Rockstar Finally Reveals That GTA 6 Is Well Underway

If you’re almost tired of waiting for the next GTA, then don’t be. That’s because Rockstar finally revealed that work on the next GTA franchise is “well underway”. According to IGN, GTA 6 (if that would be the name), had already been in development since 2020.

But knowing the amount of dedication and quality of how Rockstar games are made, it’s safe to say that we could expect it to arrive be 2024 or 2025. That’s all we know since Rockstar isn’t saying anything more for now.

There are reports that the next game might be smaller than GTA V. Others say that we’ll be going back to the Miami-inspired Vice City. Some even think that Rockstar already gave an obvious clue from the first screenshots of GTA: Trilogy. Last year, Rockstar overhauled its NPC navigation, leading others to believe that it will be used for the next game. The system was designed to reflect real-world pedestrian behavior. This will be the first GTA game without Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, who wrote the storyline from GTA 2 to 5, Max Payne, as well as Red Dead Redemption. His brother will remain with the project, though. Good enough.

GTA 6 Promises To Be Far More Special

GTA 6 scenery
GTA 5 Scenery

Due to the secret nature behind the game’s development, Strauss Zelnick would not give any further details. However, as CEO the project’s goal is to become GTA V’s successful successor. Even Jim Jagger, Rockstar’s VP of animation, teased that the next game is going to be special. That’s quite cryptic, but enough for fans to at least wait for something that will surely come at last. They also have learned something from the not-so-successful release of Cyberpunk 2077. This has set a high standard for Rockstar to be clear; that’s the ultimate goal.

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The Long Wait For GTA 6 Will Soon Be Over

Rockstar Confirms New Grand Theft Auto is in Development

Fans have always been desperate to hear about the next GTA. After all, GTA V was first released on PS3, XBOX 360, and PC way back in September 2013 until it got ported to PS4, XBOX One, and soon enough, the next-gen consoles by next month. Since then, fans have only had GTA Online to keep them busy for now, and while the game has a passionate and never-ending fanbase, the wait is kinda agonizing. However, there are dedicated fans who are still waiting for someone to shed some light, and it seems like the end of the line is finally in sight.

Indeed, Rockstar Games will have its work cut out after delivering all of this hype throughout the years. For over eight-and-a-half years, Grand Theft Auto V has become the second best-selling game of all time, just behind Mojang’s Minecraft. Hopefully, the follow-up game will be as special, or more, as its predecessor. And it remains to be seen whether the next Grand Theft Auto will also enter the hearts of many.

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