How To Beat Minecraft Pocket Edition – Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide 2022

Unlike its complicated counterpart, Minecraft Pocket Edition has a more straightforward series of steps before reaching its endpoint, the Nether Spire. That’s why it’s important to read this quick How To Beat Minecraft Pocket Edition guide first to survive longer and know some tips and tricks along the way.

How To Beat Minecraft Pocket Edition

Below are some of the tips and tricks you need to know if you want to beat Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2022.

Punch Some Wood & Build Your Shelter

All Minecraft games start by requiring you to punch your first wood. To do this, simply approach the tree and start punching it. With enough wood supply, you can start making basic tools and build a shanty. Mob attacks are inevitable, so quickly making a shelter is needed to help you survive the night. For the first night, you don’t have to worry about making a first-class house; anything with a roof will do. Some players dig down below while others build simple wooden 4×4 huts with a door and roof.

Craft Some Tools

Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide 2021 on the ground

Punching wood using your fists takes so much time. That’s why you should craft tools and weapons to survive and collect resources more efficiently to advance faster throughout the game. Among the most important tools are the pickaxe, hoe, shovel, ax, sword, flint and steel, and bow and arrow. These items will lose durability over time so having an adequate supply is a must. You can also upgrade to stronger materials to gather resources more efficiently. For instance, early in the game, most items will be crafted entirely out of wood. As more new resources become available, you might wanna craft one made out of iron, and eventually diamonds.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide – Start Mining

Within your perimeter, start digging a staircase downward to create your first mine. It’s advisable to mine in a staircase shape to avoid falling into perilous holes you can’t jump back of. If you have torches, place them as you go to avoid unexpected mob spawns. Be sure to bring a sword and enough axes with you. Most players will find valuable ores on their first night allowing them to craft better weapons and tools.

Farm During The Day – How To Beat Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide 2021 with chicken

Because mobs won’t mess up with you during the daytime, it’s a good time to build a farm. Trap any nearby herd animals in holes. Also, start a beetroot and wheat farm. Seeds can be obtained by hoeing the land. Wheat can be used for breeding your animals. Continue expanding your home and craft other helpful items like a furnace and bed. After some time, you should have an extensive tunnel network and farm system that provides an unlimited food supply.

Fight Hostile Mobs

Avoiding hostile mobs is smarter than fighting them head-on, although you will likely have to fight at some point to obtain any precious items they drop with them. Crafting armor and quality weapons like bows and arrows will give you an advantage over hostile mobs.

Collect Items For The Reactor Core

This will require diamonds and iron ingots. Iron ingots are extracted by smelting iron ores in a furnace. In general, it will take you quite some time to find diamonds. But if you managed to do so, try making a diamond sword first before constructing a Nether Spire. Remember that you’ll be working from mining to farming to building to crafting to fighting. The game is designed for you to manage each aspect of the game and not simply rush to the Nether.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide 2021 staring downwards

Construct Nether Spire

After constructing the reactor core, you’ll need 4 gold blocks and 14 cobblestones to create the Nether Reactor. Once again, mining can be painstaking just to obtain those resources. After you’re done activating the Nether Reactor, the Nether Spire will spawn with you inside. Zombie Pigmen will start spawning and a ton of helpful random items will fall to the ground. That’s why to be sure to have an empty inventory to loot as many items as possible.

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Defeat Nether Spire

Loot as many items as you can while also keeping an eye on the hostile Zombie Pigmen. Try to survive as long as you can. After 45 seconds, the Spire will deactivate and make the room crumble around you, denying any items you have not picked up. Any remaining pigment will be damaged in the sunlight. With a broken Nether Spire, just jump out thru the holes in the floors and walls. Your landscape will now include the ruins left as a monument of what you’ve accomplished.

Conclusion – Continue Exploring The Minecraft World To Beat Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Trailer

With your newly-gathered items and a broken spire behind you, it’s time to continue what you’ve been doing in the game – mining, building, farming, and fighting. Now, you can focus on your daily survival, accomplishing your personal goals. And you can always create another Nether Spire if you want another challenge. Congratulations!

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