aspect directly to create the best simulator possible.

Overview – Sims 4 breast slider 2022

The Sims 4 breast slider 2022 highly recommended breast slider is called the breast gap slider. This is developed by CmarNYC. The developer is very popular and has also developed different types of sliders. The Sims community loves the sliders created by this creator because they are so easy to use and Simmers love them. At ModTheSims, this breast slider has seen over 200,000 downloads since its release. And this is just for Sims 4 breast sliders.

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There are many other breast modifications on the Internet. However, this breast slider allows you to customize it according to you. No other mod has come close to personal customization like this. The Sims community appreciates the efforts put into creating this mod.

Sims 4 breast slider 2022
Sims 4 breast slider 2022

So how does the breast slider work?

Sims 4 breast slider 2022; running this is effortless. You need two basic things to get started. First, an idea of ​​what you’d like your Sims’ breasts to look like. Two, the mouse. Now, go to CAS in Sims 4 and click on your Sim’s chest. The game will enable the slider after clicking.

Moving the mouse left and right will change the size of the breasts. Now you don’t need a plastic surgeon. This breast slider helps to enlarge and reduce breasts.

You can use the slider while creating a Sim or use it after you’ve created it. Either way, the Sims 4 breast slider works perfectly.

It is also possible to adjust the height of the breasts. Moving the mouse up or down will help you with this. Moving the mouse up will raise the Sims 4’s chest and moving the mouse down will lower the level. So, move your mouse accordingly to get the perfect breast overlay. Sims can now have saggy breasts if they wish. Or huge, narrow breasts if that is your idea.

Move the mouse and explore the different possible combinations. Get creative and explore the breast slider for yourself.

Sims 4 Breast Slider 2022 Conflicts

There are specific conflicts with the sine slider when playing. Here are some conflicts to be aware of when applying the slider to Sims 4:

  1. The mod conflicts with Cmar’s Breast Separation slider.
  2. If you use any modification with ChestHotsportController you will encounter a conflict
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To fix this problem, the creator created a mixed package file. Like this, players can now get both sliders quickly. Hence, when you download the file, you can now delete the Cmar file.

Thanks to the combination profile, a lot of features have been added to this breast slider mod. At first, only one side could be seen. Due to the beam profile, a front view up, down, left and right is also available. Constant updates are also available to make this convenient for users to use.

There is only one negative thing about positioning this breast slider. That is, it does not act as a slider for the male breast. This breast slider only works on female Sims and not on male Sims. If players could change the size and shape of male breasts, the game could become more realistic and more immersive. However, this is not possible.

Thus, we can now answer the one question that Simmers has been asking for a long time:

Can you change Sims 4’s breast size?

Yes, thanks to the adjustment of the breast slider, you can change the breast size of Sims 4.

There is another sliding breast mod available in the Sims 4 community. It’s known as the Mini dump of things.

This mod works not only as a breast slider but also as a body prep. This mod can be used with any other mod as this mod is widely used as a neck slider.

The breast slider in this is more suitable for teenagers rather than the elderly. It works similarly to the previous breast slider. Move the mouse upside down or forward and right to get the desired effect.

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Depending on the dresses your Sims choose to wear, you can always use the slider any time you want to change it according to the dress. Each dress will have a different appeal with each different breast customization.

This mod also has a body preset. This body preset is smoother and more rounded when compared to other presets. It has a custom thumbnail and works with any slider available. Hence your Sim becomes highly customizable.

You can now dress up according to your taste and body. Now you can change your body shape to perfectly fit the dress. The Sims 4 breast slider 2022 brings more reality to the game as players can now create an exact look for themselves or their celebs thanks to the mods and sliders available.


The breast slider is just one of many other customization tweaks. So, download the Sims 4 breast slider 2022 and find the best Sim version for yourself.