Miner Cycle Deck In Clash Royale

Miner Cycle Deck In Clash Royale; this is a cap-deck with high skills, and learning such a deck certainly improves your overall game and helps you understand the interactions of the small card. You must be able to defend with as little elixir as possible and to perfectly defend each individual map placement during the game.

Their most important profit conditions are miner and wall breakers, darts goblins and bats can also be used to get a tower chip if they are supported by another card. With this miner cycle deck in clash royale, you really need a strong crime to maintain a good defense. You will never defend a big boost, so don’t let your opponent build one! The protocol is your only spell in this deck and is ideal to help in your tower during the game.

You will also rely on the protocol to defend yourself against bait decks or to reset loading units such as Battle Ram, Ram Rider, or the Prince. The Ice Spirit can also be used because of its narcotics mechanic to reset loading units. This can also be used against soil and air units such as the Inferno Kite or even a Sparky.

Miner Cycle Deck Cards Role

1.      Wall Breaker

Wall breakers are their most important profit status and they are a good choice to put pressure to force an answer from their opponent. If your opponent has a protocol, zap or snowball, as long as you have a tank tower damage, you have to invest more elixirs to stop these guys. Ice Spirit can also be used to support this card if your opponent has no small cycle.

2.      Ice Spirit

It is a supporting card, both attacking and defensive. It can work as a tank for Goblins and Mini P.E.K.K.AA, but actually not a tank. It must touch something or it is worthless. It acts as a backup for her main tank, the miner.

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3.      Goblins

Goblins are a strong slide and an emergency defense. You have incredible DPS for the price of 2 elixirs, so you work very well with a tank on the offensive. Goblins can go to slow goals, such as Prince, Giant Skeleton and P.E.K.K.A. Goblins can also kill distance units when they focus on aerators.

4.      Fire spirits

Fire spirits are the splash in this miner cycle deck. It is a cheap, powerful Splash card that can be used aggressively and defensively. It has synergy with Mini P.E.K.K.A and cobbled everywhere on the card. The most important use of it is to prevent hordes or minion orders, both of which lead to positive elixir transactions. It can prevent henchmen in the offensive and the defense.

5.      Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is a large damage source, but only in print. It should only be a defense if you don’t have good defense cards for the specific decision. Your synergy with miner is one of the best cards. It is important to mix the placement of your Goblin vessel when the opponent is met with ZAP or Protocol with a ZAP or protocol every time he misses. You can use the run for some cheap chip damage.

6.      Princess

The Princess is a secondary Splash miner cycle deck card and a cheap siege card. It is a backup counter for henchmen when your fire spirits fall outside the rotation. It also acts as a “protocol”. So if your opponent registers, you can get along with a gnome boost. If you play a bridge princess, you have to play cobbled or playing fire spirits about a second later to protect the princess against small troops trying to kill the exposed princess.

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7.      Miner

Miner cycle deck is the glue that holds the entire deck together. It is the main tank of the deck. Most prints that you do must contain the miner because you both hurry the opponent and have pressure that a tower can take.

Miner also kills Elixir collectors very well for an incredibly good trade, and the pumps would not be prevented in any other way with this deck. Mountain and defensive against spray troops such as wizards. Do not use the miner against the princess, unless he is in a hostile area, because every other group is better (except for Ice Spirit).

Mini P.E.K.K.A.: The Mini P.E.K.K.A. Can be used to break down most tanks and can be sent with boulders to cause tanks and more damage for them.

8.      ZAP

ZAP must be used to remove great swarms from their pressure. Any loading unit except Dark Prince can be removed with ZAP+Goblins.

9.      Ice Golem

Ice Golem is one of the most important units in this miner cycle deck because it can offer so much defense value because it is versatile. His main task is a mini tank in this deck and he can help to keep your other units alive longer in this deck. His Forst Nova can not only kill bats or skeletons but also delay other units to buy your troops or towers more time to close your pressure.


Your opponent puts you under pressure with fast, threatening printers and then with the small defenses he has placed for positive elixir shops.

If your opponent has a bowler, you are already quite lost. No joke. The closest to one countertop in this deck is a mini P.E.K.K.A. That doesn’t work so well.

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If you put the Golem in your back, shoot quickly to the other lane because you don’t have an elixir to defend yourself.

Use Miner to combat any pump.

Early Game Plan X1

The early game must strive to control the pace of the game and force their opponent to play defense and not give them the chance to be aggressive with their deck. You can start with the wallpapers, miners on the tower, or by bike with an ice spirit. I recommend that you never use your darts goblin, ice cream, or bats until you know which deck the opponent plays. Try to get as much value as possible from your Elixir units. This can be the difference between winning or losing a game.

Late Game plan X2

Once you have reached the double elixir, you need to know which deck the opponent plays, try to stimulate his key meters, and continue to force the opponent to play defensively. If necessary, you can continue to change lanes.

Conclusion – Miner Cycle Deck In Clash Royale

Miner Cycle Deck this is a cap-deck with high skills, and learning such a deck certainly improves your overall game and helps you understand the interactions of the small card.