Roar Of The Canyne Sunbreak – Best Gunlance Build

The roar of the canyne sunbreak; Players are looking for the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance build. This technical weapon provides defense and firepower all in one. Learn the best Gunlance build for the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion.

Roar of the Canyne Sunbreak: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance Best Weapon

The Roar of the canyne sunbreak is a Gunlance weapon that was introduced in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. It has an attack power of 320 and a defense of 50. It is a rarity 10 weapons with a purple sharpness, so it will be a long time before you need to sharpen it.

Here’s what you need to craft the Roar of the Canyne sunbreak weapon:

  • MR Monster x20 Points
  • Afflicted Monster Bone x7
  • 60,000 zenny
  • Anomaly Ticket x1

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance Armor

Most of the armor we recommend is from the Hoplite Set except for two. Region Greaves and Magmadron Coil come with the abilities that help you improve your evasion and defense respectively, which is important for any Gunlance build. You will be in the position to defend and be mobile when the situation calls for it.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance Decorations and Abilities

Gunlance has to be one of the most difficult weapons to master. It offers a good balance between offense and defense, without necessarily leaning towards the latter like the normal Lance weapon. The decorations we choose will amplify your ability to block attacks and bombard monsters with bullets.

With armor and decorations equipped, you’ll get a huge defense boost that also increases protection against elemental damage. And the Artillery will also amplify the power of Gunlance while reducing the cooldown of Wyvern Fire, allowing you to barrage any target relentlessly.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Gunlance Build Featured Separator

That is our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Gunlance Build guide. We hope this article has been informative for you. Stay with us a little while longer because we have other Monster Hunter Rise content that will interest you.

Best version of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance

Our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gunlance Build will have you throwing nonstop barrages at the monsters you’re hunting. If you’ve ever wanted a Gunlance build that really puts a lot of firepower in your hands, then look no further than the gear we recommend.

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Here are the best build options for Gunlance Hunters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:


  • Roar of the Canyne


  • Fatal Tempest Talisman


  • Hoplite’s Helm
  • Hoplite’s Armor
  • Hoplite’s Braces
  • Magmadron Coil
  • Regios Greaves


  • Grinder Jewel 1 x2
  • Anti-Dragon Jewel 2
  • Razor Jewel 2 x2
  • Defense Jewel+ 2
  • Redirection Jewel 3 x2
  • Hard Defense Jewel++ 4


  • Resuscitate Lv. 1
  • Offensive Guard Lv. 1
  • Bladescale Hone Lv. 1
  • Load Shells Lv. 2
  • Speed Sharpening Lv.2
  • Redirection Lv. 2
  • Guard Lv. 3
  • Razor Sharp Lv. 3
  • Artillery Lv. 3
  • Guard Up Lv. 3
  • Evade Extender Lv. 3
  • Part Breaker Lv. 3
  • Defense Boost Lv. 7
  • Wirebug Whisperer Lv. 3
Roar Of The Canyne Sunbreak
Roar Of The Canyne Sunbreak

How to Beat Malzeno In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Malzeno is weak against Dragon element and his weakest point is his head.

As much as possible; try to avoid being hit with blood plague-charged attacks to prolong Malzeno’s transition into his rage state.

Once Malzeno becomes enraged, he immediately focuses on hitting the glowing parts as they become more susceptible to damage, and immediately removing them causes Malzeno to return to his normal self and prevents him from performing his last attack.

He throws a lightning bomb if you grab a teammate.

Depending on your skills and equipment, you can take advantage of the blood plague and become more aggressive to nullify its effects.

If possible, find a Stinkmink to lure out another monster to fight Malzeno. Usually, the lured monster will cause the attacked monster to open up for mounting, so if Malzeno can be mounted, you can:

Attack the attracted monster until it falls, then smash Malzeno into it so that Malzeno collapses as well, or:

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Shock Malzeno into Starburst Bugs if there are any in the area.

Malzeno’s ambush after hunting Lunagaron

What are the Phases in Fighting Malzeno?

There are three phases in the fight against Malzeno.

1.      Silver – First Phase Malzeno

Malzeno’s first phase is mostly about developing the blood plague, so you need to attack carefully and understand the principles of his attack patterns here. Bloodblight is a new ailment that Malzeno inflicts with multiple different attacks, including piercing wing slams, backwind gusts, and tail slams. Although your healing will be greatly hampered for a short time, your attacks will also help heal you, so you’ll need to be very careful in combat.

2.      Rage – Malzeno Second Phase

In Malzeno’s second phase, he will become enraged and his wings will turn dark red. When Malzeno reaches his rage mode, his limbs, throat, and tail will be covered in Bloodblight, and his skin will turn pitch black. From now on, many deadly combos and teleportation will be triggered.

During the course of this mode, Malzeno will be able to move faster, use more powerful moves, and learn new attacks. A teleportation maneuver followed by a backstab attack from Bloodblight, chain claw attacks, using its tail to stab you, AoE attacks that cause earthquakes and launch you into the air, all of these moves will deal immense damage, culminating in a ball giant made of Bloodblight that will explode, firing ground-guided missiles in different directions.

The folding of Malzenos’s wings reveals a multitude of teleports and dashes. Prepare for a move when this happens. After a teleport attack, a tail flip or wing slam can be performed. As they become more powerful, these moves will be used more frequently and from different directions. Firebug runs behind Malzeno before this move connects, giving you the perfect opportunity to deal damage to his tail and wings, both of which offer rewards once you kill them.

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Dodge, block, and survive. Aside from the fact that he will revert to his original form after the explosion of a massive Bloodblight bomb, hitting the glowing sections of Malzeno’s body will deal additional damage.

3.      Bloodening – Malzeno Third Phase

Malzeno’s third phase is the most dangerous because all of his attacks have been buffed. His combos are hard to keep track of, and at some point, he’ll start employing a final attack that will destroy the stage you’re fighting on. Suppress the assault with a strong shield, then counterattack when you’ve recovered.

In addition to the red glow on the tip of the tail, you will also see crimson patches on the chest area. Aim for Malzeno’s weak spots because if you let him build up too much power, he’ll drop a blood nuke at you. You can get him out of Bloodening by focusing your attack on these spots and dealing damage as quickly as possible. If you are successful in stopping his Bloodening condition, stun his skull, then work the leg or head area until he dies.


Here is this guide we have helped you with what you needed to craft the Roar of the Canyne weapon: The Roar of the canyne sunbreak is a Gunlance weapon that was introduced in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. It has an attack power of 320 and a defense of 50. It is a rarity 10 weapons with a purple sharpness, so it will be a long time before you need to sharpen it.