Microsoft To Launch Next-Gen Windows 11 OS This Month!

Despite promising that Windows 10 would the last OS it would ever release, it seems like Microsoft is now set to roll out Windows 11 at the end of this month. In fact, the upcoming update is set to become the next-gen Windows. 

This has raised a lot of attention about what the new Windows version is going to be. For those who can’t wait, the event will be on June 24, according to Microsoft’s tweet.  It is among the number of hints made recently.

During the recent Microsoft Build conference, CEO Satya Nadella teased about what’s next for Windows, noting that he has been extremely excited about its prospects.

As expected, neither the link nor the tweet offers leaks about what to expect, but the chief executive officer described it as a “significant update” of the platform. Expectations are incredibly high: We learned that the update is as close as we imagined to Windows 11. And last month, they said they’re on a mission to revolutionize the future of Windows.

Clues About The Windows 11 Changes, So Far

Windows 11 Sneak Preview

There are assumptions, some of them noticeable facelift as the company tries to move further away from the visual remnants of the past. That may include some UI enhancements, ending the era of Windows 95-ish icons. These changes may also be under the Sun Valley update. Aside from that, Microsoft may even change their renowned four-block Windows logo if we go by some new improvements to it.

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Not just the visual enhancements, though, as the new update will support some advanced technologies, such as Auto HDR and better Bluetooth audio for your Xbox. There may also be an “improved” file explorer for easier file navigation and browsing. Its discourse among Windows enthusiasts suggests that Windows 11 will be heavily insured by Windows 10X, which Microsoft killed last month.

The Windows 10X OS was supposed to be for dual-screen devices, but Microsoft later decided to dedicate it for single-screen laptops before finally terminating it. Nevertheless, some of the conceptual features will continue to live on Windows 11.

Personal Say

Hints At Windows Sun Valley Or Windows 10 Sun Valley

Windows is now six years old, which makes it reasonable enough for improvements. Some kind of major move is coming, and even though I’m not a fan of changing my PC’s setup, I’m looking forward to this one. For what it’s worth, a better version of Windows is always welcome. Windows 11 would be a serious competition for Google, which just launched Chrome OS 91, and Apple, which is planning to introduce the new macOS. And in case they’ll settle for Windows 11, it’ll be the wrap-up for our dearest Windows 10.

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