Playstation 5 Review – Specs, Design, Price, Release Date, and More

No list of top gaming consoles can be complete without mentioning Sony PlayStation. They manufacture one of the best gaming consoles in the market as of now. And it has announced plans to launch the next-gen gaming console, PlayStation 5, around the end of 2020.

While there are many details we don’t know for sure yet, we do know some of the important facts about the upcoming PlayStation 5 that will make any gamer’s heart beat faster with excitement.

So, what are those facts? What about the new games that are releasing for the new PS5? And more importantly, will the new PS5 have enough punch?

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything we know so far about the Sony PlayStation 5 and what we’re still trying to learn about it.

Let’s dive in…

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Although SONY hasn’t confirmed an official release date for PlayStation 5, it announced that PS5 will be released globally around the end of 2020. And despite the current coronavirus pandemic, SONY doesn’t seem to delay the release schedule.

According to the reports of VGC, SONY might be planning to release the new PlayStation 5 somewhere around the middle of November to put a direct competition to its rival Xbox. The reports state that PlayStation has launched many of its gaming consoles around November in the previous years. And they might be looking to repeat the same thing this year too. This will give them a nice closing window at the end of December 2020.

Moreover, having a release date around the end of the 2nd week of November will be beneficial for PlayStation as many major games such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War are set to release at the beginning of November.

With an expected price release in September, we believe PS5 will soon release its release date soon after that, if not at the same time as the price release.

PlayStation 5 Price

PlayStation 5 Prices
Playstation 5 Design

While we don’t have any confirmation from SONY about the price of the new PS5, several analysts predict its price to be around $499 or 449 euros. Of course, this is just a prediction and you shouldn’t believe it straight away, but it would be great if that’s the case. That’s because if the price of the upcoming PlayStation 5 starts at $499, it would be just $100 more than the PlayStation 4. And that’s great news for gamers. However, a few analysts predict that the price of PS5 will be near $599.

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Moreover, SONY has announced in the July 11th event that this year, they will be launching two gaming consoles: the standard PS5 and a digital edition. The digital edition of PS5 is more likely to be lower than the original standard console. We don’t know its exact price yet, but it might be around $499 according to the expert analysis.

SONY probably waiting till the last moment waiting for Microsoft to release the Xbox price first. Sony and Microsoft have jumped into cut-throat competition with each other and if Sony releases the price of PS5 first, Microsoft might undercut the price of the Xbox. Even so, we’re expecting Sony to reveal the price of the upcoming PlayStation at the end of September.

We’re constantly updating our articles to comply with the latest information so check back later to know about the price of PS5 before any other.

PlayStation 5 Design

PlayStation 5 controller Design
Playstation 5 Controller Design

If you’re eager to know about the design of the upcoming PlayStation, then we have good news for you. Sony has already revealed the design schemes of the upcoming PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2020. And the good news doesn’t stop just yet.

In the new PS5 games unveil event, Sony has introduced not just one but two different gaming consoles this year. One of them is the standard PS5 gaming console that comes with a 4K Blu-ray disk drive. On the other hand, the other one, the PS5 digital edition, is slightly slimmer than the standard one and it’s disk-free.

Both of the upcoming consoles will have ultra-fast USB-C charging support for its gaming controllers. Also, the controllers can use their HD camera accessories, media remote, and a wireless headset. And what’s more, the gaming consoles themselves have many different bold features that will make the gamers burst with enthusiasm.

The consoles have a smooth and curvy mixture of black and white coloring with the blue highlights on the plastic surface. So, this will be wildly different than the previous generation PS models such as PlayStation 4 that featured black-box design.

PlayStation 5 Specs

In addition to its beautiful console and controller design, the PlayStation 5 comes with a lot of other amazing specs. And Sony already revealed the detailed specs of the upcoming PS5 in its PS5 reveal event which was held in March 2020. Let us see the specific specs of the PlayStation 5 before we dig further into details.

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PS5 specifications:

  • AMD Zen-2 octa-core CPU clocked at 3.5 GHz
  • A GPU of 10.28 TFLOPs
  • Custom RDNA-2 GPU architecture
  • 16 GB 256-bit DDR6 RAM
  • 448 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 825 GB SSD internal storage
  • 5.5 GB/s raw IO output
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray drive

The Importance Of SSD In PS5

PlayStation 5 Specs
Playstation 5 Review & Specs

The new PS5 will have 825 SSD internal storage which is a big boost from the previous generation PS4 and it has an amazing technological implementation that will give it a big advantage over Xbox Series X despite having less internal storage. The SSD has a faster loading time than mechanical HDD. And as a result, developers will no longer have to make the games smaller as the games’ programs run quickly through the SSD. And this occupies less RAM that helps the game run smoothly.

In fact, Sony officially revealed that PlayStation 5 will be able to make the system suspend a number of games. This will make your gaming life easier as it would let you juggle from one game to another without having to reload the games from the start.

What’s More?

In addition to its amazing SSD, PS5 will feature AMD Zen-2 octa-core processors that clocked at 3.5 GHz which is a significant power boost from PS4’s Jaguar processor that clocked just at 1.6 GHz. Moreover, it comes with an AMD RDNA-2 GPU that uses 36 computing units and all of them are capped at an impressive 2.23 GHz clock speed. And during the PS5 revealing event in March 2020, it reached a peak performance of 10.28 TFLOPs which is truly amazing according to the current gaming standards.

PlayStation 5 Games

During Sony’s event on June 11th, 2020, various first and third-party developers unveiled several exclusive PlayStation 5 games. While we get to see dozens of amazing games in the event from the big gaming studios like Bethesda, there are a few games that truly stand out.

Horizon Forbidden Forest

One such game is Horizon Forbidden Forest which is a sequel of the game Horizon Hero Dawn. This game showed off some of the stunning gameplay visuals which include amazing scenery of sunny beaches and tropical reefs along with the giant robotic dinosaurs that are terrorizing the whole area. A few other gaming franchises are scheduled to return this year which includes Spiderman that will come back to action with Miles Morales who will make a comeback as the friendly neighborhood spiderman in the city of Manhattan.

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Demon’s Soul

Moreover, the long-waited game, Demon’s Soul, is also getting a remake exclusively for PS5 this year. And it’s great news for those gamers who are into action RPGs with a hint of masochism.

Resident Evil 8

Plus, Resident Evil is also releasing a sequel Resident Evil 8: Village which will be available for the new PS5.

With this, the event has revealed a lot more amazing first and third-party games. But that’s not all. There is more to the event than the newly announced games for PS5 that you might have missed during the event.

For example, you can play many of the 4,000 games available for PS4 with the upcoming PS5 thanks to the backward compatibility technology. Also, while you can play the top 100 games of PS4 right away with PS5, the games might include regular library updates which would make them even more suitable for the new gaming console.

However, you can’t play the PS5 exclusive games with the current PS4 and PS4 Pro. And Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan, also indicated that the PS5 exclusive games are never going to be available for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. In an interview, he said that next-gen consoles must-have features and functionalities that the previous generation didn’t move the legacy of gaming forward.

Moreover, you can also see what PS5 is capable of in the Unreal Engine 5 of the Epic. You can check the demo out on Sony’s PlayStation website.

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