Are SEO Tools The SaaS You Should Invest In – 5 Authentic Reasons To Help You Decide

SEO tools, the SaaS in the world of Digital Marketing, could not have been any more controversial. Ask any seasoned digital marketer, and it’s likely that they will try to sell you the tool that they earn commission from! But, the question is, should you even invest in it? Is this the SaaS that any business owner should invest in? Before jumping to any conclusion right away, answer the following questions:

Do you want to know what your competitors are up to?

Do you want to know how your business website fares in the digital world?

Do you want to know is your SEO investments are giving you quantifiable results?

Do you want automated intelligence to boost your SEO game?

Do you want to find and patch loopholes in your website that is costing your clients?

Your answer ought to be yes to each one of them! And, so is the answer to the original question, that is, when you have the perfect SEO tool to invest in. Having worked in the industry for over a decade now, I was quite pleasantly surprised by what “Brand Overflow” has to offer. No big claims, no deceiving strategies, a straight and upfront SEO tool that does exactly what it needs to!

But, don’t just take my word for it. Let’s find out what you should be expecting out of a SEO tool, and why it is imperative that you get one for your business.

Why You Need SEO Tools For Your Business?

Benefits of SEO tools

There have been much confusions about the need for SEO tools. That’s mainly because historically these tools have been promoted as something they are not. And, thus, people subscribing to them have felt cheated. So, before you decide, know what you are signing up for. Understand the benefits that you can legitimately expect from it. Indeed, anyone claiming anything futher than that should be asked to provide proof of further proof of delivery beforehand.

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Extensive Keyword Research With Intelligent Suggestions

Sure, your Google keyword analytics tool can do a good job when it comes to finding keywords that are in high demand and show you their search volume, along with plenty of keyword suggestions. But, that engine is made primarily to allow advertisers find the most beneficial keywords. However, when you are opting for organic SEO it does not make any sense competing with keywords meant for promotion strategy. As such, a good SEO tool will, and should not just give you an idea about how your keywords are going to fare, but will also provide you with in-depth analytics about suggested relevant keywords from organic search point of view.

Understand The Competition

When you are performing competitor analysis with any SEO tool, what you receive is which keywords are providing high SERP to your competition. Also, you get to know about the backlinks your competitor’s website got. It will allow you to plan your on as well as off-site SEO plan accordingly. But, don’t expect to get exact result on your competitor’s conversions, or their same exact CTR for that matter. Any SEO tool trying to make you believe that it can do so is probably duping you. And, that’s something I never encountered with Brand Overflow SEO tool.

Run Automated SEO Audits With SEO Tools

SEO tools audits

Why should you invest time and money on hiring someone to do something that a simple tool can do? SEO tools are designed to perform automated SEO audit on your website. It will allow you to know about your current position and the areas of improvement. The report is detailed enough for you to know exactly where you are going wrong. Now, if that’s all you need right now, you might be better off hiring an agency that already uses SEO tools for the same. You will merely pay for the service along with some additional suggestions and insights by experts without having to pay for the tool. Though, if you can, get a trial for the SEO tool, which should allow you to run an audit and know for yourself. But don’t forget that even the best SEO tool cannot compensate for a real in-house SEO team if you really need it.

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Track Your Progress And Identify KPIs

Whenever you are paying for a service, you will want to know what you are getting in return. And, there’s no better way than to have an SEO tool track the progress you have made. These engines are smart enough to provide regular feedback about your ranks and track your SERP for a set of targeted keywords. You will also be able to identify the key performing indicators (KPIs), and will not have to depend on the words of your hired SEO expert. A genuine and smart SEO expert knows this already and will include these insights in the regular report.

Visualize Data With SEO Tools

SEO data visualization

Data visualization tools are powerful since they allow you to identify the issues and improve your performance over time. It is an integral part of any good SEO tool. It isn’t merely about the traffic or the keywords that are working good. Data visualization is important for you to track various elements within the website as well. You have probably landed an affiliate contract and want to know how many clicks are happening on your website that takes your visitors to the conversion page. While it can be done through Google, but it will need substantial technical knowledge. A SEO tool will allow you to perform this job with a matter of few clicks. You will be able to track your conversions both on and off site, and at the end of the day that’s what we need!

The Final Say

It is needless to say that SEO tools are essential for good SEO strategy. It will make your digital marketing project robust and provide you with quantifiable results. Of course, when it comes to such tools, there are already many huge companies in the market. But brand overflow does a great job at keeping it simple, affordable, and most importantly as user friendly as possible.

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