Minecraft Tips 2021 That You Should Know

Minecraft, especially its survival mode, is the way the game was intended to be played by its creators. In this mode, players spawn in a vast, random world and must use resources around them to survive. You can enjoy survival mode alone or be with others inside one of many Minecraft survival servers.

There are many great Minecraft tips 2021 that you must master to drastically improve your game experience and survive longer in the wild.

Follow The Sun And Moon Whenever You’re Lost

Always be aware of where the sun and moon are. This can be handy especially when you’re in a new area. Regardless of what biome you’re in, the sun and moon will rise in the east and set in the west. Always remember this fact to know which bearing you are voyaging.

Get Experience Points

Minecraft Tips 2021 With Other Players Online

You need to start enchanting to advance further into the game. You can pick up experience points through defeating hordes, mining, raising poultry, gardening, and many more activities.

Use Pumpkin Heads For Dealing With Endermen

Any player wearing a pumpkin head can safely approach Endermen even if you stare directly at them. This is handy if you’re in the End because of the sheer abundance of Endermen in the region. Accidentally looking at one of the hundreds of Endermen inside the End is the last thing that should happen to anyone.

Obtain Some Obsidian

If you decide to go to the Nether, obsidian is the only way to go there. That’s why you should gather enough obsidian to make a 4×5 frame. The current version allows you to form an entryway even without a pickaxe.

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Build Multiple Things At Once

It’s also important to have an adequate amount of basic materials in your inventory to craft multiple items of your choice. That’s why crafting things in one go is an efficient way to save time.

Minecraft Tips 2021 – Make More Torches

Minecraft Tips 2021 Beautiful Sunset

Lights are one of the essentials that you should have at all times. No one’s gonna know when you’ll be in a sticky situation where the use of torches is vital, especially if you wind up in a cave. Not only can torches light up regions to prevent mob spawns, but also, they can separate sand and rock without the need of a digging tool. Have at least two bundles of torches ready with you at all times.

Infinite Water Supply Is A Must

Setting up your water reservoir can be done easily and quickly, only requiring a bucket or two of water. Players just need to dig a 2×2 hole then place a bucket of water in the opposite corners of the pit. And there you have it – unlimited water supply.

Craft Zombie-Resistant Doors

Zombie-proofing is a great way to make your home out of harm’s way while inside their base. Zombies in Minecraft can easily break doors even when they are in a closed state. However, you can exploit the game such that zombies can be made to think that the door in front of them is actually in an open state when in reality, it’s not.

Check Where You Dig

Digging straightforwardly down is dangerous as it uncovers magma or mine shafts. That’s why it’s advisable to use some spare stairs to avoid any threats when burrowing. And when the time comes that you’re trapped in lava, you can quickly stop the stream by utilizing various blocks, such as cobblestone, to make a barrier.

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Don’t Just Burn Coal

Minecraft Tips 2021 Underwater

Although coal is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re gonna burn something, it isn’t readily accessible. How about making your slightly-used wooden tools as firewood?

Don’t Attempt To Do Excessively

Avoid running or jumping excessively as it can deplete your hunger at a fast rate. If you save up energy, that means you could do more productivity without requiring too much valuable time and resources.

Always Check Your Gear

Always check that you have spare tools in your inventory so you can have continuous, uninterrupted work. Having adequate stock will save time in crafting so you don’t have to get back and restock in your home.

Breed Cows Over Pigs

It’s still better to pick cows over pigs. Although the two of them yield meat, cows are better at yielding milk and calfskin, making them more valuable in the later stages.

Minecraft Tips 2021 – Avoid Skeletons

Official Minecraft Trailer

Even though there are many kinds of hostile mobs you should keep away from, skeletons are the most formidable ones. Skeletons are ranged mobs that are incredibly accurate so you can either flank or completely avoid them – just to be safer.

A Mushroom Biome Is Always Safe

Mobs don’t spawn inside mushroom biomes, even at night. This makes them a perfect place to settle down. The abundant, native mushrooms also provide nearly unlimited food since they are milked.

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